"Bwahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah!" Harry cackled/laughed edging towards hysteria, "I can't breathe!"

Harry had was holding his sides, tears streaming down his face, near collapsing if it wasn't for his Charlie holding him up.

Besides the ones who knew the story, no one else was laughing, and even those who knew weren't quite like Harry. They didn't wholly understand the turmoil and rage that had burned through him as he made his escape with his little bundle of hope and joy that was entrusted to him. They didn't know how deep the betrayal had cut him. Oh they may have had an inkling, no doubt. The paranoia that followed him as he constantly kept his eye and ear out for the first couple of years to make sure they couldn't follow him. All of it was released with the news that Neville and Luna just shared.

Harry and Jasper had invited the duo home for dinner that Saturday, insisting that they needed to see how much Teddy-bear had grown and to meet the man Harry put a ring on making Luna giggle and Neville to facepalm at his friend's antics. Poor Neville though had forgotten that Harry was a prankster and evil as he tried to stand up when it was time to leave. He was lucky that Jasper was there to catch him as he had no doubt he would have fallen face first into Jasper's crotch, which would been mortifying! Shyly thanking his savior, Neville undid the jinx and glared at his friend who was high-fiving Luna.

"I'm confused Harry, why is this so funny?" Rose questioned. She didn't feel that it was nice to laugh at their misfortune.

"Those three, the two Weasely and Granger, are the sole reason Harry came to America to begin with," Luna answered vaguely.

"Shouldn't we be thanking them instead?" Rose was still confused.

The laughter stopped abruptly as Harry glowered, "I'll thank them when my body is cold and in the ground."

Jasper and Charlie shivered as they knew that meant never.

"But why?"

"They were my best friends, they were like family to me," Harry's fist clenched, "I trusted them. There...there had been a war and I trusted them to watch my back...And they betrayed that trust as they tried to take something from me. Something that had been above all, the most precious thing I have ever been entrusted with. They wanted me to conform to their wants and wishes, they wanted me to be their 'hero'. They thought if they took and got rid of Teddy that I would buckled down give them my money and be their lapdog."

The air was getting staticy as the group felt the hair on arms and nape rise. They noticed how their leader's eyes were starting to glow.

"I don't remember much of that night. Just I went to check on Teddy because I was feeling uneasy and saw them ssstanding over his crib. I lost it. All I knew was that I had to get to Teddy. I know spells were thrown at me and I know there was blood, but Teddy was safe. I scooped him and summon his diaper bag and left. I shut down all my properties and spoke with my lawyers then disappeared. I didn't contact anyone and just restarted from scratch mostly. I never regretted it because Teddy was safe," Harry had managed to calm himself and managed to bring his emotion back under control.

Teddy had at some point rushed to his dad and hugged him, burying his face into his side. He already knew what his dad had given up for him.

"My Teddy-bear was safe," Harry whispered enveloping his son completely breathing in his scent.

Jasper snarled and was pacing rather agitatedly his fangs flexing as it hit home just how close he came to never meeting his brother and what his family had gone through. Emmett wasn't any better in fact he had to leave, to think they went after a baby for greedy purposes.. That..that just really pissed him off. Rose was horrified and seething, how dare they do that to her family and to a child! A child who needed Harry and who Harry clearly needed as well!

Seth felt tears dripping down his face as he clambered over to his dad/alpha and his imprint clenching his hands on their clothing not wanting to let go, realizing how close he was to have never met them.

Charlie had all three wrapped in his arms. Being the rock they could lean on. He knew the basis of what had happened already but to see the emotions unleashed brought every protective instinct he had raring and ready to fight. He wouldn't lose his life.

"Being the outcasts with their magic bound, is not enough!" Jasper growled frustrated that he couldn't do more. He practically stalked over to where Neville was stood.

"They should be destitute and ridiculed!" Rose snarled.

Neville chuckled deeply, "OH believe me, they are. Everyone, even those who we fought against in the war are angry with those three."

"If it wasn't for their mother still coddling them, they would be sleeping the gutters in muggle London," Luna stated watching Harry's family. He had finally found his true home and she was happy for him.

"It was actually Harry's rival Draco Malfoy who demand that they be neutered since they were willing to throw a child away then they would not be fit as parents," Neville grinned as if reliving the moment. Malfoy was still a prat but he was one hell of an ally when it came to punishing those who drove Harry away.

Harry laughed when he heard that; the one of few best things he ever did was save the git. Straightening up out of the cuddle pile, Harry summoned Firewhiskey for him, Neville and Luna; regular whiskey for Charlie, and the blood wine for his vamps as well as shot glasses for the adults and soda for Teddy and Seth.

Handing out the drinks, Harry toasted, "To prats who are spoiled!"

Luna and Neville laughed and drank to Malfoy knowing who Harry was referring to even if the others may not have known they still drank. Harry refilled the glasses smiling.

"To the Crumple-Horned Snorkack!" Luna cheered causing Harry and Neville to snort /laugh fire.

"To finding new family and finding old friends!" Neville saluted to the cheer of everyone, " Alright, Harry give me something different otherwise, I'll be sloshed and sleeping on your couch."

Laughing Harry banished the Firewhiskey back to the cabinet, "Lightweight!"

"Shut up Harry, not all us have iron stomachs," Neville muttered blushing as he caught Jasper's interested look.

"Hahaha, true but at least I didn't spit my first taste of Firewhiskey out at Dean," Harry laughed ducking the punch half-heartedly thrown his way.

"At least I didn't make a girl cry when I kissed her," Neville teased his ears pink, much to the delight of Jasper who was just watching the old friends.

"Oi! How was I supposed to know I was gay back then?" Harry sassed much to Charlie's amusement as he watched his fiance drink and laugh with some clearly good childhood friends.

"How do you three know each other?" Emmett asked, he had come in during the toasting part after he had worked off some of his anger in the yard.

"Well, Harry and Neville were in the same dorms and year while I was a year below them. Plus we had some wild adventures, " Luna explained with a wink and a smirk.

"Luna! You.. NO! It wasn't like that!" Harry protested but then he stopped, "Actually yeah they were pretty wild adventures."

Rose arched her brow at the trio clearly having misjudged them. While Jasper was looking between the three bewildered, he had read anything of the sexual nature regarding each other.

"Remember that time we rode invisible horses? I mean they were invisible at the time but now I can see them," Neville corrected himself.

"Haha yeah, or the blast-ended skrewts Hagrid bred?" Harry snickered his eyes livening up.

"Still think if we had only gotten rid the Nargles during fourth year, the dragons wouldn't have been so riled up," Luna commented sadly but snickering.

The non magical people in the group were confused but Teddy was excited! Maybe he finally get to hear more stories about his dad's school years!

"I dunno, but I miss the centaurs and their gloomy messages of doom," Harry lamented before grinning, "I bet Umbitch didn't miss them."

"Hahaha nah, she is still cozying up with the other criminals," Neville sniggered leaning against Jasper.

And on it went, the three reliving the old days while updating Harry on what people were doing nowadays. About midnight Charlie cut the trio off and practically hauled his love up the stairs to their room. While Jasper found extra blankets and pillow for Luna and Neville who were virtually asleep on the couches already. Teddy and Seth were already in bed who were giggling over their dad and his friends antics. Rose and Emmett were fondly cleaning up the mess from dinner and washing the glasses they had used.

Once Charlie had stripped his giggling love out his clothes, he laid them on the bed and held Harry close. Reveling in the fact that his Harry was here with him and he still had his sons.

"I'm happy I saw them again," Harry mumbled into Charlie's shoulder.


"Yeah. But I'm more than happy to be right here with you. It made everything I've endured worth it," Harry sleepily pressed a kiss to the skin he was near.

"I'm happy you are here with me a well. I need you so much," Charlie whispered into Harry's hair pressing a kiss to the black strands.

After a moment of silence and listening to his love's breathing deepen, Charlie smiled fondly before settled in for the night as well.

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