Cast between Worlds

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Chapter 1; Outcast

Harry had always thought that the worst thing that Voldemort could have done to him was to cast the Killing Curse against him and end his life but when he finally came up against him at the end of his fourth year, Voldemort hadn't tried to murder him, instead he'd cast a spell that even Headmaster Dumbledore had never heard of before.

The curse had hit him just as he grabbed the Tri-wizard cup and he had woken up in the Hospital Wing with a very sad looking Poppy Pomfrey running tests on him. "Ah, Mr. Potter, you're awake."

He groaned as he pushed his forehead into his hand to quell his headache but only managed to dull the pain enough for everything to come back to him. He bolted upright with a shocked cry.


"You brought his body back but there are many people who want to know what happened." She told him. "I must go call the Headmaster, he wished to be told the instant you awoke."

She disappeared off into her office and Harry struggled out of bed and to the balcony doors. He had suddenly felt the urge to get into fresh air, to feel the wind. It was the same feeling he got on his Firebolt though this time it was much stronger and for the first time it was when his feet were firmly on the ground.

"Mr. Potter!" Madam Pomfrey's voice cried out as she presumably came out of her office to find him gone. She came striding out onto the balcony with a sharp look in her eyes. Harry turned to look at her and leaned against the parapet with his back to support him. "What are you doing out here? You should be in bed."

"Why?" Harry asked. She looked shocked. "I'm not injured, I'm just tired. Or is there something else?"

She looked at him as if fighting an internal debate. Eventually she sighed explosively and dug around in her white robe's pocket and drew out a familiar wand. Harry's Holly and Phoenix Feather Wand. She held it out to him with a sad look on her face that he had only once seen before, when he had awoken and he took it delicately before clasping it firmly in his hand.

"Try a spell, Mr. Potter." She instructed him.

He frowned at her before pointing his wand into the ward and focused on his bed pillow. "Accio Pillow!" He stated. It wasn't a shout like he would have if he was trying a new spell but it wasn't a whisper either. Nothing happened. There wasn't even the slight spark from his wand that it had always produced when he failed a spell. His eyes widened slightly before he turned his attention, looking for something else to try. "Lumus!" Again nothing, he was starting to get frustrated now. He spun his wand to point out into the air. "Avis!" He sobbed as not a single bird came from his wand. "What's wrong with me?" He slid down the wall and drew his arms around his knees.

"I'm sorry, Harry. Whatever Voldemort did to you it destroyed your magic. Something's replaced it but I cant work out what it is." Harry looked up at here with confused eyes. At that moment Headmaster Dumbledore walked into the room.

"Ah Mr. Potter, how do you feel?" Harry just gave the man a blank stare which seemed to tell the aged man everything he needed to know. "I see." He turned to mutter something to the Nurse before turning back to Harry. "Everything is set Harry, you just have to come with me."

"Why are we going somewhere?" Harry asked shocked. He couldn't think of a single place that his Headmaster would want to send him. Surely if Madam Pomfrey couldn't do anything about his lost magic then St. Mungos wouldn't be able to do anything either. She'd sounded so lost and sad when she'd told him, like there was no hope.

"My dear boy." Harry's eyes narrowed slightly at the rather patronising tone. "You can't stay in Hogwarts any longer, it's no longer safe for you."

Harry looked towards Poppy who was looking very shocked as she watched every movement the Headmaster made. He might as well have just told Harry he was expelled and been done with it. Harry tried to find words to say but all he could do was gape at the old man who'd just destroyed everything he had known. He didn't know why so few words had passed across such a dramatic decision but it had.

Within an hour Harry had been given back his clothing and was escorted out of Hogwarts for what should have been the last time in his life. He cast a look over his shoulder as he walked down the driveway with Minerva McGonagall helping him to walk. What he saw shocked him into almost collapsing against the old woman. There was nothing left of Hogwarts. Ruin's spread out across the well known ground. A large wire fence surrounded the whole area with warning signs around it's whole circuit.

"What's the matter, Mr. Potter?" His head of house asked him in concern as he sagged.

"It's gone. It's ruins." He muttered remembering what Hermione had once told him. Part of the anti-muggle wards made anyone that actually stumbled across it only see a collapsing ruin of a castle. He'd never doubted her but now with the proof that he was in fact no longer magical he didn't want to believe her.

"I'm so sorry, Harry." The Professor told him using his first name for what must have been the only time he could remember. "This will take you to the Wizarding Relations Officer in London. He's the Muggle that deals with anything to do with the Wizarding World. He'll take care of you."

Harry just lifted his hand for her to hand over the Portkey but she hesitated as she tried to meet his eyes even though he was avoiding her gaze. "We don't all agree with this treatment, Mr Potter."

"Why?" He croaked.

"You've seen how most Wizards think of Muggles. You wouldn't want to stay in our world now." She sighed. "I tried to get you a position here but there are too many people who refuse to have a Muggle around."


"Most of the students from Pureblood families think it isn't right to have a Muggle in the Wizarding World. There are serious arguments between the Muggle born and Half-blood students against the Pureblood students at the moment." She sighed again. "The worst I've seen is in our own house though. I'm afraid Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley have come to blows more than once."

He gaped at her. Not once had he even thought about either of his best friends and to discover that Ron was one of those that wanted him out of the Castle broke his spirit far more than anything since the Graveyard. "Please, get me out of here." He whispered wanting nothing more in that moment then to run and hide. To never see another Wizard for as long as he lived.

She shut her eyes for the briefest moment before dropping the pin portkey into his hand.


Two years later

Harry stood looking out his shared dorm window smirking at the heavy weather outside his window. It wasn't a storm, he wasn't allowed to do that, but it was nearing destructive levels. The winds were swirling through the trees with enough force to bend them over and the windows were slamming shut throughout Vixcom Military Academy.

As Harry stared out of the window he remembered everything that had happened in the last two years ever since he had been abandoned by the Wizarding World. He had met Nigel Vandal, the Muggle Liaison Officer, who had offered him a scholarship at one of England's best Military Academies and then seen to it personally that Harry got tutoring in all of the Muggle subjects that he was interested in to help him catch up to his own age group. He'd just finished his end of year exams and looking forward to a new life in the Royal Air Force.

He was one of the best glider pilots in the academy and after learning to fly in aeroplanes he knew that his love of Quidditch did in fact translate over into Muggle activities. He heard the door click quietly behind him but didn't move as his dorm mate Michael walked into the room.

"Hey, Harry!" The lean blond called to him. "Air Vice Marshal Bridge wants to see you immediately. He also told me to tell you that you're disrupting exercises." His friend winked at him and tilted his head towards the wind outside.

Harry grinned at him impishly, Michael always had a way of cheering him up and dragging him out of his depressive thoughts. He nodded before grabbing his uniform coat and neatening himself up. The school wasn't large, it only had about five hundred students but it was still rather impressive, an old manor house used in the Second World War as an airfield to protect the North-Eastern coast of England. It only took him five minutes to walk down the corridor but he was starting to get a rather foreboding feeling as he approached the Vice Marshal's office. He knocked on the door and waited for the expected permission to enter.

Inside the room were two men, the expected Vice Marshal and another man with Army Colonel watching the weather outside. Harry came to a stop in front of the desk and snapped out a crisp salute.

"Lieutenant Potter." Bridge returned the salute. "Interesting turn of the weather don't you think?"

Harry made to apologise but was reminded of the other occupant of the room when he moved ever so slightly. He glanced at him and then back to Bridge. "Don't worry, Lieutenant, Colonel Fellan has full clearance."

Harry nodded briskly. "I apologise for the weather Sir."

"I know you do, Lieutenant." Bridge told him. "I also understand that today is the second year anniversary of the Dark Wizards resurrection."

Harry nodded slowly. Not many knew of his powers over the weather and just as few knew of Wizards but very few actually knew of both. First there was Nigel Vandal, then Vice Marshal Bridge and Michael, who wasn't supposed to know but did, and now obviously Colonel Fellan had the required clearance to know of both. There were obviously others who knew as well, like the doctors that had reviewed his case when he had first showed signs of manipulating the weather. A side effect of the violent removal of his magic.

"I've called you here because Army Intelligence has discovered some rather worrying information. The Dark Wizard is planning an attack on your former school." Bridge told him. "Joint command is well aware of your feelings towards your former professors but we are also aware that our own forces cannot hope to stand against this Dark Wizard in their type of warfare. Being able to pre-empt this attack is an opportunity we cannot waste. We are sending a small team of SAS in to try to assassinate Voldemort but they want you to go with them."

Harry gaped at them. He had missed the Wizarding World every day but he didn't know whether he wanted to actually ever return. It was just too painful for him.

"We're sorry to ask this of you and it isn't an order but we're not sure of what we will face." The SAS Colonel told him. "Your ability to manipulate the weather may be what is needed to kill this Wizard once and for all."

Harry didn't really have to ponder for long and nodded slowly to show his agreement.


The Puma Helicopter flew almost within the top of the trees of the Forbidden forest. Harry was in the co-pilots seat and sixteen SAS men including Colonel Fellan sat in the back fiddling with their equipment.

"Lieutenant Potter?" The rather anxious pilot said into his headset. The voice was distorted and breaking up. Harry sighed having expected this. While the Puma Helicopter wasn't at risk all of their electrical equipment would begin to play up as they approached the castles rather impressive magical nexus. "We're losing Navigation."

"Don't worry, I know the way from here." Harry said over the headset before looking out into the early morning light. You couldn't really class it as day yet but a grey light was filtering though the Mountains behind them and across the dark forest. He could easily make out the Castle Ruins but he could already tell that some of the wards were down since he could see a large fight taking place outside where the wards should have hidden them from sight. He pointed over to it and the Pilot banked the aircraft towards it.

Harry glanced over his shoulder at the Colonel. "We're almost there. They'll be too distracted to see us so we should be able to get close."

"Right. You take the lead, we'll protect you." The Colonel nodded. "We'd be better off with some sort of height advantage."

Harry pondered it for a moment before remembering that the Gryffindor tower had a large ledge around the roof, it wasn't large enough to accommodate a helicopter but they could rappel down to it easily enough. The only problem was that they wouldn't be able to see it until they touched it. He told the Colonel his plan and received the go ahead to try it as long as the Pilot was comfortable with such a dangerous manoeuvre.

He was. Harry was glad that the ruins we actually Hogwarts ruins and that with a bit of concentration and pouring through his memories he could navigate them over the Castle towards where the Gryffindor Tower would be. He slowly got the pilot to lower the helicopter foot by foot until he guessed that he was at around the right height. He'd flown on his Firebolt from this ledge hundreds of times but he hadn't been here for two years and he was now in a power helicopter with another seventeen men relying on him. He told the pilot to hold steady as he got to where he thought they should be and slipped backwards into the main section where the men waited.

"We should be permitted to see the Castle once we step foot on it." Harry called to the Colonel who was already holding one of the six ropes hanging from the aircrafts now open sides. Harry glanced over the edge. None of the ropes were coiled up on the ground but he couldn't be that far off. The Colonel made to swing himself over the edge but Harry cut him off. "You don't know the terrain, I'll go first. Once I'm down I can guide you."

The Colonel seemed surprised and looked like he was going to argue but Harry shook his head as he pulled off his pilot helmet and accepted the pistol and holster that somebody handed him. Eventually he got a nod and swung himself out onto the rope. They didn't bother with harnesses since they were only lighting armed with P-90's or in Harry case a pistol, so holding his weight on the rope was easy. He wrapped his legs around it and slid down. He felt his feet come off of the rope just before they hit something solid.

He dropped from the rope and felt his feet connect with the ledge but knew instantly that he had made one serious mistake. He'd landed on the very edge of the ledge and not in the middle of the two metre section. He tipped as he weight shifted beyond his ability to balance itself and for an instant he thought he would simple slip off of it and down the two hundred feet to his death.

His body was pummelled by winds without him needing to call them up and he was tipped backwards onto the ledge as his abilities over weather came to his rescue. A gasp sounded from behind him and he was on his feet with his pistol out in an instant. Two boy's were huddled against the tall spire like roof of the Tower where the ledge ran around it. They were staring at him in shock as Harry sighted along the pistol at them.

He heard the distinct sound of men falling down rope and soon he was surrounded by the heavily armed muggles. "Who are they?" Colonel Yellan asked him.

Harry lowered his gun just as several large crates were lowered down from the Helicopter. Harry made his way over to the two boys and crouched down slightly in front of them. He waited for the helicopter to move away to find somewhere to land before he tried to talk to them. "You're Alexis and Benji, right?" He asked recognising them as two first years he had spoken to perhaps twice before he was expelled.

They nodded furiously before looking up at him. "Harry Potter?" Harry nodded kindly before standing.

"Just stay where you are and don't interfere and you'll be safe." Harry told them before turning to his muggle counterparts who were already setting up equipment along the edge of the wall. Three were already lying on the ground looking down at the battle with Sniper's. Four were setting up large Anti-tank missiles and the others were looking down at the fight with binoculars. Colonel Fellan was waiting for him patiently with two other SAS guards watching the two boys with P-90's held loosely in their direction. Harry nodded at the man before explaining their presence. "They're two third years who obviously decided to come up here to watch the battle. We know each other, they wont interfere."

"Keep an eye on them." Fellan told one of the guards who nodded and moved closer to the two boys who moved away from the man slightly. Harry threw the Colonel an exasperated look before nodding reassuringly at the two boys to calm them down. They watched him with wide eyes as he finally slipped his pistol back into it's holster.

Harry moved with the Colonel towards the edge of the ledge and one of the Sniper's moved aside to allow him to use his weapon's scope to look at the ground. Harry was actually trained in Sniper's and was one of the best shots at the school. It didn't take long for Harry to work out exactly what was happening below. There were two sides as he had expected. The Death Eater's made up the vast majority of the battle grounds, their black cloaks and white bone masks standing out clearly against the green grass and bright light on the morning. In opposition to them were a field of blue cloaked Aurors and a motley bunch of Wizards and Witches dressed in an assortment of colours from the Order of the Phoenix's red cloaks to the professor's various colours and the sixth and seventh year student's black.

Whereas the majority of the battle was between Wizards it was evident that the Death Eaters had brought several rather large and powerful trolls with them and the creatures were decimating the front of the Aurors' line and scattering them.

"They don't think much of camouflage then." Fellan chuckled.

"If you have magic then camouflage isn't really necessary if you want to hide." Harry told them man seriously. He was studying the edge of the forest to the flank of the Order and Students. The trees were being moved yet nobody was there. Whatever was coming through was huge, his eyes narrowed as he realised that only himself and his muggle allies had noticed. "Magic can make people invisible and silent."


On the Battle Field

Hermione Granger fought beside Ron Weasley on the far right flank of the defensive line. Around them in order to defend the important right flank were the best that the Wizarding World had to offer. The Professor's of Hogwarts. They might not be the highly trained warriors of the Auror Hitwizards that made up the centre of the attack but their knowledge of their areas of expertise were unrivalled by any there. They made short work of their adversaries with unheard of attacks and subtle moves. Hagrid paused beside them both to find out how they were doing as he reloaded his crossbow.

Their objective was simple, make sure that nothing could get around the defenders and try to enter the school and the students hidden within their common rooms. It was Hermione that noticed it first, a slightly movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention and she paused in her spell work to consider it. Ron carried on firing until she grabbed at his sleeve and drew his attention with a concerned look.

They watched it for a while before Hagrid came back to them with a worried look over why they had stopped fighting. "What's the matter, Mione, Ron?"

"There's something coming out of the trees." Hermione told him over the noise of the battle. Even as she said it one of the saplings on the verge of the forest snapped in to like something heavy had just stepped on it. Hagrid worked it out in an instant.

"Trolls! In the forest!" His voice easily cut across the noise of battle and instantly the whole right flank shimmered with movement as people turned their focus onto the trees. Spells flew through the air though there was nothing to target but most stopped in their tracks whilst others flew harmlessly into the trees beyond their invisible quarry. They could feel a rumbling as large feet trapsed across the ground and Hermione turned to look at Ron in shock. Trolls were resistant to all magic, to be able to cast invisibility spells on them for any duration, let along have them hold up against other spells, would involve and immense amount of skill and power.

Soon a hail of light was flying across the ground between the trees and the right flank and shields burst into existence. Hermione watched as several Professors were knocked unconscious by the spells before responding with her own spells. Only one troll shimmered into existence as it was hit by seven spells combined and after taking a good look around it threw it's club at them. Hermione and Ron both threw the bombardment curse at it and the club exploded along with its owner. Hermione looked at Ron in shock and the fighting ceased momentarily as everyone stared around for whoever had blown up a troll.

Not a second later three more explosions littered the earth and the remains of three trolls exploded outwards. Hermione glanced back over her shoulder, following a smoke trail back towards the Castle. A group of men were standing calmly on the top of the Gryffindor Tower. 'Harry's ledge!' She couldn't help but think. A series of sharp thuds echoed through the air and she turned to see several now visible Death Eaters lying on the ground with blood pooling around their bodies. "Bullets!" She yelled out in amazement.

"What!?" Ron yelled at her as they took cover as more and more of the now visible oncoming line were tugged back onto the ground as bullets slammed into them at such a high velocity that their victims didn't even know what was happening before they were dead.

"Muggle guns and rockets!" She yelled again but had to pause as a troll screamed in pain as a rocket struck where it was standing and it was thrown back into its own line which was almost completely decimated.

"That's impossible, Mione!" Ron argued. "Muggle's cant get into Hogwarts!"

Hermione ignored him and slipped back through the crowd in search of their aged Headmaster not even realising that she was being watched from almost half a mile away by her old best friend.


Gryffindor Ledge

"Their lines are mixing!" One of the Sergeant's called out as he helped reload one of the anti-tank rocket launchers.

Harry nodded and simply watched through his scope as Hermione made her way through the ever chaotic battle towards the headmaster. He could even make out her expression from this distance. "Just target everyone with a skull mask!" He told everyone. The guns around him opened up. At this range even the P-90's could do damage if aimed so that they didn't risk hitting the defenders. Harry shot two Death Eater's through the head when they tried to attack Hermione who seemed to know now that someone was watching over her.

Harry was there for another purpose but until Voldemort showed himself there was little he could do but sow chaos into the ranks. Most of the SAS squad was no focusing on the main body of Death Eaters but Harry just watched Hermione as she spoke hastily to Dumbledore before setting off towards the main doors into the Castle where a small group of twenty student stood waiting as a last resort. Harry watched her carefully before noticing that a large group of the Death Eaters were breaking away from the left flank and heading towards the door and more to the point Hermione who would never be able to fight against them all, even with the twenty students at the door.

"Colonel!" Harry rolled over and relinquished his weapon to it's owner as he stood. "We need to get down there and guard the main doors."

The Colonel nodded and motioned to five of his men including the one guarding the two boys who were shaking visibly. "How quickly can you get us down there?" He asked Harry as the men checked their P-90 ammunition and waited patiently.

"Two minutes." Harry told the man.

The Colonel snapped out orders into his radio and a distorted affirmation came back to them from the Helicopter which was resting behind the school. Harry led the group through a rather full common room with its shocked children where they deposited the two third years under the care of a group of fifth year girls who recognised him easily though with a look of awe as the way was cleared by men with guns.

Harry and the six SAS men ran full pelt through every short cut that Harry could remember and they burst out onto the front step to see that Hermione was still a way off with the group of Death Eater's quickly closing in on her. The twenty students turned their wands onto them in surprise and the SAS men aimed their P-90's back without hesitation. Harry shook his head before pushing his way through them all and onto the lawn.

A high pitch thudding burst over the Great Hall of the school and Harry glanced up as the Puma hovered over his head. Harry dropped to one knee and brought up his pistol and aimed it at the first Death Eater. The Puma hesitated, unable to fire with a girl between it and it's prey.

Harry fired the pistol well clear of Hermione even if it meant missing her pursuers and he instantly had her attention. "Hermione! Hit the deck!" He yelled at the top of his voice.

She tripped in surprise at the familiar voice and even as she tried to correct her balance she saw the hovering helicopter and kneeling soldier and dove to the ground. The Puma lit up as it fired its gattling guns straight over her head and into the approaching Death Eaters. Harry had to clap his hands over his ears to avoid getting deafened by the guns.

After twenty seconds the guns stopped and steam was seen to be rising from them. The Puma banked and twisted sharply as a spell slammed into its side without damage and Harry ran forwards and skidded to a halt next to his old best friend. He grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her up before running back to his allies with her in tow.

The Colonel gave him a hard look as he returned but nodded with respect in his eyes. The students were standing away from the Muggles and it was obvious that the Colonel had settled the matter between them. "Harry!" He looked to his side and down where Hermione was collapsed on the ground. "What are you doing here!? How did you get in?"

"We flew, Mione. The Castle doesn't protect against Muggles that don't 'walk' through the wards." He explained patiently. "We're here to save your arses since it still doesn't seem that those idiots can do anything right."

"We were taken by surprise, we only knew of the attack last night." Harry's eyes widened at her admission.

"How can the Wizard's be such idiots, the Muggle Military has known about this attack for two days. They had time to come and get me before coming!" Hermione looked up at him with shocked eyes.

Before anything else could be said their radios came to life. Harry held up a hand to silence his Muggle-born friend and put his finger in his ear to better make out the words through the distortion.

"What's happening?" Hermione asked him as he stopped listening and shared a look with his Colonel.

"Our helicopter has spotted a large group as well as Voldemort on you left flank." Harry explained before turning to the Colonel. "Can you get the helicopter to buy the defenders some time to retreat closer to the castle?"

"We can try." The Colonel snapped out a salute to wish him good luck and Harry returned it gratefully before accepting a P-90 off of one of the men, even if he wasn't trained to use it he wasn't about to go into a fight like this with only a pistol.

"We need to get to Dumbledore and order him to retreat!" Harry told Hermione before tugging her forward along the wall closer to where he had last seen the man.


"So I can end this." Harry told her seriously as they dove through the back group of the Aurors. Harry noticed the odd looks he was receiving but they just assumed he was a strangely dressed student.

Hermione made her way towards the centre of the Defensive line and Harry followed along after her with his P-90 held loosely in his hands. He was nervous around so much magic, some of which he could no longer see without his own magic. He watched every spell as it danced between the Death Eaters and Defenders, some of these spells could cause some serious, permanent damage to his body without his own magic to help him.

"Professor Dumbledore!" Hermione's cry drew Harry back to the matter at hand. Dumbledore glanced back at her and she beckoned to him urgently. Harry smoothed down his sweaty hair to cover his scar though he knew that within moments he'd be recognised.

The Headmaster that Harry no longer cared to know backed out of the fight after stunning a Death Eater and came towards them looking at the curious 'Muggle' with a calculating look. "Miss. Granger! What are you doing here?"

"There's another force about to attack the left flank with Voldemort in the lead!" She told him hastily. "We have to retreat to the Castle!"

"How do you know this?" He asked her without looking at Harry who simply stepped forwards.

"I told her." He said the aged man with a sneer on his face that he never imagined he'd use.

"Who are you!?" Albus asked. "Are you a Muggle?"

"Oh clever Dumbledore, did the gun give it away?" Harry snarled making Hermione cry out at his tone. "Draw your Wizards back under the walls of Hogwarts so I can deal with Voldemort."

Dumbledore glared at the hatred in the Muggle's tone at the word Wizard. "Harry Potter!" He almost snarled out. "What are you doing here? You were expelled, you are not permitted to step foot into Hogwarts."

At the announcement of his presence several of the nearby Aurors and Order Members turned to look at him in shock. Their distraction was all the Death Eaters needed and before they could react two fell under curses and a group of four Death Eaters ran into the small meeting and started to shout off spells. Their voices cut short halfway through though as they were thrown back onto the ground with mangled chests.

"Professor." Hermione confronted the man. "They're trying to help, they've already saved the right flank against an invisible troll army and the main doors from Death Eaters."

"What are you talking about, Miss Granger?" He asked as he stared at the dead Death Eaters.

"We were sent my the Muggle Military to end this war since you are not capable of it." Harry snorted as he stepped over the dead Death Eater's with disdain and headed towards the left flank so he could do his part. He glanced over his shoulder. "You cast me out as your weapon too soon, Dumbledore. If you don't all want to die along with the Death Eaters then I would suggest fleeing."

Harry ignored Hermione's pleading to Dumbledore as he watched the Puma thunder high over their heads. He turned to Dumbledore again. "That will cover your retreat but you'll only get one shot. When it starts sound the retreat."

"When what starts, Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore asked him furiously. "Explain yourself."

"I'm not a student you can manipulate anymore, Dumbledore, nor am I under the Ministry's law." Harry smirked at him before ignoring the man. He really didn't need to start an explanation then though since the Puma opened fire. It's eight-inch rockets spiralled to sweep the ground and mud and Death Eater's went flying as it utterly destroyed the front line of the Death Eater army. Harry pressed his radio talk switch and addressed the Puma even as Dumbledore sent up Purple sparks from his wand. The same signal was repeated throughout the defenders and they all started running back towards the Castle doors. "As soon as you're out retreat to a safe distance until the storm is over then return to pick us up."

He dimly heard the Colonel confirming his orders to the Puma pilot before wishing him luck. Harry shut off his radio at the same time that he realised he was alone except for Hermione beside him. He turned in shock since he hadn't realised she'd have stayed. The Puma stopped firing and started to move off towards Hogsmeade though the pilot wouldn't be able to see the Wizarding town.

"What are you still doing here, Hermione!?" Harry rounded on her.

"I'm not going to abandon you like the others did." Hermione told him seriously.

"I know you didn't, McGonagall told me all about you and Ron fighting over it." Harry sighed. "Look, Mione, in ten minutes Voldemort is going to come over that hill with his whole army. They'll take me right to him and then I will destroy them all."

"How?" She gasped, there were over a thousand Death Eaters in the army they'd been fighting let alone in this second army.

"Just because I'm not a Wizard anymore doesn't mean I don't have a few tricks up my sleeves." He wouldn't have bothered explaining but he knew he had time before the Death Eater's approached him. The rather beaten up first army were joining with the second and undoubtedly Voldemort was punishing whoever had been in charge of the first. Harry was sure that if he still had magic he would be able to feel the Dark Wizard's anger through his scar. He raised his arms and concentrated on the sky above them all. Instantly the clouds began to change, they were forced lower and packed in more densely. Once he'd manipulated all of the moisture of the current area he began to draw it in from around him.

Hermione stared in shock at the sky as the rising sun was swallowed by large black clouds. "But I thought that Voldemort took your magic?"

"He did." Harry chuckled. "But I was born with another gift that Muggles can get. Weather Manipulation. I'm not very good at it at the moment though."

"You're creating a huge storm!" Hermione said in awe, "How can you not be very good?"

"It takes practice to use it on small scales, like shooting lightning through your hands. Though I can manipulate the wind." Harry told her and proving his point by turning to her and raising both hands up in front of him. Her clothes were buffeted by strong winds and she was lifted into the air by a cushion of air that would have undoubtedly just popped her ears. "The Wizarding World may not want me around but I know there are some who are still my true friends. I have a Post Office Box in Trafalgar Square, number 683. Teach them how to write to me. I can reply with Hedwig but she cant bring post to me anymore since she cant always find me."

"I'm so sorry, Harry."

"Don't me, Mione. I would have left the Wizarding World after this even if I was still a Wizard. I like the Muggle world more." Harry smiled at her reassuringly. "Bye, Mione."

He gestured toward her and she flew backwards on a wave of air and came to a screeching stop in front of the Order of the Phoenix who were busy interrogating the Muggle SAS group. Harry could just make out that Dumbledore had caught her with a spell and released the air that would have stopped her safely anyway. He also noted that the SAS men had donned heavy weather rain jackets and were probably trying to get the Wizards to retreat into the Castle itself.

Harry heard a shout behind him and turned in time to see someone firing a disarming curse at him. He let go of the P-90 and it flew from his hands towards his enemy. He was being approached by the main front of this huge army and all he did was watch them carefully. He noticed a Death Eater lift the P-90 and seemed shocked at it's weight for a moment.

"Avada…" Someone started but the man that had lifted his P-90 made a curt gesture and the spell was cut off even as Harry dodged.

"This is Muggle Weaponry." The man said in disgust as he approached. He was about to say something rather rude when the man seemed to recognise him. A sneer spread across his face. "Oh look, the great Boy-Who-Lived. Didn't you realise that Hogwarts is a school for Magic."

"Take him to the Dark Lord." A man in a silver mask spoke up from behind the Death Eater who looked at him with hate before reaching out and grabbing him firmly and together they slowly began walking through the army as it slowly moved towards Hogwarts. The Death Eaters seemed to split apart to allow them through and Harry could see the disgust in their eyes as they saw, and recognised, him.

He was thrown to the ground in the centre of a small clearing in the army and he took in the ten silver masked, inner circle members and more importantly Voldemort who was sneering at his attire disdainfully. "I hadn't expected to see you here today Potter. Though I must say that it is a welcome surprise."

Harry pulled himself to his feet and was glad when Voldemort waved off his Death Eater captor before he could be knocked down again. He started to ignore Voldemort's bragging as he began to summon more and more power into the storm above him. "Tell me, Potter," Voldemort's voice drew his attention again. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to kill you." Harry told him seriously as he glanced around. The army had come to a standstill, evidently waiting to see what Voldemort would do with the Wizarding World's supposed saviour. The group around them started laughing evilly and Harry found himself wondering how stupid they could be to not notice that it was almost as dark as day.

Voldemort stopped their laughing as he noticed the gleam to Harry's eyes, no longer hidden by glasses since he had had them treated in order to join the Royal Airforce. "And how did you expect to do that, Potter? You're less than a squib."

"I don't brag, Tom Riddle. You'll know only in the afterlife." Harry smirked at him and Voldemort recoiled as he saw the mirror image of lightning flashing across Harry's rather dark eyes. They became almost black before Harry released everything he had into the storm now raging above them.

A huge gust swept through the army like a concrete wall, tipping trolls over onto Death Eaters and forcing the Wizard's to grab onto anything that they could. Even Voldemort staggered though he had little chance to find out what was happening as he looked up with fear into Harry's eyes as he stood completely unaffected by the change of weather.

A huge clap of thunder rocked the mountains around Hogwarts, making rocks tumble from their cliffs, windows pointing towards the battle were shattered throughout Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and in the same instant five bolt of lightning stuck right where Voldemort had been standing. The shockwave spiralled through the panicking ranks of Death Eaters and they flew into the air just as the clouds spiralled down to Earth as three Tornados of crackling wind and lightning that spun up everyone in the Army amongst a field of electricity.

Harry stood with a smile on his face as the immense energy of the storm washed through every inch of his body. It was more immense than anything known to man, not even the most advanced power supply could control this amount of energy. He couldn't hear anything over the storm as it raged on around him so he didn't know what had become of the Death Eater army but what he did know was that there was nothing left of Voldemort but his ashes cast into the wind by his tornados. Harry turned and easily walked through the storm.

To the Defenders the storm had completely taken over the space between Hogsmead, Hogwarts and the Black Lake, they were being thrown around rather violently by the wind and occasionally a lightning bolt stuck the Castle but they were all safe though most had retreated into the Castle as soon as their imaginations filled in for them what was happening to the Death Eaters. A Tornado swept surprisingly close to them before slowly raising off of the ground as it dissipated. A rather windswept young man stepped out of it as it left and started walking towards them.

"Lieutenant?" Colonel Fellan asked him. "Are you ok?"

"The storm doesn't effect me." Harry told them all. "Voldemort is dead and not much of his army will have survived that."

A loud clap of thunder echoed across the grounds and a lightning bolt stuck the roof of the entrance hall showering them with dust and small chunks of the stone work. "Harry!" Hermione yelled over the storm. "Can't you stop it?"

Harry shook his head. "It will only dissipate in it's own time."

"If you'll all come with me to my office then we can discuss this properly." Dumbledore spoke up and looked expectantly towards a group of Aurors nearby who made their way over and stood waiting for the Muggles to move. The Colonel glanced at Harry who simply shook his head in the negative. He had no intention of doing anything that the Headmaster told him to. When nobody moved the Aurors drew their wands.

"And you wonder why I plan on leaving." Harry muttered to Hermione who had made her way over to him. He raised his voice to speak to the rest. "We're not going anywhere with you or your lapdogs, Dumbledore. Like I said before, you have no authority over us, if you want to complain about that then take it up with the Government."

One of the Aurors seemed to lose control, his nerves probably still rather frayed after the battle, and he threw himself at Harry to try to capture him. Before the SAS men could shift the aim of their P-90's the Auror was sent back into his comrades as soon as he touched Harry's arm as a jolt of electricity shocked him. Harry just smirked. "Just because the storm doesn't effect me doesn't mean that it wont hurt you."

"We don't have to touch you, Mr. Potter." One of the Aurors told him. "We'll let the Minister decide what we should do with powers like yours." Their wands were on him in a second but before anything could be said the sound of guns being cocked broke through the storm and the Aurors spun to see five men behind them aiming sniper rifles at them as well as two small third year Gryffindor's who had been enlisted to escort them down from the ledge.

A flash of white light and a loud crash rocked the area and only after Harry had blinked the light from his eyes did he realise that he none of the SAS men had their weapons anymore. They all went for the pistols only to find them gone. The Aurors smirked and their leader nodded to Dumbledore who had cast the powerful spell with ease.

Harry shook his head and took a step forwards so that he was soundly between his allies and his new enemies. "You Wizard's learn nothing. We'll remain out here until the storm dies and you will return inside and leave us alone."

"You're not in any position to make demands, boy!" The Auror snapped. Harry simply raised his hand into the air and the storm seemed to lull slightly and shift position as a shaft of cloud erupted towards them. Lightning streaked from it and slammed into the ground not ten feet from the Aurors, leaving a large crater in the ground. Harry eyes glowed black again and with a chuckle he watched as the Aurors, Dumbledore and a laughing Hermione entered the school.

Now, Harry was truly free.


End Chapter