Max and Alec Scrambled

So…I LOVE the ABC's Challenge Going on Right Now for M/A and I Decided to Join the fray. However, I'm going to Post in Reverse, Starting with "Y" Simply Because I was most inspired by the last Half of the Alphabet and I didn't want to wait to post them. I'm open to constructive criticism, and I disclaim. Wish I could get the format a little better, but alas I'm not skilled in that area. If I owned Dark Angel Jensen would've had WAY more screen time with his blue towel. Lol


"Oh my God Max, what in the hell are you doing?" Logan stood staring in the doorway of Command, mouth hanging open. Frankly he was quite shocked. He KNEW Max had admitted to her and Alec being together, but if he was being honest he'd started doubting his own eyes after their move to T.C., especially after the flag raising ceremony. But now, he was starting to doubt his doubt on Max's feelings.

"Logan! What are you doing here?" Max blurted out, face blooming into a cherry red. Logan swallowed hard and averted his eyes to the floor, unable to suppress his acute embarrassment and speak to her at the same time. She was currently half sprawled in Alec's lap as he was seated in a rolling chair and well…she'd been flushed before he'd spoken up. She was on her knees and while no one seemed to be in any immediate state of undress, it was very suggestive of where, exactly she'd been heading with her hands on Alec's hip and high on his thigh and oh god, it was time to go.

"I was uh, going to bring you that report you wanted earlier…but uh, clearly you're…busy." He coughed and choked over the last word and swiftly turned out of the doorway and nearly slammed straight into Mole who was grinning, shotgun slung causally over his shoulder.

"In a bit of a hurry Logie? Don't let me stop you." He shot an amused look over Logan's shoulder into the room he'd just vacated. "Unless you wanna stick around for the show, us trannies are quite the exhibitionists…" He trailed off suggestively and Logan could hear the murmur of Max and Alec's heated voices, the rustle of clothing and then the dull thud of two bodies hitting the floor. Time. To. Go.

Mole watched with no small amount of satisfaction as the ordinary hurried away. Oh man. Life might get rough in T.C. with a lack of supplies, housing and a host of angry people ready to lynch them, but there was no shortage of entertainment. Like right now for instance. Through a sequence of events that he still didn't understand and that would probably be impossible to repeat, Max had ended up sprawled across Alec's lap during the morning meeting, and as if her flustered embarrassed rage wasn't amusing enough, her hair had somehow gotten trapped in his zipper.

Mole felt a tug of a smirk at his lips, man he really needed to get an explanation from Alec about why his fly was half way down at the morning meeting, as it was sure to be an elaborate, ridiculous tale. Waltzing through the doorway he eyed the two transgenics squabbling, tussling and snarking at each other. Mole stepped up to the pair and snicked a pair of scissors together and pulled an 'Alec' like smirk unto his face.

"So where exactly would you like me to snip?" Mole announced to the red faced and panting trangenics. Max's returning smirk was triumphant and evil but it was the look on Alec's suddenly bloodless face that was, well, priceless.



Max was slowly going crazy. The lights were beautiful, romantic even. Soft instrumental music was playing and Logan was in his element. He was talking to Senator Ted Williams III in the corner and she was supposed to be waiting for her opportunity to sneak upstairs for a little recon for Eyes Only. But apparently the guards had no need for a bathroom break, and she certainly wasn't dressed to flirt her way up. She glanced slyly from the corner of her eyes before slipping her gloved hand over her mouth to stifle a yawn. Man was she ever bo-…

"Bored yet Maxie?" Max's head suddenly snapped up in attention. Oh god. How in the hell had he even gotten in??

"Alec!" Max hissed through her teeth "You aren't supposed to be here!"

"I'm offended Max! You think I'd miss the party of the year, free booze, smooze and easy marks that'll have me sitting in pork rinds and beer for a year just because you so rudely failed to invite your good buddy Alec? Tsk. Tsk." The light in his eyes was downright mischievous. Then Max noticed that he was dressed to the nines in a very expensive looking, expertly tailored tux. She hated to admit it, but Alec looked good.

"Where the hell did you get that from? Steal it?" Max sneered at him.

"Yup. High quality threads required for this gig Max, and I'm always prepared, if not ready. As I'm sure Biggs informed you." His grin was wicked and Max really, really wanted to smack it right off of his face. "Nice dress Max, but you look like a nun."

In deference to Logan and his anti-Maxine going on, Max had been forced to wear a modest, long sleeved, slightly puffy floor length gown. It was silk, designer threads and Max was certainly working it for all it was worth, but it was so NOT her style. Didn't mean he had to point it out. Ass.

"You're an ass. An uninvited one if I recall so why don't you scram before I get you bounced out of here on your egotistical ass?" Max smiled prettily around her snarl.

"Enough with the ass, or I'm going to think you've got some designs on it." Alec wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively. "And if you'll recall, I was invited, remember? I asked if you wanted to be my date on Saturday for some food, drinks, and you know general merriment that doesn't end in boredom." Alec snagged a glass of champagne from a passing waiter before downing it in a single gulp.

"I told you I was doing an Eyes Only gig, and didn't have time to sit at Crash watching you play pool with Sketchy, just like any other night!" she hissed at him.

Alec glanced at the speculative looks they were getting from the neighboring couples. Alec snagged her arm and whisked her out onto the balcony. Once there he tugged her into the corner, partially hidden by a large flowering bush. Max started tussling with him and finally succeeded in jerking away from him only to sprawl back into the prickly, flowering bush, where she felt her dress start to snag.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing?! Look at my dress! I'm going to kick your ass pretty boy!" Max started yanking furiously at her dress, heedless of the tearing sound of fabric, only stopping when her hair started to get caught up too. "Yugh!" And Alec was laughing at her. The jerk. Max was going to castrate him.

Alec stifled his laughter and approached Max and muttered "Here, let me. Just stand still you idiot." Max sent him the 'I will burn you alive with the retinas of my eyes death glare' that usually sent the most hardened of men running. Good thing Alec was practically immune, as she sent it to him on a near daily basis. He stooped down when she finally gave up and stopped struggling every time he got near her.

On the left side of her dress, the under ruffles (dear god Max in ruffles was so totally worth anything else he had to put up with tonight) were snagged on the thorny branches of the bush. Seriously, who planted evil scratchy bushes on the balcony? Wasn't that where you went to have a romantic rendezvous? Alec was starting to think the Senator was a masochist after all. The thick silk overlaying it had been ripped several inches up. Well, only one thing for it really. Max was probably going to kill him.

Max was starting to get flustered. God, what if someone came out and saw them? Max was looking frazzled and Alec was kneeling in front of her…Good God she hoped Logan just thought she was upstairs doing the recon. The silence was getting uncomfortable.

"How the hell did you get invited anyway? This is a closed event, invite only, and Logan had a hard enough time getting in." Alec smirked up at her, and Max could see he was going to say something perverted. She smacked him on the head.

"Hey! Not my fault you set yourself up to talk about Logie boy's difficulties…" he ducked another swat and his voice became muffled as he went back to work on her skirts. "Anyway, Normal got me in. His first cousin is married to the Senator's oldest daughter, and he and Teddy always bonded at Thanksgiving over their mutual love of cage fighting…" Alec looked up at her when she started sputtering, taking in her slightly horrified reaction. "Turns out Teddy is a Monty Cora fan himself, and Normal knows how much I care about politics today." Another amused grin. "So, Normal asked me if I'd like to come along. Teddy offered to let me bring someone." He paused and looked thoughtful. "I rather think Normal was disappointed with that." Alec shrugged and went back to her skirts.

Normal. Ronald Regan. Her ornery, Republican boss had high up, powerful connections to Senators? God her life sucked. Max felt a rush of cool air on her legs, and looked down in time to see Alec rip away all the under ruffles of her skirt and pitch it over the side of the balcony. The heavy silk fell back against her leg, free of the branches, tear effectively hidden. Alec patted her leg, and eased up, almost catlike to continue to grin in her horrified face. Seriously, sucked so hard.

"Let's see what we can do about your hair, huh?" Then before she could react to his causal destruction of her clothes, Alec was in her personal space, softly tilting her chin down to the right and her gaze landed on his chest. Was it suddenly getting a little warm out here? Max could feel his hand in her hair, unusually gentle in the untangling of the loose strands. Her heart rate picked up a little as he moved in even closer, reaching further back to untangle the final piece. Max's nose was just below his collarbone, and he…smelled good. Really good. But for the life of her, she couldn't quite put her finger on why.

Alec was taking his time, simply because Max seemed to be allowing it. Her hair was soft, and he softly inhaled the scent. Mmm. Something primal stirred within his chest. She didn't look like herself earlier. Like some prissy old school teacher. Alec wanted to fix that. See his Max; here in his arms in the pale moonlight, next to the damned bush he was beginning to hate less by the second. He was about to do something stupid, but right now he didn't care.

Alec delved both of his hands into her updo, softly pulling the pins from her hair and letting it cascade around her face in soft waves. Max let out a startled gasp, but instead of socking him in the face, gut or god even the balls, she clutched his shoulders in her hands. Encouraged, Alec swept her hair back over her shoulders to fall down her back and he took the tops of her sleeves and tugged. Hard. The material groaned and slipped over the tops of her shoulders to pull down her neckline, exposing her collarbone. Alec paused mesmerized by the sight of her creamy skin brushed almost sliver in the pale moonlight.

He was aware that his breath had started to come out a little bit faster, a little more ragged. God, what was she doing to him?

Max could hear her heartbeat thudding in her ears. God, what was he doing to her? Why wasn't she stopping him? As if her very reaction to him wasn't embarrassing enough, she didn't even try to stop him tugging at the top of her dress. By god, she'd wanted to encourage him at the little thrill that chased down her spine and coiled low in her belly. Her breathing increased to match his, and she looked into his eyes, finding the pupil blown wide, the hazel-green dimmed to a ring, hazing around the desire she could see reflected back at her. Did- did she want Alec here? Doing this to her? His hands tightened their grip, and she saw the exact moment when he gave in. He was going to kiss her. She could still stop him. It would change everything. She should stop him, knee him in the groin, leave him hanging and go back into the beautiful party. The boring party. He licked his lips, but before Alec could lean down, Max gripped his shoulders and shoved him back.

Shit. Shit. Max was so gonna kill him, and he deserved it. He was gonna kiss her of all the stupid- Alec's inner monologue stopped when she didn't exactly shove him away. Max pushed him back, and tugged him around and shoved him back into the prickly ass bush. Alec grunted at the force of her blow, and reached up to swat at the scratchy prickles and petals raining down on him. And promptly stopped caring about it the moment Max's fists gripped his lapels and tugged his mouth down to hers. Huh. Guess she just wanted to kiss me on her own terms. Typical Max. All thought abruptly stopped when Max's tongue slid against his lower lip, and Alec opened up to her probing. As their tongues tangled, Max arched into him and Alec slid his hands down her back, to her ass and pressed her firmly against him.

Max wasn't sure how long they were out there, making out like a couple of randy teenagers in that damn bush, but Max wasn't sure she wanted it to end. When her body dictated that she needed more oxygen, Max yanked herself away from his mouth. She was only slightly embarrassed to find she had ruined her dress, by climbing up Alec gripping his hips in her legs like a vice. No way was a seamstress ever going to be able to fix the rips in her dress.

Still panting she reached forward and pulled a couple of petals out of his hair. Alec's eyes looked a little glazed, but his grip was firm on her ass and back. Max leaned back a little more keeping one arm wrapped around his shoulder and back, but let the hand pulling the petals out of his hair trace down his temple to his lower lip. His mouth was swollen, and moist. Max could feel a fission of lust course through her.

"Well, pretty boy I'll say this for you." She paused making sure she had his full attention on her. "You sure know how to keep your date from getting bored."


Authors Note: Wow. I totally wasn't expecting Yawn to go where it did. I was planning on a little angsty fighting. But my muse wouldn't be satisfied with out a little balcony loving. Still, I couldn't believe how long it was in comparison to Zipper. Eh. Hope you enjoyed. I'm furiously working on Xerox, My love child. I might make it an actual fic, but I gotta shorten it up for the prompt challenge. Reviews are always welcome.