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Chapter Twenty Four - Life Was Good


The Wizengamot did have a Member try to put forth a resolution for a new statute regarding donations for the school. Surprisingly, though, Harry didn't end up being the lead opposition to it; it was Neville Longbottom with strong support from a recently married Susan Bones-Carmichael.

Susan now sat the Seat for Bones while her aunt still sat as Minister.

Harry still spoke against the original motion, but then spoke in support of the amendment that arose; 'to reduce the risk of possible embezzlement of the donated funds'.

The amended motion passed for the new Statute, however the new Statute would include limits to the board and how much they could interfere with what was given as donations.

It had one of the Members, a witch and also a member of the board, blatantly sulk about it in their Seat. That's because the push for the Statute clearly backfired on them.

Harry spent a lot of the time during the session and after the motion was passed to openly grin at the fool. Sirius watched it all and was chuckling at Harry as he silently mocked the woman.

After the meeting he then provided a doorstop interview for the press, where he spoke about how he believed the board attempted to overstep the bounds of their authority and the Wizengamot recognised it for what it was. Then commended both Neville and Susan for recognising the attempt and circumventing it before it became a problem.

He received plenty of positive press for those remarks and it didn't hurt that both Neville and Susan received the same.

Harry felt that the best result of it was that the board were put back into their subservient place by the Wizengamot, which meant the board would know they held a weak position to try and interfere with the Funds once their existence became public knowledge.


During the time leading up to the next school year, Flitwick quietly informed Harry of which students had been determined to come from impoverished backgrounds; or at least came from families that he believed would turn down the offer to attend the school due to financial considerations.

There were five magical-raised, with three of those from half-blood families; and six muggle-borns. Harry immediately had Rockgnasher investigate all eleven families from a fiscal perspective.

It turned out Flitwick was right on the galleon about all eleven families.

Harry asked for their contact details and, between him and Flitwick, visited those muggle-born families to offer assistance. Based on the information they'd received from the goblins, some would only be offered a portion of the costs paid on their behalf while two families would be fully funded.

Harry refused to visit the magical-raised, because he knew they'd immediately recognise him and, likely, blab. Instead, he had Flitwick visit them and inform them 'a wealthy donor who did not want their identity known as of yet' was offering to fund their child/ren to attend Hogwarts with him, the donor, paying a significant portion of the cost.

Of course, almost all of them wanted further information in case this supposedly wealthy donor was going to later attempt to use the fact s/he paid so much for the child's tuition to be held over them. Only one family, too grateful for the help, didn't ask.

Anticipating this, a form contract was written up ahead of the offer. The contract stated the donor wanted nothing more from the recipient than for the child to do their best in their studies, do their best to behave themselves while a student and for the recipient family to not speak ill about the donor. It was quite basic and easy to understand. Ted wrote it up knowing it would need to be.

"Why are they doing this?" was the basic general question asked. And the general answer back was, "Because they can and because the donor wants magical children properly educated. An educated populace means an economically growing populace; which benefits everyone."

Accompanied by Flitwick, Harry visited all the muggle-born families and made the offer personally. However, he still did not identify himself as the donor; only as someone who held a seat on the school board and as 'someone involved in the fund that made it possible'.

In later years he always saw those visits as one of the highlights of his year. Even when, on more than a few occasions over the years the living situation of the muggle-born was of sufficient detriment to the child that he immediately called in the DMLE to investigate, he still found joy in the visits. His joy of those latter mentioned visits was in seeing the removal of a magical from an abusive environment and the later charging, through muggle courts, of the parents or guardians involved.

Unplanned and, until it was already established and working, unpromoted by Harry was the creation of a contact network of muggle-born families. It wasn't until the Ministry - unknown to Amelia Bones - got wind of it and tried to shut it down that Harry jumped in and blocked them from doing so. Again, he was aided by both Susan and Neville. However, they brought in with them a number of other Members of the Wizengamot who felt it was a good idea. It didn't help the Ministry's argument that their own Minister was ropeable with them for the attempt. Both those had the Ministry back off and leave them alone, other than to warn them about the consequences they would face if they even unintentionally breached the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.

It did help, though, that an error as to the living conditions of one muggle-born was made and it was discovered one of the fathers of a muggle-born was a barrister of high standing in the muggle world, who jumped into learning about wizarding law with a great deal of relish. He and Ted Tonks became firm friends and eventually went into partnership, forming a law firm that easily and comfortably straddled the divide between the two worlds.

It utterly shocked the pure-bloods when it was discovered the 'muggle lawyer' was able to undertake and complete a Mastery in Wizarding Law, which he did. No magic was required to pass an apprenticeship in magical law. Both the muggle, Winston Edlington-Whyte, and Ted publicly laughed at those who were shocked.

"B-but... he's a muggle!" exclaimed one.

"That's irrelevant," smirked Ted. "He met the requirements and comfortably completed the apprenticeship."

"But he can't so magic!" the one further exclaimed.

"Again irrelevant," replied Ted. "There is no requirement, per law, that a law-wizard can perform magic."

"But he has to be able to perform magic to undertake an apprenticeship!" the one tried again.

"There is no legal requirement for that," said Ted. "The law states that a wizard or witch must be able to perform magic to undertake an apprenticeship. There is no requirement for a muggle to do the same.

"Frankly that requirement is a nonsense because, if you cannot perform magic, you cannot be lawfully recognised as a wizard or witch; you're either a squib or a muggle."

When someone tried to bring in the requirement you had to be a wizard or witch to do anything related to the magical world, Harry laughed and said, "Well! For a start, the goblins are going to be pissed. If you pass this law then they can no longer operate your bank. Further, they cannot even have Gringotts exist. That breaches a number of treaties, right there.

"Next, I hope all you pampered pure-bloods are willing to get by without your house elves, because this law will make it illegal for them to perform their own brand of magic.

"And don't let me get started on the other races; including the veela, merfolk, centaurs, etcetera.

"You folks really need to think about what it is you're trying to achieve before you completely screw yourselves over; and worse, me.

"You might not like the fact a muggle was able to complete a mastery in magical law, but that's just tough. It's clearly possible, it's been done, get over it.

"Besides, it's not the only mastery a muggle can undertake and successfully complete."

"Oh?" asked one. Then snarkily demanded, "What else?"

"A Mastery in Muggle Studies, for one," smirked Harry. "History of Magic is another. So's, I think, Arithmancy and Astronomy. If there is no actual legal requirement to charge a runic array with your own magic, Ancient Runes is yet another; seeing as they can be charged with ambient magic. And runes need to be carved by hand as you can't use magic to carve them in most instances. Do I need to go on?"

Then he laughed at all the dawning of horrified looks he was getting.

"This is the only reason I still come to these sessions, you know that?" he asked in general. "It's just so I can witness just how bloody stupid many of you can be and act. Session after session you people seem to make decisions, or show you believe a lie to be truth, so often that I'm now well past the position of sheer disbelief at what I find, to where I'm now into a highly amused state at your collective stupidity."

The looks he got back just made him laugh even harder.


The Wizengamot kept trying, over the years, to either directly or unintentionally interfere in Harry's life.

Directly, they once tried to block or shut down the two Funds. That led to a mass riot in the Ministry atrium from affected magical families, who knew their child or children was/were only able to attend Hogwarts because of the 'Lovegood Fund'. And that then led to the Wizengamot having to sit in emergency session to scrap even the proposal of the law. Quite a few who had politicked for the implementation of the law suffered significant political harm to themselves due to that.

Instead of taking his Seat for the session, Harry had stood in the middle of the floor and, with his arms crossed, simply smirked at them all before he said, "Come on, people!... Think!... Look to the consequences of your actions!... Anticipate what will happen each time you think you're doing something good, which is actually something stupid!... Figure it out from the evidence before you!

"If the numbskulls who proposed this ridiculous law first looked at what consequences would arise, then I believe they'd have figured out just how stupid an idea it actually was; and not tabled it!

"The funds I created with my own gold benefit everyone. Wizards and witches from impoverished families are now properly educated and, once they graduate, are in an excellent position to secure employment. Very soon thereafter they start spending their earnings in your shops... with your businesses... and paying taxes, reducing your own. Almost all of which earn you more gold filling your own vaults.

"A happy, healthy, educated populace benefits you. Attempting to force me to shut down the Funds actually costs you gold! It costs you gold in the gold you will not then receive from those families once their benefiting-from-it child or children graduate.

"It wouldn't work, by the way. You might be able to remove the charity status from the Funds, but I will still do it because what I'm doing is not unethical or immoral and it benefits the magical world. I'll just go to the International magical community, tell them what you've done through the overseas newsparchments and offer the same service to somewhere like Beauxbatons. I cannot see the French magical government being that stupid not to welcome it.

"They will see what some of you obviously cannot. They'll see that, attempting to block what I'm doing, is an excellent example of how to cut your own financial throat."

He just gave them another snort of amusement and said, "I'll leave you lot to your attempts at financial suicide. You've... humoured... me enough for one day."

Then he spun on his heel and walked out of the Chamber, ignoring everyone.


That was the last time for the next six or so months before the next attempt was made. This time they tried to raise the cost of attending Hogwarts for muggle-borns to ridiculous levels - as if they weren't already ridiculous.

Harry retaliated by standing in the Wizengamot and reading what sounded like an article out of the Daily Prophet without mention of the journalist's name. It was utterly scathing of those who tried to force this law through. It called them thieves, 'moral paupers' and other derogatory terms.

He was three quarters of the way through the 'article' when one of the darker pure-blood Members snarled out, "What is this? I don't recognise that article from anywhere!"

Harry calmly looked up and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. This will be an article that will be printed in... tomorrow's... Daily Prophet, as an advertisement, if you people pass this insulting piece of crap you purport to be proposed legislation. I've already paid for the advertising space and myself and the editor have already signed unbreakable contracts that that advertising space will be made available to me to do with whatever I wish. It'll be on the front page, by the way. And what I wish is for this article I'm now reading to you to be published, in full and without alteration, in that space."

After a long moment of shock, the Member snarled, "I could challenge you to a duel, for that!"

"Yes, you could," Harry immediately agreed. "I will of course demand it be to the death, demand it to be immediate and then kill you. Make sure you have your Will properly filed before you do, though. You won't have a chance to do so between the time you challenge me and the time I kill you."

That Harry stated such with even a hint of amusement, so obviously assured in his victory was he, the Member immediately shut up and turned his attention away; though still quite angry.

"It's like this, people," said Harry to the Members. "This disgusting piece of crap offered as legislation is nought but a way to, yet again, stop me providing the funding for the Lily Potter Memorial Scholarship Fund. It is the third attempt in twelve months. This time, the so-called proponents of this... offence... are trying to drive out the muggle-borns being provided aid by making it so the Fund cannot continue to support them enough for them to attend.

"What they have also failed to take into consideration... as always... is the consequences that will arise if they were successful.

"The Hogwarts budget is almost completely fixed. It needs a set amount of incoming funds via tuition to operate; and a very high percentage of those funds are irrespective of how many students attend. The only variations are the amount needed to pay for food and a few other minor considerations.

"If the Wizengamot foolishly decide to support this nonsense, the Fund will pay for those muggle-borns... including the ones who otherwise need nothing or only a little financial assistance... to attend an overseas educational institution. The only reason it hasn't occurred already is that it is still... barely... more financially viable to educate them at Hogwarts.

"Raise the cost of Hogwarts fees for the muggle-born and -raised... Beauxbatons will be the cheaper option. As soon as that happens, Hogwarts will immediately lose the tuition those muggle-borns pay... or the Fund pays on their behalf.

"As I said, Hogwarts's operating costs, without the muggle-borns, will not significantly change. So, because the board will have no choice but to do so, the fees paid by the magical-raised... especially pure-bloods... will have to increase to make up for the shortfall.

"They cannot do otherwise as the school is required by its very charter... to make at least a modicum of a profit. And they're barely making that now.

"My review of the fee structure of Hogwarts, together with using simple mathematics, has shown me that the fees for pure-bloods to attend Hogwarts will have to... at least... double, possibly even triple without muggle-borns attending."

That had a few exclamations of shock, especially from those same pure-bloods who were against muggle-borns attending Hogwarts.

Ignoring it, Harry continued, "I am confident that anyone else who does the same check of the figures will find the same result.

"It is this sort of wonky thinking coming from some Members... Members, who still haven't learned how powerful the word 'consequence' is... that occasionally has me laughing at you.

"Support this Bill, or anything like it, you're going to have parents of Hogwarts students... or soon-to-be Hogwarts students... hunting you down with malice in their hearts. And, this time, they're going to be pure-bloods."

"Stop trying to fuck with the Funds!" he suddenly yelled before dropping his volume again. "I have had enough. This is yet again a direct attack upon me and mine. One more attempt in my lifetime and I'll be personally coming for you. You will have shown you are clearly an enemy of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell and the Noble and Ancient House of Potter... and will be dealt with as such.

"No... more... warnings," he firmly declared. "The patience of a Lord of two powerful Noble and Ancient Houses is at an end. So I have declared!"

Then he dropped into his Seat in a funk and glared right back at anyone who tried to stare him down.

Sirius was trying hard not to snicker and instead glare about from his own seat, but his eyes belied his mirth.

Harry was surprised the Chief Warlock didn't try to call him to task and berate him for his language. He found out later it was because he agreed with Harry - and also didn't want Harry coming after him.


Three days later Harry received an owl from Flitwick. The letter it carried faithfully reported, in Flitwick's words, the collective apoplexy of a 'delegation' from the school board who attended the school and demanded to see the school's financials. That apoplexy arose as soon as they saw that, if they did lose the attendance of the muggle-borns at the school let alone the half-bloods, the pure-bloods would have to pay nearly triple what they were already paying in tuition fees.

They first tried to blame it on McGonagall and Sinistra, but that immediately failed when she pointed out right back that the tuition fees were set by the board.

She then further showed them copies of three reports she had sent them where she'd already pointed that out to the board, together with the board's lacklustre responses back. Then buried the blade even further when she showed them in the school's copy of the original charter where it stated all students were to pay the same amount... unless hardship was proven.

Then she asked how that hardship was proven to cover every single pure-blood - and only them - who were students at the school. If it wasn't proven, then the families of each of those students had defrauded the school.

The 'delegation' retreated with their proverbial tails between their legs.

On reading about that, Harry had laughed.

"The supposed delegation?" Luna asked. She was the one who provided the warning to Harry, who alerted Flitwick, that such a delegation would be making a surprise visit to McGonagall to try and blame-shift the whole thing onto her.

That gave McGonagall more than twenty-four hours notice to collect all the relevant and verifiable documentation to rub their faces in it. A job she took to with relish.

"Yup," he nodded, sliding the letter across to her. "Thanks to you, Headmistress McGonagall was more than ready to do battle with them when they turned up.

"I'll also have to let Ted know that this... delegation... also declared themselves as such. As the board had not met to form such a delegation, it means they overstepped their bounds. He'll enjoy giving them a serve about that at the next board meeting."

She smirked back. "You enjoy giving the fuddy-duddy pure-bloods a legal bloody nose, don't you." She didn't word it as a question.

He grinned and replied anyway. "Yyyyup!"


It was getting on eighteen months after the birth of James and about a month after their return from a short visit to America to 'witness' Hermione's wedding when Luna walked into the office, which Harry had managed to recoup back off his wife after her book was finished, and sat on the chair before his desk smirking at him.

When he looked up from his parchments where he was going over the financials of both Funds, he asked, "What's got you amused, Love?"

First, she rose from her seat and placed a small vial before him. "You're going to need that," she declared as she sat again.

"Oh?" he carefully asked, already recognising the contents of the vial as a Calming Draught.

"It looks like it's time for me to write another book," she calmly replied. Then grinned at him.

Confused for about three seconds, Luna watched as her husband's eyes suddenly widened in shock as he stared back.

That his mouth also dropped open and he'd frozen in place had her snickering at his expression.

"You... you're..."

"Pregnant again," she snickered. "Yes."

Harry paused for only about two seconds before he quickly scooped up the vial, uncorked it dumped the entire contents into his mouth and swallowed. He didn't even make that wrinkled face of revulsion he usually did when he had to take a potion. He just continued to stare at Luna as his face morphed into a smile.

She then rose, walked around his desk and plonked herself into his lap. Then thoroughly snogged him.

"A boy?" he asked, when they came up for air.

"I believe so, yes," she replied. "And, yes, his name will be―"

"Henry Remus," Harry finished. "Due date?"

"Seven and a half months from now," she returned. "January."

Then he pulled a face and said, "I'm going to lose access to your girls again, aren't I?"

He'd only a few months earlier managed to get back playing rights with Luna's breasts when she'd finally weaned James off them. They'd both figured out early in their relationship that Harry was a 'breast man' and losing full access to her girls was, in Harry's opinion, a cruel hardship.

"In a few months, yes," she replied.

He sighed and said, "Well, from James you pretty much retained your cup size after weaning him. I hope you don't go and lose them after weaning Henry."

"We'll see," she said.


Henry was born a blonde, but with the emerald green eyes of his father. Unlike his boisterous older brother, though, he was a lot more placid. Harry and Luna named Neville his godfather and Harry was left wondering if it was the godfather from whom his second developed his nature and determination to do right all the time. James's godfather was Remus.

Another two and a half years after Henry the identical 'Devilette Twins', Lillian Rose and Selene Heather, were born in the August, only a few days shy of the Hogwarts cut-off which would have held them back from starting at Hogwarts by another year.

During the intervening years, Harry re-established a firm friendship with the Weasley twins, who had become quite wealthy and settled down due to their wives, Angelina and Alicia, finally bringing them to heel. The twins were named the godfathers of the two girls.

"Who is..." "...Whose godfather?" asked the twins, after they'd happily agreed.

Luna smirked and replied, "Does it matter?"

The twins grinned back and, in stereo, replied, "No." And both laughed.

Harry just flicked his hands in the air in an exaggerated shrug and said, "Figures."

Luna had been right again. He was so sure she wouldn't be, this time.

Thankfully, after the twins, Luna was quite alright about them not having any more children. Harry knew she loved being a new mummy and hadn't wanted to take that away from her. However, it was she who raised it with him and said, "Those two will be our last, Love."

"As you wish," he replied. "You know I was happy with whatever you chose, right?"

"Yes," she nodded.

"It's not as if we couldn't afford more," he added.

"I know," she replied.


Sirius also eventually found his wife when he'd practically given up hope and, during a visit at the Three Broomsticks to drown his sorrows in alcohol and wail about the injustice of it all when Luna was freshly pregnant with their first, bumped into Septima Vector.

After hearing him grizzle a bit about his non-existent love life, she smirked at him and said, "Well, you haven't dated me yet."

No fool, after about five seconds of staring at her in shock, he quickly asked her out on a date. She said yes.

Six months later Sirius flooed to Potter Manor, confronted Luna and demanded, "It's Septima, isn't it." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, Sirius," she calmly replied. "It's Septima."

With a firm nod of acknowledgement back he spun about, stalked back to the fireplace and flooed away. They were betrothed only a week later and married a year after that. They'd have been married earlier, according to Sirius, but she didn't want a 'whirlwind courtship' before marriage.

All that occurred covering the time between Luna being pregnant with James and when he was six months old.

Their first, a girl, was born six months before the Devilette Twins. Eighteen months later and they were 'baking' the second; which turned out to be a boy.


James grew to his 'preteen' years a boisterous, intelligent risk-taker. When it came to Hogwarts, Harry just couldn't figure out which House he'd be sorted into, even right up to the day the boy boarded the Hogwarts Express for the first time. And Luna wouldn't tell him.

The train now left an hour earlier, because of the number of students requiring sorting each year. This year had over seventy First Years attending the school.

It was after the train pulled out of the station and they had a quiet moment he whirled on her with puppy dog eyes.

Luna rolled her own and quietly said, "Ravenclaw. But he's going to drive Professor Flitwick bonkers."

Harry grinned and said, "Then I guess, once we get home, I'd better write a letter of apology to the good professor."

As Harry pulled out the family portkey to take them back to Potter Manor, Luna giggled in amusement.

"Then I hope I'm not in Ravenclaw," piped up a slightly scowling nine year old Henry.


When it became Henry's turn, he was sorted into Hufflepuff; which was no real surprise to anyone. And the Devilette Twins were sorted into Gryffindor only two years later.

It was a week after school started the first year for the girls when Sirius turned up at Potter Manor, practically giggling.

"What's got you amused?" asked Harry.

"Your girls," laughed Sirius. "They're already driving Sep' crazy."

"In detention, are they?" he asked.

"For the third time and they've only been there a week!" he declared. "And, this time, it's for a week."

Harry winced and pulled a pained expression. "When can I expect the first parent Head of House discussion?"

"I'd give it two weeks, maximum," grinned Sirius.

It was two and a half. They'd managed to blow up Myrtle's personal toilet and claimed they were ordered to do it by their godfathers, Fred and George Weasley. That earned them a month's detention.

When he'd heard, Harry commenced lightly banging his forehead off his desk. A minor habit he'd picked up by the time the two were five and already getting into constant trouble.

He was just thankful that the pure-blood bigots had stopped a few years previously trying to get rid of the Funds using various, though barely legal, means.

The girls drove him to distraction and he firmly believed they did it deliberately, just to see if they could get a rise out of him.

The matching innocent, angelic expressions they'd turned on him when they were in trouble stopped working by the time they were six. And they were often in trouble.

Not helping was the Weasley twins. Every time the girls pulled off a decent prank, the twin men would secretly reward the twin girls with more pranking material.


When the 'Stodgies' - 'Stodgy old traditionalists' - finally stopped trying to get rid of the Funds, Harry finally dedicated his time to picking up his Masteries. Luna already had hers in Warding and Ancient Runes, so he went for Transfiguration and Charms.

The girls constantly getting into trouble was bad enough to distract him. However, James had apparently developed a hate-on for Slytherins in his fourth year. It was somewhat illogical and Harry had to sit him down and force him to explain why.

Apparently, a girl he'd developed a crush on in Hufflepuff a year behind was dating a boy in Slytherin and was ignoring James's attempts at wooing her away.

So, with the help of Sirius and Remus, Harry spent time talking about his own father and his efforts to woo his own mother. And what his father finally realised in his sixth year.

"So, Jim," said Remus. "You're trying too hard and you're blaming a boy who is not entirely responsible for where young Miss Longbottom has directed her attention. You need to act more mature and, if you really love her, you'd be happy for her if she's happy. Don't try so hard."

Harry thought it wouldn't, but the talk worked. James settled down again and stopped picking fights with the Slytherins. However, the Devilette Twins now saw it as their responsibility to keep up the Marauder tradition and pranked the hell out of them. When caught, they claimed they were doing it, "For Jimmy."

Again, Harry resorted to banging his forehead off the surface of his desk.

Luna walked in and saw hi doing it, smirked and asked, "The girls?"

Looking up he grizzle-growled, "Your bloody daughters..."

"Yours too," she instantly returned.

"That's debatable," he snapped.

As always, when they had this oft-repeated conversation, she simply laughed at him.


The year the girls graduated from Hogwarts, much to the collective relief of the staff, Harry and Luna both accepted positions at the school. Luna became the Professor of Ancient Runes, as Bethsheba Babbling wanted to retire; and Harry became the new Professor of Transfigurations, relieving the one-year 'temporary place holder' Professor of that role.

Harry was immediately offered the Head of Gryffindor, but refused.

"Sorry, Headmistress," he replied. "I believe you have other, longer term, Professors on staff who should receive first refusal."

"I do," she smiled. "Professor Nigella Wentworth in Muggle Studies. However, she was quite willing to step aside and let you have the role if you wanted it."

He smiled back and said, "No, it's hers. She earned it in her own right. My name should not automatically open doors for me for something like this."

She nodded back and said, "I'm somewhat pleased to hear you say that."

"Somewhat?" he smirked.

With her own smirk back she admitted, "I wanted to watch the House drive you to as much distraction as you drove me back when you and the Weasley twins were students; and your twins drove Bathsheba and Septima."

He laughed.

"And you, Professor Lovegood," she said, already informed Luna wanted to be addressed by her maiden name for her role as a professor. Harry would be Professor Peverell. "I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like you'll be able to ascend to the position of Head of House for Ravenclaw any time soon. Professor Flitwick has made no plans, as far as I'm aware, to retire any time soon."

"No, that's quite alright," smiled Luna. "I wasn't that interested in the position; for now, anyway. I hope Filius stays on for many years."


Harry and Luna were both happy to stay at the school for a number of years.

Their two oldest children, as magicals usually do, married soon after graduating. James 'Jim' Sirius Peverell-Potter married his later years school sweetheart, Alice Longbottom, two years after he graduated and almost a year after she did. And, as part of the ceremony, changed his name to James Sirius Peverell. Alice became Alice Augusta Peverell.

Surprising both elder Potters, Henry married a witch a year older than he; a Ravenclaw alumni named Melanie Whitlock. And, just like his elder brother, changed his name during the ceremony to Henry Remus Potter; allowing Melanie to become Melanie Potter - no middle name.

The Devilette Twins, Lillian and Selene, remained single and ran chaos through the available and similarly aged bachelors of magical Britain until, in their mid twenties, they'd decided they'd had enough fun with the silly men and, together, married a five years older muggle-born named Alexander Gibson; who'd also found himself the lone 'survivor' of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Nott while a child attending Hogwarts when he went in for a 'mandatory' blood test at Gringotts. He was one of the muggle-born in the early years sponsored by the Lily Potter Memorial Fund. Part of the funding required, once recipients turned fourteen, to go to Gringotts and have an inheritance test done. He turned out to be the unknown bastard son of Theodore Nott and a muggle rape victim.

As he was the last remaining member of the House, plus he also picked up the House of Gibbon through inheritance, he was eligible for a second wife. The girls 'forced' him into it, claiming they weren't going to be separated by having different husbands.

That was another head-thumping period for Harry.

However, the relationship worked. At least it did once Gibson accepted Harry wasn't going to kill him out of hand for 'despoiling' his daughters. Harry wasn't that hypocritical. And he also knew, from Luna, that Gibson wasn't the 'first' for either girl.

When he asked Luna about the details of their firsts, she calmly thought for a moment and replied, "They weren't raped, they weren't tricked, they weren't coerced. They knew what they were doing and how they wanted to lose their virginities. They did it, just as with everything else, together and with a willing partner, planned in advance. It was a very pleasurable experience for them both.

"You will not go charging off to find out who it was. Personally, I think they were being quite smart and responsible... surprisingly, considering their normal 'change on in' Gryffindorish natures. Leave it be."

Harry huffed and said, "Fiiinne!"

She smirked back. "Don't worry, Love. You're still their favourite man and someone they will always look up to."

He just grumbled; annoyed, but without a target to vent his annoyance upon.


It wasn't much longer before grandchildren started arriving and Harry and Luna positively doted on them. Henry was the first of the children to become a father; becoming a father even before the Devilette Twins married.

However, very shortly after the second was born to James and Alice and while Harry and Luna were visiting the mother at Mungo's, they received a sudden summons to return to the school. Minerva McGonagall, while taking a stroll around the school, had suffered a massive heart attack while yelling at a couple of misbehaving Gryffindors and was unable to be revived.

Septima Vector was, of course, offered the position of Headmistress, but turned it down. She claimed she was about to retire as she and Sirius had planned to 'see the world' before they became too old to do so.

Eventually, after much urging from the staff and threats of mass quitting to the school board if they didn't sign off on it, the position was offered to Professor Flitwick; who accepted.

He offered Deputy Headmaster to Harry, who turned him down and suggested the Muggle studies Professor, Nigella Wentworth. Wentworth accepted. However, she refused to take the role unless she dropped Head of Gryffindor in the process.

Luna then became the Head of Ravenclaw and Harry became the Head of Gryffindor, practically at the same time.

And that's where they remained until they both 'retired'.

When the Devilettes fell pregnant they fell pregnant together. No matter the chance of the happenstance, no one doubted their babies would be born no more than days apart.

When Harry found out about it he took the shocked husband aside and, while offering him a drink, laughed himself silly at him. The young man couldn't figure out why and it was left up to Luna to explain it to him.

"Think of your wives," she said. "Now, think of how their babies are going to be twins in all but being born of the same womb. That's why Harry's laughing at you."

Alex's subsequent look of pain just made Harry laugh all the harder.


Surprising many but a few who were already in the know, after the girls' children were born - an hour apart - a few months later Harry and Luna disappeared for quite a few years. They'd gone to Black Island to unwind 'for a few months'. Originally they only planned to stay for about a year. However, they stayed for much, much longer.

It was their grandchildren approaching adulthood that brought them back. They knew weddings would also be occurring soon afterwards and they wanted to make sure they were in Britain to attend them.

As they'd returned, Sirius and Septima almost immediately paid them a visit.

The first thing Sirius did, as he was the proxy while Harry and Luna were away, was to order Harry to take back his Wizengamot duties or pass them off to his oldest. Harry thought about it, thought about what his oldest was up to and decided he couldn't do that to James; and decided, instead, to return to his duties on the Wizengamot.

However, he then started training both his sons in the duties required as a Head of House. Luna also had him do it with the twins, who she'd planned on having take control of the House of Lovegood. Harry'd already decided he'd be splitting the two Seats of Potter and Peverell, giving the Peverell Seat to James and the Potter Seat to Henry. And had also been working hard with Rockgnasher to lay the groundwork to make an equitable fiscal split of the two Houses.

Both young men were happy with that arrangement and both promised not to make an issue of it when their father passed or otherwise decided to hand over the Lordships.


Ten years later, Harry had finally decided he'd had a gutful of the crap he had to put up with on the Wizengamot and with the school board, and passed over the Lordships and stewardship of the Funds to his sons. He did both on the same day, only moments apart.

Luna passed on the Headship of House Lovegood to young Alex, managed by the twins, at the same time.

He and Luna then hung about in magical Britain for about six months to be on hand for both sons and the son-in-law in case they needed to come to him for advice or explanations. Both sons approached less than half a dozen times each, but Alexander approached a few more than that.

Once he was sure they had a handle on everything, he and Luna settled down to a life of 'elderly' luxury in Potter Manor.

Both believed they'd more than done their fair share for both their Houses and the wizarding world and they could rest.

Life was good, thank you very much.

Finite Incantatem!