Harry was lying awake in his hospital wing bed, picking at the sheets and fighting to stay awake so he didn't have to see the flash of brilliant green and set of vacant eyes that haunted his dreams.

The door at the far end of the ward creaked open and Harry shut his eyes tight, feigning sleep. Two sets of footsteps crept closer to his bed, and Harry slid his hand under his pillow, gripping his wand. He lay tense, waiting.

A hand reached out, and had barely touched his shoulder before he had drawn his wand and aimed it right between the intruders' eyes.

"'Arry!" the intruder gasped "calm toi! Eet is only me! Fleur!"

It certainly sounded like Fleur. Harry muttered lumos under his breath, illuminating the wide eyed form of Fleur Delacour, her hand still out stretched towards him. Behind her stood Viktor Krum, looking as dour as ever.

Harry lowered his wand and sat up a little straighter "What are you guys doing here?"

Fleur relaxed as he lowered his wand, and sat herself on the edge of his bed. Krum contended himself to remain exactly where he was, though Harry thought he saw his shoulders relax a bit.

"Ve vished to speak to you." Krum mumbled.

"Why?" Harry asked, brow furrowing.

"Because," Fleur said, smoothing out her night robe "we were all een zat maze, togezer."

Harry felt rather like his insides were freezing from the inside out. They would be here to talk about that.

"We were all Champions," Fleur continued, seeming not to notice Harry's inner turmoil "And now one of us ees gone. We – "

"I never meant for Cedric to die."

Fleurs' mouth snapped shut with a click of teeth; Krum shifted uncomfortably.

"We know zat 'Arry," Fleur soothed, patting his knee "we only weeshed to honour Cedric togezer. Commes des Champions."

"Honour him?" Harry asked, glancing at Krum, who nodded "How?"

"Tattoo." Krum said.

"Oui, we 'ought getting a tattoo in memory of Cedric would do nicely." Fleur said nodding brightly.

"A tattoo." Harry parroted, looking down at his hands.

"You do not 'ave to 'Arry." Fleur said watching him inspect his knuckles "Eet is only an idea."

"No! It's a great idea," Harry assured her hastily "Where, umm, where were you thinking of getting them put?"

Fleur immeditately perked up. She crossed her left arm over her body, reaching over her right shoulder and splaying her fingers across the shoulder blade.

"We 'ought 'ere." She said, turning slightly so Harry could see.

Krum nodded his consent, and Harry nodded back.

"When were you thinking of getting it done, then? I can't exactly pick up and leave yet." Harry said bitterly, sweeping a hand indicating the hospital wing.

"Non, non. We 'ought to wait unteel ze summer. Viktor knows un monsieur, close to 'is 'ome oo will do eet. 'e is supposed to be very good."

"Close to his home?" Harry asked, blinking "like in Bulgaria?"

"Yes." Krum bit off.

"That might be a problem for me."

Fleurs' face fell, and Harry hurried to clarify "I'm under age. I can't do magic during the summer, and I don't exactly have access to a floo."


"No, I live with muggles. They don't even have a fire place . . . well, not really." Harry trailed off, a ghost of a smile pulled at his mouth as he remembered the one time the fire place had been used.

"Well, I weell just 'ave to come collect you." Fleur stated matter of factly, tossing her candy floss hair over her shoulder.

"Come to collect me?" Harry asked blinking a couple of times "As in come to the Dursleys?"

"Oui, I theenk zat will be ze simplest solution." Fleur smiled one of her dazzling smile, turning to Krum "no, Viktor, do you theenk you could make ze appointment?"

Krum was nodding his agreement again when Harry blurted out "I don't think that's such a good idea."

"Vhy not?" Krum snapped looking slightly offended.

"Not that," Harry said, rubbing his eyes under his glasses "It's just the Dursleys, they don't like . . . they're not fond of, er, vistors."

"Well, zat is no problem." Fleur said after a long moment, regarding the younger boy worriedly "I can come at night, ou you can meet me at Diagon Ally –"

"I can meet you in Diagon Ally." Harry said in relief "I can get to London, no problem."

"Zes Dursleys will take you to London, but zey do not want visitors to pick you up?" Fleur asked hesitantly, even Krum was looking at him suspiciously.

"I can get to London on my own," Harry assured them "I've done it before."

"But not vith zis Voldemort around." Krum pointed out.

"Well, no . . ."

"I weell come to your 'ouse, but i weel not come in." Fleur told Harry "weel zat do?"

Harry nodded after a moment, chewing on his bottom lip.

"D'accord." Fleur said clapping lightly "Viktor, weell make ze appointment, and I weell send 'Arry an owl when I weell collect 'im."

Krum and Harry nodded, and she stuck out a hand to each boy respectively "Unteel we meet again, mes garcon."