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Chapter 19

Edward couldn't believe what he was hearing. Since when did the Volturi allow a human to dictate to them? They were meant to come and punish Whitlock for breaking the law, deal with Black and the human and return Bella to him. Why weren't they doing what they always did? Surely they weren't scared of Jasper? He wasn't that good; his reputation was blown totally out of proportion. Magic? Were they serious? That was just a fairy-tale.


Harry stood his ground, utterly calm and confident. They had the upper hand and everyone, except maybe the idiot Edward, knew it. No laws had been broken here. If anything, the Cullen's were at fault for letting Bella live with her knowledge of them, especially after they abandoned her. He watched Aro carefully, seeing the greed and hatred of losing face. Would he really risk everything just to keep from being embarrassed?

"Come brother, no law has been broken. Let us return home," Marcus spoke up.

Please, let common sense win. If they attacked then the wards would deal with them and the vampire world would fall into chaos. The Romanians didn't have the backing or power to retake control and the European Wizards likely wouldn't allow them to either considering the way they had ruled. Then again, they may have learned and moved with the times. If the Cullen's had not split apart or lost a member to death, they would have been the largest and most powerful coven left, perhaps if those who remained joined with the Denali then they could rule? Though being ruled by those who went against their natural diet may not sit well with others, not that he thought Carlisle Cullen would ever try and make others follow their diet. They would be the best choice if the Volturi fell.

Harry stared at Aro; green eyes hard. He would fight for his family if forced to and he could tell Aro was realising that. He wondered just what news of the war they had access to, enough to make them think twice? He felt Jasper's hand slip into his, presenting a united front.

"It seems we were misled Lord Potter-Black; you are correct, no laws have been broken," Aro finally said, obviously reluctant. He then turned to Edward and Harry wondered if he'd actually destroy him, he doubted it since Jasper had explained Aro's interest in Edward and Alice for their gifts. "It appears young Edward that you have given false witness however, in honour of our friendship with Carlisle we shall spare your life. I am sure you will come to enjoy all the opportunities available with living in Volterra."

So, Aro still wanted Carlisle to be on civil terms with him, despite losing three members of his Coven, the three gifted members. Harry honestly didn't care so long as Edward was kept far away from them. He glanced at Marcus, was it true only Chelsea kept him alive and loyal?

Marcus nodded. "There is no bond between Edward Cullen and young Isabella, she is not his mate." He looked at Edward. "You mistook bloodlust for lust. We are done here, let us leave."

Caius scowled, glaring at Jacob, but obviously unwilling to risk anything with Harry and Jasper there. He jerked his head in a nod and then the Volturi were gone.

"It's over?" Bella asked and Jasper nodded.

"For now," Harry agreed, he doubted that was the last they'd ever see of the leaders.


Harry opened the envelope and read the enclosed letter, surprised. A timed letter from Nicolas Flamel? As far as he knew the man and his wife had died several years ago, so why contact him after they were dead? Surely they would have written after his first year if they wished to say something? He opened the second letter, eyes widening in shock as he read the contents and removed the vault key.

"Harry?" Jasper called, obviously having felt his shock. He accepted the letter when Harry offered it. "I don't understand?"

"Flamel was the only known maker of the Philosopher's Stone. It was destroyed in my first year and they died a few years later." He fingered the key. "What could they have left for me to claim?"

"And how did Alice manage to contact them? She never mentioned seeing wizards in her visions," Jasper was completely shocked to find his wife had contacted the man back in the forties.

"Guess there's only one way to find out," Harry looked at him and Jasper nodded.

Three hours later, Harry was staring at a very familiar looking stone sitting innocently within an otherwise empty Gringotts vault. Sitting under the stone was a piece of parchment with potions instructions written out very clearly. He skimmed the list and was surprised by two ingredients; his blood and vampire venom. The recipient of the potion was not him but Bella which explained the use of his blood since she wasn't magical herself, so the vampire venom was meant to what? He didn't know enough about the Elixir or its effects to guess why it had been added to this version.

A year later he had his answer, the vampire venom was to halt the aging process without actually turning the drinker into a vampire.

Without the threat of Edward and the Volturi, their lives were peaceful, but they all had decisions coming up. Bella would have to decide whether to take the Elixir, to ensure she didn't die of old age while Jacob was still young, and Harry had to decide if he truly was willing to become a vampire and risk losing his magic. That Alice had only found a way for Bella made him suspect she'd seen him as a vampire, but how could they know what she'd seen?


Bella stared at the vial of red-gold Elixir that Harry had given her. It was her ticket to immortality, should she chose to drink it. Her way to stay with her family forever without risking her bond with Jake. No wolf had ever imprinted on a vampire and they didn't know if changing her would break it. Jake could be as immortal as Jasper as long as he kept shifting and she knew Harry was going to ask Jasper to change him soon. The idea of leaving her boys one day… Nothing was ever free though and the Elixir had its own price, she'd have to keep taking it for life and…she'd never have children. Then again, she'd never really wanted children, though she knew Jake did, or had, maybe he wasn't interested anymore?

"Gonna stare at it forever?" he asked, kissing her cheek.

"Jake, the price…"

"I'd rather have you forever than kids, Bella. I like our little family and I can't imagine ever losing you," he admitted, and she turned to hug him tight, loving the warmth of his body. Her own personal sun.

She picked up the vial, uncorked it, and swallowed the contents.


Carlisle sighed and stared out at the city from his office window. He missed his family, the way they had been. It had been almost two years since he had received a letter from Aro, informing him that Edward was joining the Guard. Carlisle doubted he had done so willingly but there was nothing he could do for his first son now. Edward had emailed several times and in his last one had admitted to now being with Corin, who likely used her gift on him as well as Chelsea to ensure he remained. If only he had forgotten about Bella and moved on, if he had never gone to the Volturi…how many times had Carlisle warned him of Aro's interest in those with gifts?

Esme had been inconsolable at first and now she was planning Edward's wedding to Corin. He understood that she was simply trying to make the best of things. The wedding would be in Volterra and he was wary of going but Esme longed to see Edward again and so they would go.

Emmett and Rosalie had made their opinions clear; they would not be going. In fact, they had been visiting Jasper on and off since the Volturi had left them in peace. He wasn't sure why or how, but he was glad that Bella, Jasper and Jacob were safe, as well as their new friend. The idea that Jasper had a new mate was confusing and intriguing but at least it meant they would not lose Jasper to grief over Alice. he had only spoken with him twice since Edward had gone to the Volturi and it had been civil but lacked the closeness they had once shared as a family.

Edward's actions had destroyed their family and he knew he was also to blame; he had listened too much to him, indulged him when he shouldn't have. They likely still would have lost Alice in that fight but if he had stood up as a leader should then he could have held the family together and Edward would have been happy with Bella.


Jasper kissed Harry, hands wandering over warm skin as Harry tried to catch his breath. He would miss this, the warmth of Harry's body, the sound of his heart pounding from exertion. "I love you," he whispered, staring down into green eyes, he would miss the brilliant colour as well. He stroked Harry's cheek with the back of his fingers and Harry smiled, leaning into his touch.

"I love you too," Harry promised and then tipped his head to the side.

Jasper lowered his mouth to the warm skin, kissing and sucking at it, making Harry moan even as he waited for his venom to pool in his mouth. He was so accustomed to Harry that his blood held no draw, a downside at the moment. Finally, he bit down, teeth slicing through fragile skin, hot blood spilling over his tongue even as he injected as much venom as possible into the wound. He licked at the bite to seal it with more venom and then moved down to bite Harry's ankles, injecting more venom into the main arteries in his legs. The scars from the bites would be a lot easier to hide on his ankles than if he bit his wrists.

Harry groaned, sheets bunching in his hands and Jasper moved to hold him, hoping the cold of his own body would help with the burning. He was nervous, they didn't know how the venom would affect him, not really. They could have approached a vampire from Harry's world, but they had far too many of the cliched weaknesses, it would make Harry far more vulnerable.

"I'm here Harry," he whispered and then Harry lifted a hand, reaching for him, green eyes open to slits. Jasper took his hand, squeezing gently. "I won't leave you," he promised.

For three days he didn't move, holding Harry as the venom did its work. Harry didn't scream once, despite the obvious agony. His body slowly became colder, scars fading away as the venom healed his body from anything and everything. It was a relief to see, proof it was working. His hair lengthened a little more, becoming an even darker shade of black, body gaining an inch or two of height, filling out a little more. He reluctantly let go of Harry as his heart began to race, knowing it was almost over.

"Nearly there love, you're doing so well," he whispered, retreating from the bed to dress and then gently dress Harry's body in comfortable clothing that he could hunt in. He wanted to stay right at his side, but it wasn't safe, not with a newborn.

Harry gasped, shuddering, heart speeding up even further before suddenly it went silent, Harry limp on the bed. Jasper waited, reigning in his own emotions, reaching for Harry's to get an idea of how he was adjusting. Then, to his utter shock, there was a beat, then silence….another beat. How? Harry's heart was beating again, though far too slowly to sustain life, surely.

"Harry?" he whispered, worried.

Harry shifted on the bed, eyes fluttering open, blinking up at the ceiling. He could feel confusion from the wizard, his gaze wandering around, following dust motes.

"Harry?" he called again and then Harry was sitting up right, moving as fast as any of them.

Harry blinked and then looked down at himself before looking at where Jasper was standing. Jasper stood utterly still, not sure how Harry would react to seeing his scars with a vampires vision, but then Harry smiled at him and stood, immediately moving to stand in front of him. "Jasper," he whispered, his voice having changed too. He reached out slowly and Jasper took his hand, his skin felt the same temperature as his own, though maybe a bit softer?

"How do you feel?" he asked, reaching up very slowly to run his fingers down Harry's cheek, Harry leaning into his touch like always.

"Okay? Why? Is something wrong?" he asked in concern and Jasper suddenly realised he wasn't looking into red eyes. They were red tinted yes, but the base colour was still green.

"I wouldn't say anything's wrong," he assured him, not wanting to worry him. "Just unique," he smiled. He gently pulled Harry over to the mirror, letting him see himself, watching his eyes go wide and then Harry pressed a hand to his chest.

"My heart…"

"I know, I can hear it," Jasper carefully wrapped his arms around Harry's waist, smiling when he leant back against him. "There's no draw at all to any blood you may have, maybe your hearts circulating venom now," he offered, there was no way to know unless Harry was injured.

"Sanguini did say there was no way to know how the venom and my magic would interact," Harry commented.

"Are you thirsty?" Jasper asked, most newborns were driven by their thirst and yet here they were having a conversation, Harry utterly relaxed in his arms. He lowered his head, inhaling his now changed scent, running his nose along a pale throat and Harry sighed, tipping his head, showing the perfectly healed scar from his bite.

"I guess?"

Jasper chuckled and then stepped back, taking his hand. "Let's hunt before it gets worse then."

Harry nodded and followed him from the remote cabin they had chosen to use for his transformation.


Jake slumped in relief as Bella hung up. Harry had come through the change just fine, thankfully. They would wait a week or so before testing his control near humans and if he could control himself then they'd be coming home. Of course Harry wouldn't be the normal newborn, apparently he and normal were only passing acquaintances.


"Yeah?" he tugged her into his lap, and she laughed, kissing him.

"Do you think…well, would you like to get married?" she asked, and he froze, staring at her with wide eyes.

"You mean it?" he'd thought she'd never agree, her thoughts on marriage were well known.

"Yeah, I do. We should have thought of it before Harry was changed but he can find a way to cover the changes. Our Dad's aren't getting any younger and I know Harry said we can use magic to look older so I can see my parents but… eventually they'll be gone. A wedding would make them happy and…well I'm already technically a Black but this way I'd be the same family of Black as you."

Jake kissed her thoroughly. "Miss Isabella Marie Potter-Black-Swan," he added in the name she'd been born with, "will you do me the great honour of marrying me?"

"Yes," she laughed.


Esme watched as Bella walked down the aisle on Charlie's arm, looking utterly happy and radiant in her wedding gown. She'd once imagined a very different wedding for the girl, a different future. Receiving an invitation to the wedding had been a surprise, she'd assumed Bella would never want to see them again. Jasper had called and said that Bella would like them to come and Esme was glad they had. It was good to see her happy. She held Carlisle's hand in her own. Jasper and a young vampire who had to be his Harry, stood up front with Jacob, something they never would have imagined seeing, not with how the wolves hated them. It was sad to see that other than his Father and sisters, there were no other members of his tribe present. Had he been kicked out of the pack for his friendship with Jasper?


Rosalie laughed as Emmett danced Bella around the room. She was glad that Bella had accepted them back in her life and not just for Emmett's sake. She knew she'd behaved horribly towards her, but she hadn't wanted her with Edward, they'd been wrong together. Bella had let him take over her life completely and Rose had been ashamed of Edward for doing it. She was much better off with the mutt.

Seeing Harry as one of them had been a surprise, but a happy one. She'd hoped he'd agree to be changed soon and she was so proud of Jasper for doing it himself. She knew her 'twin' had believed he'd never have the control to do so. They'd only visited eight months ago so the fact Harry could be around so many humans, laughing and talking as if he was still human himself was utterly amazing. He had to have Carlisle levels of control. She liked Harry and he made Jasper happy. They'd all been so worried about Jasper after Alice had been killed so they'd been happy to realise he'd gone to Peter and Charlotte; his oldest friends had looked after him until he returned to Forks. Then Bella's situation had kept him occupied and focused until he'd grown closer and closer to Harry.

She looked over as Harry approached and then bowed to her. "May I have this dance milady?" he asked, British accent very clear and she smiled, standing to curtsey.

"Of course kind Sir," she let her own upper class accent shine through and then they were laughing as they moved out onto the dance floor.


Harry lay in Jasper's arms, listening to the sounds of the night and just enjoying being together. It was hard to believe he'd been a vampire for a century now. His eyes had lost the red tint within weeks of his change and were now tinted gold, unless he was hungry.

He had a nasty bite wound on the back of his left shoulder thanks to a passing nomad who had tried to take a bite out of Bella but at least it had proven he didn't still bleed, if his heart was pushing anything around then it was some form of venom or something. His skin wasn't as impenetrable as Jasper's, but he'd kept his magic and he thought it was a fair trade off. Sanguini had said Death lingered about him and he did wonder if that had played a role in his interesting transformation.

Bella and Jake were travelling the world with Rose and Emmett at the moment. They were on their way to see Peter and Charlotte in Texas. He liked the older vampires, they were very down to earth, and their diet didn't bother him. He'd never want to switch himself but that didn't mean he thought less of them.

The Volturi had kept their distance thankfully, though Harry was keeping an eye on things there through agents hired by the goblins. The goblins had no issues watching the vampire 'Kings', they weren't too fond of them for some reason. Edward remained with the Guard and well under control, so he was no threat to Bella now. things were distant but cordial with Carlisle and Esme, but they hadn't seen them since Bella's wedding.


"Yes?" Jasper ran his fingers through Harry's hair, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation.

"Will you marry me?" he asked, and Jasper chuckled, rolling them over before kissing him.

"Name the day," he answered, and Harry laughed.

Life was pretty much perfect.

The End.

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