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Announcing The Honorable Arik Novak...

About me: I'm at school, studying what I enjoy. I plan to do something productive with what I've been given. I've enjoyed fan fiction for years, and I hope others will enjoy what little I've contributed. I hope I don't sound pretentious, but I kind of have a philosophy to fanfiction which I've detailed below.


First of all, it is my personal theory that fanfiction is not merely for asking 'what if's and creating whole other worlds or giving details of a character's mind in one scene. Ultimately, it is about showing another facet, another perspective of an engaging work. Character studies are a pure form of this; longer fanfiction, like epics or something like my 93,000-word Prince of Tennis fanfic, tell more about the original work in another way. I believe a good fanfic author can find something interesting in the original work and expound on it. For instance, if I find something curious in the original work, like the philosophy of the Muga no Kyochi, I can detail the experience and give my understanding of it. In a way, it's like writing an analysis for literature studies without picking apart words and dissecting them into their latinate origins. Why write fanfic if you're just using the character's names (in a way that doesn't involve the author-given personalities) or the author's plot (basically repeating what the reader already knows)? In writing fanfiction, the author explores a character in other situations, keeping him or her in character, so that a reader may appreciate that additional facet. Or if not a character, then the world the original author created. In the following section, I'll state the aspect of the original work that most informs, frames, and inspires the fanfiction. I will also add other themes or inspirations which usually come as general ideas or problems in the world.

Ledger: FINISHED! (but undergoing revisions)

Loki's trickster nature and his long list of sins
Avengers' distrust/friendship of Loki
Harry's issues with adults he can trust

Culpability, Responsibility, Loyalty, Character (Ethos) Formation, Sacrifice, Objective Evil

The Untitled Project: HIATUS. It's hard for me to know the themes and curiosities of an on-going story, but I'm sure once I finish (and I WILL finish it. someday.) I can finish the list.

The relationship between Sai and Hikaru
The personalities of the characters, most especially Sai, Hikaru, and Ogata
Nature of rivalry

Child abuse, Justice, Gossip

Eyes of Rikkai: FINISHED!

The difference between Rikkai's must-win attitude and Seigaku's more laid-back attitude
The strange individual personalities of the Seigaku regulars
Kirihara's self-destructive Devil Mode
The Buddhist, somewhat Humean understanding of the philosophy of self in the Muga no Kyochi; please note that the first door is Pinnacle of Hard Work (cough, Rikkai, cough), but the last is the Pinnacle of Perfection, something which all new players know but seasoned players forget: fun!

Bullying in various forms, Mental conditions, Poverty

Relighting the Moon: FINISHED!

A world affected by Kira
Elements of the Death Note world
Okay, so this is basically a vanity piece concerning how Kira's story could be continued. Nothing too deep here :)


eternity: FINISHED!

The reason for Sai's appearance in Hikaru's life
The nature of rivalry

Reincarnation; The Afterlife and eternity, Causality, Japanese writing (hur-hur), Self-sacrifice

Interestingly enough, I only realize some of these things in the additional research I do for the story (rereading the manga, watching episodes) and sometimes only once I've reread my own story a third time. I hope you got here through my story, because it probably means you liked it to some extent...hopefully. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.

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