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So I decided to put all of my Fic ideas in here. So this page doesn't spend the remaining time until the heat death of the Universe emtpy.
All stories are up for adoption, just drop a line that points to this page in hope that another story gets a warm home!
OC\Power ideas below that!

-- [Fate/Stay Night x Dog Days] --

Basically, Saber gets summoned insted of Cinque.
The reason I want to see this, is becasue Saber is used for seriues confilcs, and she has experience as a king. For her to see just what the Dog Days wars are all about, it's too funny to pass up. Also, I want to see Excalibur VS Leonmitchelli's Crest cannon.

Things I already though of:

1) Palladion takes the shape of Caliburn.

2) The Gods of the Earth replace Gaia, and are somewhat similiar to the fairies of the nasuverse. Expect them to get along with Excalibur and Avalon.

3) Based on the above point, there is no degradion with magecraft. The world actually empowers magecraft, making it more stable. it also adds a clause to magecraft, to not harm the world's denizens beyond the furball form.

-- [Fate/Stay Night (Heaven's Failure) x Dog Days ''] --

Just as the lightning bolt hits Cinque's and Nanami's summoning arry, Emilia Von Einzbern (Shiroko) Passes on the street below, on an errand from Zelrech...
You can summerize this as one of the following: A wizard did it, a vampire did it, a troll did it, or all of the above.

1) Emi has some trouble doing magecraft, since she went up from 27 crappy circuits to homonculus grade power.

2) Same points about the Gods of the Earth as the entry above.

-- [High school DxD x C - Control] --

Kimimaro moves into Kuoh town, and right before he does he recieves a leaflet from a wierdly dressed person who dissapears Immideatly after that. Not knowing what to do with it, he just puts it in his pocket and fogets about it.
Some time later, he is attacked (fallen angel, stray devil, stray youkai, your choice), and while searching for something to defend himself with, he find the leaflet in his pocket.
He ends up summoning a devil (Msyu), who gets struck down since she was not prepared to fight. But right as the enemy is about to turn on him, some kind of card appears.
He then somehow revives the devil, who then finishes off the enemy before dissapearing into the card.

1) The card is a sacred gear, created by Azazel when he was messing with stolen data about the Evil pieces system. It has the ability to Buy and Sell ownerships, using Kimimaro's life force as currency.

2) Kimimaro ended up buying Msyu's worth, making her his. among the after effects, Kimimaro obtains a Devil's core, despite not being a devil himself. That gives him a lot more magical energy then normal humans.

3) Msyu's original master eventualy comes to visit, demanding his piece back. Immideatly afterwards, the card ejects the piece he used to reincarnate Msyu. Not accepting the situation, he demands Msyu back, ignoring any attemt to explain that Kimimaro doesn't know HOW to do it.

4) Kimimaro does not becomes a devil, or gets really involved in the DxD plot unless it involves him directly. He becomes a 'knowing human' like that one girl who deals with magical beasts (forgot her name).

5) Jennifer and her asset can be featured as 'Monster exterminators' or something.

6) Q's apperanece is a must. After all, she's practically The Devil in her home fandom...

-- [High school DxD x Nanoha] --

The boosted Gear and the Divine Dividing are not sacred gears. they are Lost Logia type intelligent devices, and Issui ends up having one of them.

1) Boosted Gear's 'Set Up' mode is NOT the same as it's balance braker. The latter is a more advanced ability, similiar to Extellion mode or Zanbar form.

2) Possible starting point is a little befoe A's. Issei gets targeted becasue he appears as a large blip on the Wolkenritter's radar, but when they find him, they see a weak target. That's becasue they say Ddraig's core, and didn't spot it when they came to take it, missing it behind Issei's weak core.

-- [High school DxD] - Possible Title: Hyoudou Issei, Familiar Master] --

Issei's dreams are not about boobs. They are about Pokemon! His grand ambition is to become a Pokemon Master, and the fact that there are apperantly no creatures with supernatural powers for him to catch doesn't deter him. The reason is that on the night of his 10th birthday, after he spent half of the day playing the new Pokemon game he was gifted, he woken up to see a small red dragon sitting on the desk. By the time he fully woken up it dissapeared, but his ambitions still remained.

Fast foward for his 2nd year in high school, his 1st girlfriend is trying to kill him. But as she throws the spear of light, the Dragon from his childhood appeared, deflecting the hit.
It gets quickly defeated though, since it doesn't really take any action without his imput, and he was too shell shocked to do anything. Then he gets hit, and you all know the rest.

1) Due to Issei's Obsession with Pokemon, the Boosted gear is manifested as a sub-spieces, creating a famliiar like creature insted of the normal form. It follows his commands, and can magnify the power he sends it using boosts.

2) After being reincarnated, he finds out that while there are no Pokemon out there, there is something quite similiar - Familiars! Naturally, he's not satisfied with only having one, so when he goes to the familiar forest (and meets the familiar master, who he treats as a hero), he tries to get as many as possible. It doen't end well.

3) Later he does manage to get a few more familiars, and they are his main combat skill.

-- [Fate/Stay Night x High shcool DxD] --

During a Training match vs Xenovia, Issei's right hand starts to hurt all of the sudden. Alarmed, Xenovia goes to check on him, dropping her swords. (Ex-Durandal was in Duel wielding mode at the time.)
of the two, Excalibur stops next to his right hand, and as it does, a magic circle appears beneath him, knocking Xenovia away. after the magic calms down, there is a card with an image of a knight on it, and the writing 'Saber'. When Issie's picks it up, he gains knowlage from somewhere, and following it he says 'Include'. After a flash of light, he ends up holding a holy sword...

1) 5th holy grail war, class card rules apply. Back story of the 4th holy grail war will require some polishing to match.

2) Shiroe get's the Archer cards, like in the Drei manga.

3) The commands seals are leftover from the time when the grail wars still went with the servant rules. After the change (that was done to avoid attracting the attention of the non-human factions due to the servant's high energy signature), the command seals were modified to store the prana the grail supplies the masters to include or install the cards.

4) The Einzbern messed with the rules (as usual), and as a result Illya has Berserker as a servant, rather than as a card. Once he gets defeated, be becomes a card as usual.

5) Gilgamesh (if he was involved in the 4th war at all) was incarnated using the grail mud, similiarly to Berserker.

-- [Toaru Majutsu no Index x Negima] --

Just a little idea I had... Fusing Mahora and Academy City. Those 2 ARE quite similiar, aftera all.

-- [Fate/Stay Night x Campione] --

Gaia just about had it. Not only that blasted human got in the way when she asked her little brother's (?) help in cleansing the human race, he got in her way AGAIN when she decided to interfere with the Aylesbury Ritual by possesing her avatar, the beast of Gaia, by sending it (and her consciousness along) into another world!
But what's this! there are a lot of those pesky divine spirits that she thought were long gone... and are those humans wielding their power? This won't stand!

1) Zelrech sends the beast of Gaia into the Campioneverse, with Gaia's consciousness hitching a ride. Whenever he meant THAT to happened, is open for interpretation.

-- [Fate/Stay Night x Fullmetal Alchemist] --

Sloth would make a good berserker, don't you think?

-- [Fate/Stay Night x SAO] --

Basically, characters based on variues heroic spirits are trapped in SAO.

1) I have an idea how to replicate God Hand's resurrection function... Berserker (who's actually a computer\engeneering geek despite his size) modified his NervGear to fit his head, and discovered the possibility for the microwave death. He added a saftly to prevent that, and as a result when he dies the NervGear can't kill him. That creats an error, that ends up respawning him. It can only be done for a limited number of times (because the Cardinal will eventualy find out, and becasue with every respawn his character data becomes less and less stable), so he's not fully immortal.

-- [SAO] --

Silica had much more interaction with Kirito then in Canon. She worked hard to join the front lines, and by the time the game was cleared, she was only 10 floors below with her standart combat strengh. She also interacted with Asuna, And got to know Yui. When she woke up, she found out that neither Kirito or Asuna did, so when she got an Email with a picture that looks suspiciusly like Asuna, she deciced to investigate...

1) An SAO fic with Silica as the main character. hope this will catch...

2) Yui was released into Alfheim from Kirito's NervGear. when she spots Silica's signature (one that she is familiart with), she goes to see her.

3) Pina is transferred into Alfheim as well.

4) Optional: When going to the underground city, insted of doing monster form herself, she makes Pina grow into a full sized dragon.

-- [Fate/Stay Night (Heaven's Failure) x Negima] --

Zelrech decides to mess around. Naturally, that means sending someone somewhere and watching what happeneds. This time, he decides to send Emi to mess with the people of Mahora!

1) He sends her about half a year before canon. So she already knows the others in A2.
Possible plot thread: she and Chisame are on rather friendly terms, since she is rather good at fixing things, and help Chisame once.

2) Possible plot line: after being reincarnated, Emi lost her Reality Marble, and can't really use tracing anymore (since she lost all her blueprints, and can't store them beyond mundane memory anymore). And Zelrech sends her to 'heal her mind in a world where magic doesn't activly tries to kill you'.

3) Being someone from another world, who's magic works diffrently, she can't form pactio with anyone. So Zelrech gave here a fake pactio card, with replica powers, to give her an excuse as to why she won't do it with others. When she first realizes just what a pactio is, and how you get one, she's quite peeved on him... Not knowing when and how she got it, and not knowing that it's a fake. (can be a class card in secret)

4) Zelrech pretends to be her guardian, since his name matches her somewhat, (both sound german.)

-- [Fate/Stay Night x Mondaijitachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sou desu yo?] --

The throne of heroes is located outside of time and collects copies of the souls of distinguished individuals through the course of history.
Little Guarden is located outside of time and it is implied that distinguished individuals get invited there before they die.
I can't believe there is still no story that goes up based on this connection.

1) First version: Fate based. Shiroue gets summoned (probably with the canon characters), And treats this as an opportunity to find Saber.
He possibly gets greatly dissapointed when he finds out that the local King Arthur (if he still lives) is the one who was recorded in the public legend (A.K.A Male)
Shirou is unaware of the potential his RM has (or that he has one at all), and is mainly using Caliburn. This version could explorer him realizing his RM to it's full potential.

2) Second version: UBW based. Shirou most likely get summoned with Rin (and possibly Saber as well), and this leads to some greater diffrences. With his ability to trace multiple legendery weapons, he will attract quite a bit of attention, As well as Saber being a user of Excalibur (once this gets out).
Since tracing should qualify as a Making gift, Shirou could join that contest in the Fire Dragon Festival arc.
Shirou is not fully capable of unleashing UBW, but is aware of it and is working on it. He has more tracing related tricks (like tracing sword shaped mystic codes, and attempts to mentally craft mystic codes in his mindscape), and is somewhat more compatent magecraft wise.

3) Third version: HF based. This one is somewhat diffrent, since Shirou gets summoned alone, and is VERY upset about it. Might actualy treat the no-names as hostiles, and insted embark on a journy to go back home to his important ones.
I'm somewhat less aware of just what HF Shirou can do, so I'll leave this blank.

-- [A Certain Scientific Railgun x Avatar: The last airbender/The legend of Korra] --

This just begs to be written. Mikoto as the first pure lightningbender!

1) Maybe she should get a rename to fit with the settings, or maybe make an OC with a similiar personality and abilities.

2) less science means less impressive abilities, unfortenatly, so no railguns anytime soon.

-- [Toaru Majutsu no Index x Kara no Kyoukai] --

Those stories are quite similiar in a way. Asagami Fujino has an ability that fits the Raildex quite nicely, And Shiki is somewhat similiar to Touma in that their powers are singular.

1) A story where Fujino gets her plot in academy city, and gets diffrently prehaps? Gekota sensei can save anyone who's still alive when he gets to them, so it shoulden't be a big problem.

2) Shiki interacting with the magic crew, should be interesting.

3) Garan no Do existing as a magical organisation in AC, without the magic side knowing maybe?

-- [Fairy Tail x High School DxD] --

Great Red's Dragonslayer. That is all. FOR THE CRACK!

-- [IS x SAO] --

In a world that's dominated by woman with the rise of the new technology only they can employ (allegedly), the first ever VRMMORPG being an IS simulator that's open to all genders naturally raises a LOT of interest.

1) Since it's an IS simulator, the Japanese government takes a lot more interest when shit inevitably hits the fan. As such, Fairy dance is butterflied away.

2) Duel Wielding can probably no longer be a Unique Skill, since a lot of IS users do it. Actually, the entire Skill System probably has to be redesigned.

[Character\power list]

-- [Toaru Majutsu no Index] --

1) A pure water manipulating esper. Their ability gets stronger the purer the water gets, and they can remove any impurities from the water they're currently using (to a degree). Since pure water is not conductive, they can counter Electromasters rather well.

Another possible ability, to manipulate it's molecular state directly. To change it from water to ice or steam and vice versa... Without actualy changing it's termal energy.
That would end up creating hot ice (since the exess heat the water had has to go somewhere, so it gets radiated) or cold steam that rapidly cools it's enviorment to properly complete the phase shift.

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