Chapter One: The Agreement

In a wrecked nursery in a wrecked house in Godric's Hollow, a small baby was sitting, crying on its own. Little Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, was alone, his parents' dead. Soon, the boy would be placed in his aunt Petunia's home, until his cries intensified to the point that he started to glow softly and disappear, looking at Lily's body. His final cry of 'mama' just barely leaving his lips as he finally vanished completely, leaving a mystery that would never be solved.

In Hogwarts school year 1976, Lily and James were in the Great Hall, shouting at each other as they always did. "You are the biggest most pig-headed person I have ever had the displeasure of knowing!" Lily shouted, glaring at him with as much hatred as she could possibly muster. He and the Marauders had just finished robbing all the panties from the Gryffindor girl's dorm using James broom. And the smug bastard was currently hovering at the entrance to the Hall, twirling her favourite pair of underwear around his finger.

"Surprise, surprise Lily Evans can't have any fun." James chuckled. "I gotta say, these are a lot more girly than I was expected from you, Lily."

"FUN?! You call that fun?!" Lily shouted at him.

"Yes Evans, I call that fun." He continued swinging her panties around his finger.

"Give them back!" She grabbed them from him, frowning as she pocketed the underwear.

"Relax Lils, it was only a joke." James rolled his eyes. His arm instinctively went to his eyes as he saw a flash of light and a small baby boy appear. He lost his balance from the broom, landing on his back with an audible bang "What the hell?"

"Dada!" The baby held his arms up for James to pick him up.

"Did he just call you dada?" Lily inquired as James picked the small boy up.

"Mama!" The boy clapped his hands happily as he finally saw Lily.

"What's with the baby?" Remus raised an eyebrow as he saw the baby. Surely James's parents hadn't had another child?

"He just appeared out of nowhere. And now he's calling me and James mama and dada." Lily bit her lip as she glanced at the boy. The hair resembled Potter's a lot. It was messy black and seemed to have a life of its own, while the boy's striking green eyes were the same shade as her own. This couldn't be happening. It was one of their dumb pranks.

"Wemy, Siwi." The boy giggled at the two teenage boys

"It seems like the little guy knows us too." Sirius grinned, watching the boy reach out for him. "He looks like James."

"Where are you two going to take him?" Remus seemed to be deep in thought. No time-turner on the boy's neck. Polyjuice wasn't an option until the age of five. Genuine happiness at seeing the four people around him.

"Maybe we should bring him to Dumbledore." James glanced at Lily, turning his attention to his friends. "Where's Pete?"

"He went on a run." Remus replied carefully. Peter was probably running around the fields in his rat form, enjoying the final days of Autumn. "Do you mind if we stay, Prongs?"

"Not at all, right Lily?" James asked.

"Fine." Lily's attention was completely fixated on the young baby in James's arms.

Lily's thoughts were all over the place as they walked over to Dumbledore, who was sitting in his chair and engaged in a conversation with Professor Slughorn. The two of them seemed to be debating the uses of some ingredient used in potions. Any other time she would have just listened intensely as the two made their cases, but she just couldn't right now. "Headmaster! A small boy appeared a moment ago. He keeps calling me mama and Potter dada." She noticed that the news didn't seem to faze the old wizard, though she had never truly seen him fazed in her entire time of knowing him.

"I see, bring him to Madam Pomfrey, I'll be along in a moment." Dumbledore casually dismissed the two students and baby, watching with some interest as they left the Great Hall. "Excuse me Horace, I do believe we've a new baby in the castle." He scratched his hair in confusion. Were those two dating? Not to his knowledge. Minerva would hopefully know.

James, Lily, Sirius and Remus walked to the hospital wing with the baby in James arms, smiling at them as they looked at each other and tried not to shout for Harry's sake. "He's a cutie pie." Lily said kissing the baby's head softly as they walked up the stairs. She always was a sucker for cute kids. "Do you think we're his parents? I mean, the thought of you and I doing anything remotely baby making related is making my skin crawl! And we've never been on any form of a date." She exclaimed to James as they stopped for a second.

"I don't know…if he is then the question is how the hell is he here and where he came from?" James asked as they started walking again looking at Sirius and Remus. "Hey boys, what do you think?"

"James, if he is your son, it may be plausible that accidental time travel magic is an option here…" Remus pointed out. "There was a report of a baby going missing in the early seventeenth century, only to be discovered fifty years later on his mother's grave. He had apparently released a powerful burst of accidental magic which propelled him forward in time. There was a book written about the experience I believe. Though, this is purely speculative to be honest. He could be a time traveller."

"Either way, I like the kid." Sirius pinched the baby's cheek softly. "He's a lot more fun than you, Remus."

"Still, if this is some prank, you three will never have kids!" Lily warned them, pointing her wand at James's crouch to show her seriousness.

"Noted." James squeaked out, gulping as her eyes bore into him.

The group resumed walking towards the hospital wing, while James and Lily did their best to ignore Sirius and Remus, who were talking to each other about the situation with different possibilities. As they finally walked into the hospital wing, they explained the situation to Madam Pomfrey. "So, he just appeared? Out of thin air?" Madam Pomfrey gave him a quick once over. "He's one year old by the look of him, he looks a lot like you Mr. Potter. Except the eyes, they look like yours Ms. Evans." She set the baby down and doing several tests on him including checking for magical properties and reflexes. "He's healthy, minus the scar…I can't heal it so it may've been created by Dark Magic."

"Who would use Dark Magic on a baby?!" James asked, finding himself becoming appalled at the thought of someone using Dark Magic on such a young baby. "Madam Pomfrey, is he ours?"

"We'll need blood from you and Ms. Evans, James." She explained, extracting some blood from Lily.

"I'm don't like needles…" James went pale at the sight of the needle

"It's needed Mr. Potter, now hand me your arm." Madam Pomfrey replied briskly as she took a small sample of his blood. She sighed as she moved to the baby. "You'll need to keep the baby calm."

"Ok, come here, pipsqueak." James held onto the baby, making random noises and facial expressions to keep his attention focused away from the needle.

"It'll take a few minutes to know, we need to wait on Dumbledore now." Madam Pomfrey observed the two of them with the baby. 'They're certainly starting to treat him like parents would.' She thought to herself, turning her head as Dumbledore appeared.

"Poppy, have you completed your tests?" He inquired, moving his gaze over to the baby, James and Lily.

"Yes Headmaster, we're just waiting on the result of the blood test." Madam Pomfrey guided him to a secluded corner of the room. "Did you happen to notice the scar on his forehead? I do believe it was caused by the Killing Curse." She took a quick look at the laughing baby.

"Are you sure Poppy?" Dumbledore's face slightly dropped. No one had ever done such a feat. "It's impossible, no one has ever survived it…"

"This boy has Albus, I checked seventeen times…if he is James and Lily's son then it is possible something happened that resulted in him surviving it, Headmaster I believe we need to extract the boy's memories of the last twenty-four hours." Her attention turned to the potion on the table, which began to change from red to green. "We'll know now who his parents are." She took the potion into her hands, checking the results with the book in front of her. "Congratulations, you're parents." She watched Ms. Evans pale greatly, while Mr. Potter sat there with a look of disbelief on his face.

"Shit." Remus and Sirius stared at James and Lily. The looks on their faces stopped the pranksters from making a smart remark.

"You guys said it." Lily whispered. "At least I don't have stretch marks." She tried making light of the situation, sitting on the bed. Her parents were going to fucking kill her.

"Merlin, Lily Evans just made a joke!" James picked the baby boy up. "What's your name buddy?" He sat the boy on his knee, trying to make himself look happy. This was going to be a hard one to explain to the folks.

"Hawwy." Harry said smiling. "Hawwy."

"Harry Potter." Albus whispered, turning his attention to the students. "James, Lily you're allowed to have a private room since you now have a child. It will be ready tomorrow. I'll ensure it has two separate bedrooms with specialised passwords for you both."

"I need some air." Lily ran out of the room, shaking as Remus made his way over to her. "Fuck off Remus."

"It's going to be ok." He carefully held one of her hands. "Look, you have to face facts, you and James are this young boy's mom and dad…and for whatever reason he somehow time travelled, it's for a reason. He may be abused or worse, you and James could be dead in his time…"

"Do you think so?" She sniffled, wiping tears from her eyes. When did she start crying?

"I do, he looks so happy to see you and James, almost like he was sad before he saw you…Lily I know you and Prongs don't get along, but for the boy's sake just be civil." He gave her a sympathetic smile.

"I can't be civil with that arse!" She roughly wiped the tears from her eyes. "He's a prick!"

"Lily, I'm not saying date him! I'm saying in Harry's time you and James could've been married." He noticed that her hands hadn't stopped shaking. She was going to blow.

"What if it was a one-night stand?" She tried to rationalise her and Potter having a son. "Yeah, that's it! A drunken one nighter!"

"He knows James, way more lovingly than a weekend father or an absentee father would know their child." He sat down with her. "I think you can do it, just try your hardest. You've never let a challenge pass you by before."

"Thank you, Remus." Lily kissed his cheek, walking back into the room and over to James and Harry. "Headmaster, thank you for being understanding." She gave a weak smile.

"Not at all Ms. Evans. I'm afraid you'll have to tell your parents on your own, the both of you. I'm granting you both special permission to go to your parents' during the weekend." Dumbledore smiled, his usual relaxed demeanour shining through. Oh, how he wished he could be there when ol' Charlus found out. Maybe he could convince Mr. Potter to give him a memory of the event. "Now, as his parents I need to ask your permission to see how he got here. I would like to extract his memories of the last day or so."

"Of course, Headmaster." They both nodded their permission.

"Thank you." Dumbledore smiled, extracting all the memories from young Harry. "I'll get them back to him soon."

"Well, I guess I'm a father now." James mumbled, his tone becoming shocked as the situation finally sunk in for him. "I-I can't believe this…"

"James, relax man." Sirius shook him in a comical manner. "Let's go to the common room and discuss the private dorm you and Lily are getting." He gave an exaggerated eyebrow wiggle.

"Yeah." He nodded. "This is mental mate, I'm sixteen."

"I believe in you, Prongs." Sirius reassured him. "And hey, this means you and Evans might eventually do it." He joked.

"Hey, you're right!" James smiled, walking back into the room afterwards. He picked up the boy, grinning. "Harry Potter, I guess you're my son then, huh?" He mused. "Harry Potter, not a bad name." He kissed the boy's forehead.

"Enough to bring a tear to your eye, isn't it Padfoot?" Remus wiped an imaginary tear from his eye.

"Moving." Sirius blew his nose in a hanky. "I can't wait till Prongs has to change his nappy!" He smirked. "It's going to be classic!"

"Nappy, I'm not changing nappies!" James yelped. "I mean, what if it's full of shit?"

"Then you and I will change him…" Lily rolled her eyes, kissing Harry's cheek. "We need to be civil, for his sake, James. So, if you stop your harmful pranks, I'll try my best to 'lighten up' around you."

"Deal. We're parents Lily. We have a son and by the look of him, he's missed us." He passed Harry to her, taking a good look at the little lad. "He's the image of the Potter men."

"But he's got my dad's name." She cuddled the boy close to her. "He's such a cutie, and I can keep him in the dorm room tonight!"

"Merlin help us all…" James shook his head in a comical manner, glancing at the door. "Too late to run?"

"I want him to meet Alice and Marlene." She rocked the boy in her arms a little, babbling to him. "I can't believe I'm a mother…" Her tone dropped slightly. How would she pay for the next year of school? Oh, fuck!

"I know, but we will both get through this Lily." He gave her a reassuring smile. "We'll figure this out, together. Maybe when we get our room?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Hey Potter, I said we'd be civil, I didn't say we'd be partners!" She reminded him, flicking his nose as she walked past. "He needs clothes. How will we get some?"

"I have an idea!" He cleared his throat. "Salam, I need you to go get some of my old baby clothes from the manor." He smiled as the elf disapparated, returning with a bag of clothes.

"Here sir, Salam got the clothes sir." Salam said, smiling at Harry. "Cute baby sir, who's is it?" The elf asked curiously.

"Salam, tell my parents I'll be by tomorrow with Dumbledore's permission ok?" James ignored the elf's question for now. He'd deal with that situation in the morning. "Will you come with me?"

"What? Do you mean go to your parents' house with you?" Lily replied in a shocked tone.

"Yeah, he's our son, and since you're his mom, they need to meet you." He pointed out.

"Ok. Then you have to come with me to my parents!" Lily poked him in the chest. "If they think I'm on my own they'll pull me out of school with Harry."

"I will. Like I said, we're in this together Lily." He said softly, staring at the baby nuzzled into Lily. "We need a crib. And earmuffs if you're expecting him to sleep in the same room as Marlene." He stopped himself from saying anything else as Lily's dormmates and his friends walked in.

"Is it true?" Marlene ran over to them, stopping once she saw the baby. "You guys are parents!" She exclaimed, turning to Sirius with a frown on her face. "Fine…"

"I told you McKinnon, and I do believe that you owe me 10 galleons now." Sirius wrapped his arm around her. "But, we can call it quits at a kiss." He puckered his lips at her, winking.

"I'd rather kiss Snape!" She mimicked gagging. "You'll get your galleons." She turned her attention to Lily and Harry. "What's is this cutie pie's name?" She asked, tickling Harry's foot. She grinned as he burst out in giggles.

"Harry Potter, at least that's what he said to us, you can't quote me." Lily shrugged. "Depends on what the situation was…"

"So, you're a Potter then, are you Harry?" Marlene took the baby in her arms, wincing as he messed with her earrings. "Yep, he's definitely James's son."

"He's adorable." Alice cooed at the baby. "And he's staying with us tonight!"

"No way! It's our solemn duty to ensure he learns how to have fun and make sure we begin teaching him the Marauders ways!" Sirius argued, crossing his arms.

"Sorry Sirius, but Lily and girls have him tonight." James shrugged. "We'll pick him up in the morning."

Lily, Alice and Marlene smiled and took Harry, the crib that Remus had thankfully transfigured for them and the clothes to their dorm, setting the crib down between Lily and Marlene's bed so they could easily wake if he needed them. "Can I steal him?" Alice held the boy in her arms, cooing at him. "What do you think Harry, do you want to run away with Auntie Alice?" She asked, running around the dorm room from Marlene and Lily, who were hot on her tail. She laughed until she smelt something from the boy. "Uh-oh, I think he needs changing…" She quickly placed him in his mother's arms.

"I'm not touching it!" Marlene quickly asserted. "I just finished my nails and they're sharp, I could scratch him."

"I'll do it." Lily rolled her eyes at the two of them. "I need nappies you guys, can one of you think where we'd get some?"

"That Health and Safety course we're taking has some, I'll run for some." Alice ran out of the dorm as fast as she could.

"Here goes…" Lily repressed a yelp as she opened the nappy. Babies were gross at times. "Harry, how can someone so cute make something so gross?" She whispered, watching him giggle. "Marlene hand me your Health and Safety textbook." She grabbed the book from her, going through the pages. "Let's see, baby proofing spells, feeding spells, and here we go, changing." She followed the wand movements carefully, cleaning the excess mess from the young baby. While Lily was cleaning his bum, Alice came in and tossed her the nappy, along with some powder and cream. "Thanks Alice." She smiled, following the textbook's instructions.

"Now, hand him back to Auntie Marlene." Marlene cuddled him into her impressive bust. After a few minutes, the baby let out a small yawn, his eyes dropping slightly. "Someone's tired, let's put him down. He's exhausted." She passed him to Lily so she could change him.

"Yeah, who knows how long he was alone." Lily whispered, changing him into the remarkable clean pyjamas. She put him down in the crib, fixing a blanket loosely around him. "I've to go to James' house tomorrow…" She whispered, finally getting a chance to just lie down and let the day's events soak in.

"No way, so, are the two of you going out now?" Alice inquired, fixing her nightgown in place.

"No, we're being civil." Lily insisted, throwing a glare at the two of them. "And that's it."

"I don't think so Lils." Marlene shook her head. "You guys had a kid. It doesn't matter if it was a one-night thing, or you were married. The only thing that matters is, you and James Potter entered a bed in the throes of passion and love." She lay on her bed, tossing her hips up and pretending to moan. "Oh James." She mimicked her friend's voice.

"Piss off!" Lily tossed her pillow at her friend, letting a small laugh leave her lips. Marlene could always get her smiling, no matter what happened. "Could be worse. It could have been bloody Sirius!"

"Siri is kind!" Marlene crossed her arms in a huff. "He's not too bad a guy, neither is James."

"I suppose." Lily replied, lying down to gaze at Harry. "Still, I'm hoping it was a one-night thing…"

"Why?" Alice got into bed. "James is hot!" She fanned herself off. "If Frankie and I weren't in love, I'd date him."

"If you could've picked Harry's dad, who would it be?" Marlene grinned, turning to her friend.

"Remus, he's the nicest one of those four fools." Lily admitted, turning to face the girls with a light blush.

"Yeah, he is…but he's a mystery." Alice pointed out. "It's like he knows something we don't."

"I know, but I like him, as a friend." Lily quickly altered the statement. Though her friends gave her a look that said otherwise.