Happiness to me is like a sunset.

There are different ranges of it, different stages that mean different things.

The first part of the sunset that catches your eye is the bright, jubilant orange, just like the joy of seeing a firework explode in the sky or the first taste of champagne.

Then, it fades to a blushing yet electric pink. The rose color to me is like the promise of something great, like a trip to the beach or a visit from an old friend.

Then slowly it fades into soft shades of purple, which is darker, but just as happy. The soothing color to me signifies the things in life that are always there to make you happy- they aren't as fleeting and sparse as the other two. The purples mean steady things, like the smell of home and a kiss from someone you love.

All of these colors fade into the blue darkness of the trees below, signifying the cool, calm of things you can always rely on. I hadn't had much to rely on for years, until I found him one day. Or I guess he had found me. Either way, we were together now, and that was all we needed.

Finally, I am happy like the sunset.