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Steph was not pleased.

Not pleased at all.

According to her "research" (Tim said it was always good to get research done), Superman was ignoring Superboy! How terrible! Uncle Clark is such a meanie. Parents weren't supposed to ignore their kids. She doesn't understand why Uncle Clark doesn't want to talk to Superboy.

Superboy was very nice. A little silly, but Steph could forgive that. It's sad that Superboy doesn't have a family. But what could she do?

The only thing she could: go to her big brothers.

"I don't think kidnapping Superboy is gonna work this time," Tim said.

"Why not?" Jason scowled.

The siblings were sitting in the living room, holding a "meeting" as Steph explained her findings. Damian sat next to Cass and was properly hitting a Superman plush on the head. "Well," Tim explained. "He's a lot heavier and stronger! Regular handcuffs won't keep him here and we don't want to hurt him so using that green glowy rock that Dad's file said to use won't work either."

"So what do we do?" Steph asked. "We can't leave Superboy all alone."

Tim thought about it. "We could ask Superboy to come over?"

Superboy wasn't expecting anyone to be in the mountain. It was a rare moment where both Megan had gone to visit her Uncle and Black Canary didn't have a training lesson for him coincide, leaving him alone to himself.

So he didn't know what to do when this blond haired girl came bouncing out of the Zeta Beam and promptly leapt into his arms.

"Superboy!" she chirped. She wrapped her small arms around his neck and hugged him.

Superboy recognized the voice. "Spoiler?" he asked.

The blond girl nodded. "Do you wanna come over to play today? Pretty please?"

"Um sure?" Superboy doesn't get why she's here, much less how she got here. Did Robin know she was here?

Spoiler shouted in glee and jumped out of Superboy's arms. Then she grabbed his hand and pulled him over toward the Zeta Beam. Right before they stepped into tunnel, she stopped. "Oh wait! Batman said I can't show anyone the cave, so put this on!" She climbed up Superboy and tied a piece of cloth around his eyes. Then she jumped back down and grabbed his hand again.

"Okay let's go!"

"Go whe—"

The familiar whooshing noise of Zeta Beam whisked them away.

Superboy waited as patiently as Spoiler led him though what he believed to be a cave and up a long stairway. "Okay, you can take that off now," Spoiler told him.

Superboy pulled off the blindfold to find himself in the middle of a kitchen. Spoiler had climbed up on the counter so that she was now the same height as Superboy.

"Spoiler—" Superboy began.

"Steph!" she interrupted.


Steph nodded. "Batman, Dad, said when you're in the cave, you are addressed by your superhero name, but when you leave, you go back to being you. So I'm Spoiler when I'm wearing that costume and Steph when I'm home! What's your name Superboy? Cause Tim, Red Robin, couldn't find it in your file."

"What?" Superboy stared at her.

"Your name! Beside Superboy," Steph insisted.

Superboy frowned. "I don't think I have one?"

Steph frowned and placed her hands on her hips. "That won't do," she insisted. "How about Conner? That's the name of the pet turtle we had before Dad said it ran away."

Superboy stared at her. She wanted to name him after a pet turtle?

He would have protested to the name if a familiar voice didn't interrupt him. "Alfred had cookies right? Cause I'm totally fam—"

Wally had just walked into the kitchen where Superboy and Steph were standing in. He stared in shock; his jaw slackened.

"Wally," both Steph and Superboy exclaimed.

Wally recovered and began to say, "Superb—"

"Conner!" Steph interrupted.

"What?" Wally asked, shifting his attention to the small girl.

"His name is Conner," Steph corrected.

"Um right, okay," Wally said. "Conner why are you here?"

Superboy shrugged. "She brought me here."

Steph leap off the counter and into Superboy's arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck again and hugged him. Then she looked back at Wally. "Can I keep him?" she asked. Superboy looked a little indignant.

"Err, you're gonna have to ask you brother and dad on that," Wally stuttered out. "Speaking of which, HEY ROB! YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO'S IN THE KITCHEN!"

"WHO?" Superboy heard Robin shouting back. Does this mean Superboy was in Robin's house? He pondered on this. Does this mean he had been "kidnapped" by Robin's siblings? If so, did that mean he was finally going to learn Robin's identity?


"What are you talking about?" Robin appeared in the kitchen, sunglasses on. Then he noticed Superboy.


"Conner!" Steph interrupted again with a huff. How many times did she have to explain that Superboy's new name was Conner? Wally and Dick were breaking the rule that superhero names were only supposed to be used in the cave!

"His new name is Conner," Wally explained to his boyfriend.

"Does this mean I get to learn Robin's name?" Superboy asked. He will take the name Conner if that was the case. It wasn't that bad of a name. He had been wanting a real name for awhile but never given much thought.

"It's Dick," Steph supplied.

"Dick," Superboy repeated.

Robin, Dick, buried his head in his hands. "Oh god," he said. "Why on earth are they bringing home all my teammates?"



"Bruce?" Clark stared at his phone. It was rare for Bruce to call him.

"Take responsibility for your kid!" Bruce snapped over the phone.

Clark sighed and rubbed his forehead. "For the last time, Bruce," he said. "I'm not Superb—"

"Conner," Bruce interrupted him.


"He chose the name Conner. When he isn't on missions, he likes to be called Conner. Don't ask."

Clark blinked. When did Superboy decide on the name Conner? "Fine, Conner, I'm not Conner's father," he said over the phone. "Why are you bringing this up again?"

Bruce growled over the phone. "Because last night I came home to a pile of adoption papers and five kids who want me to adopt him, while my oldest and his boyfriend are encouraging them. And I'm running out of arguments as to why this is a bad idea that they haven't provided physical proof to disregard my claims! And—"

"Is that Uncle Clark?"

"Not now Tim."

"Tell Uncle Clark he's a meanie!"


"But he is!"

"Are you asking Uncle Clark if it's okay for you to adopt Conner?"

"No Tim. Jason, why are you hugging me?"

"Because you're the world's best dad. Conner just finished telling me all about how Uncle Clark is a bad parent." Clark winced on the other side of the phone.

"Sorry about that."


"She said don't apologize, big guy."

"Oh, thanks Wally."

"Did Uncle Clark say yes?"


"It's a valid question!"

"Enough," Bruce finally snapped. "All of you out, Uncle Clark is coming over right now to help us sort this out."

"Bruce, I'm not –" Clark started.

"He's going to unless he wants those pictures from last year Christmas party on the front page of every newspaper in the entire world."

Clark fell silent. "I'll be there faster than a speeding bullet."

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