The Rise of House Black

Chapter 4: A meeting of Kings.

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"Normal Speech."

'Normal Thought.'


Daenerys had to admit that she had changed since she had gotten married to Khal Drogo. The fact that it was done not out of love, but because she was been sold in return for an army by her own brother, had a devastating effect on her mental psyche. Even then, Daenerys found that she had changed for the best. No longer was she naïve, now she was cold and calculative.

On the other hand, Viserys had barely changed at all. While she once feared him, her eyes had opened and she saw him for what he really was.

A spoiled child.

Now here she sat, Ser Jorah stood behind her. Both of them were watching Viserys and Khal Drogo argue with what they should be doing with the army of forty thousand Dothraki. Viserys wanted to go to Westeros, while Khal Drogo wished to ride back to Vaes Dothraki and kill Khal Hadrian.

"Ser Jorah." The knight leaned forwards as a sign that he was listening. "Who is this…Khal Hadrian?"

"Khal Hadrian?" Daenerys nodded his head. "No one really knows who is, all that is known is that he turned up one day and became a Khal. He created a city and has a Khalasar numbering seventy-five thousand however, that number has decreased to fifty thousand after he conquered Qarth and New Ghis. Other than that, nothing else is known about him."

Daenerys was silent as she watched Khal Drogo tower over Viserys. Her older brother cowered and looked away.

"We go to, Vaes Dothrak." Khal Drogo said harshly, his arms crossed as his eyes narrowed at Viserys. "And we will kill, Khal Hadrian." With the finality in his tone clearly heard, Viserys nodded his head and took a seat as far away as possible from the rest of the tents inhabitants.

"Kill me?" Every heard turned to face the men stood in the doorway. Daenerys found herself short of breath as she took in the figures.

The one on the left was much like Drogo in appearance. Darkened skin, bulging muscles, long hair and tribal markings all over his body. Then there was the man on the right, he had slightly long curly hair that reached to his shoulders, a slightly aged face and grey eyes. His body was lean and toned. He was covered by pieces of armour that gave protection and room for mobility. While old, around Ser Jorah's age, he was still very handsome.

It was the man who spoke, the man at the front of the pack who seemed to draw all her attention towards him. His very presence filled the room and his handsome appearance drew the eyes of everyone.

His black hair was cut short, but left in a shaggy mess that contrasted with his high cheek bones and narrow jawline. His body was toned and compact with pure muscle that was hidden by small bits of armour similar to the man on his right. His most striking feature however, was his vivid emerald green eyes.

"Who are you?" Drogo's voices rumbled.

"You were just talking about me and now you've forgotten about me." Daenerys instantly realised that this man was Khal Hadrian and he was not what she expected. She expected a man like Drogo, a man who was handsome in a wild way. Not a man that was mix of both pretty boy handsome like her brother, and the wild handsome of Drogo. He was a perfect mix of them both, wrapped into a single package.

Her breath fully left her when his eyes locked onto her own and she found herself unable to tear her eyes away from his eyes. She didn't know why, but she got the feeling that he knew exactly what she was thinking when he gave her a quick smirk before turning to face Drogo. Her husband must have seen this interaction as he directed a quick glare at her, before snarling like a mad beast at Hadrian.

Tearing his gaze away from Daenerys, Hadrian turned to face Khal Drogo and instantly sent out a mental probe. Surprisingly, his mind was much better defended than any other man or woman he had met besides Kinvara or Drargo. Kinvara had learned the Mind Arts, while Drargo simply got a better defended mind by constant battle and whatnot. It seemed in this world that the more people fought, the stronger there mind. It was strange and intriguing at the same time.

There was one down side to this however, he wouldn't be able to place them under a Compulsion Charm was impossible.

"I am. This is Drargo and this is Sirius." He indicated to the man on his left and then to the man on his right. "Now, as I'm sure you've heard, me and my Khalasar have killed the Dosh Khaleen and claimed Vaes Dothrak as our own." Many Dothraki growled in anger as they gripped their Arakh's tightly.

To Daenerys surprise, the three didn't seem to care that they outnumbered. In fact, they were so calm and confident to the point it bordered on arrogance.

"I will kill you, little man." Drogo stood to his feet and unlike Viserys who cowered at the sight of the taller and more muscular man standing over him, Hadrian only stared up at him with bored amusment.

"You can try." Hadrian turned around and placed one hand on Drargo's shoulder. He said it so quietly that no one could hear what had been said, but they didn't need to try and guess as Drargo stepped forward. His Arakh in hand, pointed at Khal Drogo.

"I will be your opponent!" Muttering spread throughout the room as people tried to understand what was going on.

Drogo sneered in contempt and turned to face Hadrian. "What is wrong, foreigner? Are you to afraid to fight me?" The Khal taunted earning a few laughs from his Khalasar. Hadrian shared a glance with Sirius and Daenerys noticed how they seemed to have a silent conversation before Sirius snorted in amusement.

"Humiliate him Drargo!" Hadrian ordered and the Dothraki in question nodded his head with a serious look upon his face. "You want to get to me Drogo, you're gonna have to get through him."

Growling, Drogo spun round, gripping his Arakh in one hand before going with the momentum to strike at Drargo. Normally, such a move would be unstoppable for most Dothraki. However, Drargo was not most Dothraki. He had fought and trained alongside Hadrian Orion Black, a man with such skill with a blade that most men would be unable to compare.

So with practised ease, Drargo stepped back to avoid the swing by mere inches before retaliating with a slash of his own.

Drargo was not the only skilled Dothraki as Drogo parried the strike. The two instantly began slashing, stabbing, parrying and dodging while everyone watched with awe, shock and trepidation.

Hadrian and Sirius on the other hand weren't paying much attention to the fight. Hadrian was staring at Daenerys, there was something other than her looks hidden underneath eh surface of her beauty. Something that was powerful and dangerous, yet alluring.


"One might think that you were in love with her with the amount of time you spend staring at her." Hadrian turned to face Sirius with a raised eyebrow. "Come on, you're like thirty something, but you and her are stealing glances at each other like children." Shaking his head, Hadrian turned back to face the fight.

"Ten galleons that Drargo draws first blood." Hadrian tried to change the direction in which the conversation was going.

"Fine, ten galleons." Hadrian turned back to the fight, thinking that he had been successful. "If you think for a second that your little attempt to redirect the conversation worked, then you were sooo wrong." Groaning, Hadrian glared at Sirius before turning back to face the fight where Drogo lashed out with a kick to Drargo's chest followed up by a small cut to his chest.

"Oh yea! Cough up." Hadrian ruffled through his pockets and pulled out ten gold coins and placed them in Sirius's awaiting hands.

Daenerys soon found the fight to be quite boing after Drogo drew first blood as they fell back into the routine of never cutting one another despite the fast speeds upon which they were moving. She found it quite difficult in watching the fight as it was obvious both fighters were equal and her gaze would constantly flicker over towards Hadrian. To her shock, he and the man – Sirius if she remembered correctly – were betting on the fight.

It was as if they didn't care about what happened to his comrade. Either that or he was confident in his comrade's victory.

A shout of pain drew her attention back towards the fight to see Drogo dropping to his knees trying to stem the blood coming from a large cut upon his chest. Daenerys gasped in shock and had to fight the urge to get up and stop the fight, she knew that if she did whatever progress she had made with getting Drogo to care for her would be lost. If she was going to be stuck with him for the rest of her life, she was going to make sure that he at least treated her like his wife.

"Come on Drargo!" Sirius shouted while Hadrian shook his head in amusement. "I have twenty gold coins on you winning easily." Drargo didn't pay him any heed and punched Drogo in the face knocking him back onto his knees.

Growling, Drogo gripped the handle of his Arakh and swung upwards, but his blade was knocked out of his hand by Drargo's own blade. Then Hadrian's second in command gripped Drogo's ponytail and cut clean off.

There was silence as Drargo let Drogo's hair dropped to the ground while the Khal stared at it in shock. The silence was broken by Hadrian bursting out with laughter, Sirius himself looked like he was trying to desperately keeping himself from joining his godson, but eventually gave in and both were laughing uproariously.

Like a mad beast Drogo shot to his feet and tackled Drargo to the ground. Straddling him, Drogo began punching him repeatedly before wrapping his fingers around his neck. Drargo eyes widened in shock as his air supply was cut off.

Daenerys sighed in relief as she saw this for what it was.

Drogo's victory.

However, to her shock Drargo began pressing his thumbs into Drogo's eyes causing the Khal to scream. To scream. Drogo never screamed hell, she had very rarely heard him shout. Now, here he was screaming as his eyes were been pushed back into his skull.

Eventually the two flipped over with Drargo on top as his thumbs slowly entered into the inside of Khal's head. With a roar, there was a sickening crack followed by Drogo's form going limp.

Daenerys froze in shock as the cold truth began to take hold of her. Her husband was dead, leaving her a widow and at the mercy of her brother once more.

Shakily, her eyes trailed over to her brother who was looking between her and Hadrian with something akin to accomplishment. Then her eyes trailed to Hadrian to see him removing his eyes from Sirius and then locking with hers. He smirked before walking towards Drargo and offered him a hand.

"My name, is Khal Hadrian." He started as he helped Drargo to his feet. "I rule the Dothraki Sea, but I cannot be the sole Khal." He then turned to face Drargo as did everyone else. "This is Khal Drargo, you shall be his own Khalasar."

Drargo's eyes widened in shock at the honour bestowed upon him by his Khal. Hadrian saw this and smirked.

"Do not let me down, Drargo." Hadrian warned ever so slightly and Drargo nodded his head. After this, whatever doubts he had about his Khal were gone. He had been a simple Dothraki in a small Khalasar, now he had a Khalasar of his own numbering forty thousand and had helped his own Khal conquer the Dothraki Sea.

Never had he thought that he would achieve so much in his life.

"Well done." Those in the tent turned to face Viserys who had regained his courage to speak and was now strutting towards him like he was the King of the world, in his own world maybe. But outside of that, not so much. "I'm Viserys Targaryen, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the realm."

"Its nice hearing about all the titles you claim to have, but you forgot to mention your real one." Hadrian slapped his hand against his face as Sirius spoke in his pranking tone. It was the tone he took whenever he aimed to insult, humiliate, and anger someone or all three. "Your title as Beggar King that is."

Viserys narrowed his eyes and Daenerys instantly noticed the look upon his face. The face he always took whenever someone had supposedly, 'Awoken the Dragon.'

"I am the King! I will have your head for that!" Viserys roared, but before he could do anything, Sirius had crossed the distance between them and had backhanded Viserys. "HOW DARE Y-AGH!" Another slap. "STOP TH-AGH!"

"You done acting like a spoiled prick?" Sirius questioned and Viserys stood still, holding his cheek in pain. "Good. Now what did you have to say?"

"You couldn't have done that afterwards, or kept it to yourself?" Hadrian snarked. Sirius simply shrugged his shoulders much to the amusement of Hadrian and Drargo. Even Ser Jorah, Daenerys and the Dothraki were finding it very amusing to watch. Hadrian then turned back to face Viserys who had recovered. "What did you want?"

"Ah, well." Viserys stuttered before recovering.

"Get on with it." Sirius said impatiently, his foot tapping on the ground with his arms crossed as to show he couldn't be bothered waiting any longer.

Viserys eyes flickered towards her and she knew instantly what he planned to do and it drove her mad with rage. She had just lost her husband and now she was been sold to the leader of her husband's killer like she was nothing. Actually, knowing her brother she probably didn't mean anything.

"I've seen the way your eyes have been on my sister. She is yours if you want her." Daenerys bristled in anger and she turned to see Hadrian looking at her blankly. She didn't know what was going through his mind, but she hoped he wasn't thinking of accepting.

'Not that I wouldn't mind, no! Stop thinking like that!' She screamed internally while watching Hadrian's reaction to Viserys offer. Slowly a smirk formed on his face and she flushed as she got the feeling that maybe he knew what she was thinking.

"And what, would you get out of this?" Hadrian asked. Viserys coughed nervously and seemed to break out into a cold sweat.

"I expect you and your army to help me take Westeros." He proclaimed getting snorts of laughter from Drargo and Sirius while Hadrian simply tried to supress a smile. The emerald eyed Khal turned to look at his two accomplices and they seemed to share a silent conversation.

"You expect me, to put all my plans on hold." Hadrian walked forwards till he stood directly in front of Viserys. While he was nowhere near as big as Drogo, Hadrian was still taller than her brother by a few inches. "Just because I've married your sister. She is beautiful by the way, but if that's what you expect of me then I must kindly refuse." His smirk became downright feral as he picked Viserys off the ground by his neck with one arm. "Even then, you couldn't force me to do anything."

Before Daenerys could open her mouth to come to the defence of her brother, a hand was placed on her shoulder. She turned around expecting to see Ser Jorah, instead she found Sirius stood there.

"I suggest you leave while you have the chance. My godson has plans for your brother and if you don't leave, then you will also become part of his plans." He paused for a few moments. "If not for yourself, do it for your child." With that, Sirius left and stood back beside Drargo as they watched Hadrian continue to strangle Viserys in the air.

It was then she took into account what he said. 'My child? I'm pregnant? I'm pregnant!' Her eyes widened in shock before she suddenly was hit by the sense of nausea.

"Khaleesi." Ser Jorah's voice interrupted her from her inner monologue. "We should leave." Hesitantly, she nodded her head and she followed Ser Jorah out of the tent. Doreah, Jhiqui and Irri followed after them.

"Irri, Jhiqui. Get my stuff from my tent." The two handmaidens nodded their head and left.

-X- Line Break -X-

Hadrian let the unconscious form of Viserys Targaryen drop to the ground in a heap. Dusting his hands of imaginary dust, he turned to Drargo and nodded his head. Now it was time for Drargo to act out his second part of the plan.

Originally, Hadrian had planned to kill Drogo himself, but then he decided that Drargo deserved to have his own Khalasar and so, he allowed him to kill Drogo and gain his Khalasar. Now, back to the plan. After Drogo was killed, Hadrian planned to have Drargo begin patrolling the edge of the Dothraki Sea that borders Norvos and Volantis. This had the purpose of keeping armies out of his territories while he dealt with Slavers Bay.

"I don't see why you won't let me go." Sirius said as he looked down at the unconscious form of Viserys.

"You need to stay here and keep up appearances with Meeren, Yunkai and Astapor." Throughout the short time in this world, Sirius had made himself known as a rich, playboy, political figure who had interest in everything that Slavers Bay had to offer.

Sirius sighed. "I know. It's just you will be outnumbered when you get there and cut off from the rest of what you've built." Hadrian smiled at the concern in Sirius's voice.

"Have some faith, Padfoot." He placed one hand on Sirius shoulder. Despite Sirius understanding that Hadrian was probably the most powerful person in this world, he still cared and didn't want any harm to come to him.

"Sometimes I get confused on whether you're sane or insane." Hadrian laughed loudly at that.

"Nah, just insane. Life's more fun that way." This time Sirius laughed before he left leaving Hadrian alone with Viserys. Leaning down, Hadrian placed one finger on Viserys forehead before the body of the Beggar King was wrapped up in chains.

A pop sound from outside alerted him to someone arriving by portkey and he looked up to see twenty Unsullied walking in. Standing up, he held out a long piece of rope and they all took it. Whispering the key phrase, they disappeared as they were never there to begin with.

-X- Line Break -X-

Hadrian strode out from the bowels of the ship and onto the deck. Instantly he regretted such a move as the stench of the city before him was horrendous. It ranged from everything to potently rich perfumes, to piss and shit. Casting a quick Bubblehead charm in the nostrils of his nose he found himself once more thanking the wondrous abilities that magic provided.

He looked around and saw that the crew of the ship were struggling slightly with the smell, but otherwise were fine. Probably because they had to deal with the smell for a long time. As for his Unsullied guard, for a normal person it would be impossible to tell what they were thinking, but he could make out the tenseness in their shoulders which showed discomfort.

A few more Bubblehead Charms later and each were still on guard, but less tense than they were originally.

Speaking of the Unsullied, he knew that slavery was looked down upon here and therefore, he had decided to change the uniform that the Unsullied wore. He planned to simply have this as a one off, but as he looked upon them now, Hadrian decided that they would be perfect for those serving the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black.

The outfit they wore was based similarly on his own. With armour covering his forearms, shins, thighs shoulders, torso with there been gaps as to allow greater mobility. Printed on the front of the breastplate was the Coat of Arms of House Black with its new motto, Family comes First.

As the ship docked, Hadrian paid the captain of the ship and left with the Unsullied following behind him. He attracted a few glances due to his expensive robes, but all looked away as soon as his eyes locked onto theirs.

One of the first things he noticed about the so called greatest city in Westeros was the fact that Kings Landing, was a dump. Poverty, sickness and poor hygiene was apparent on every single street, alleyway and main road. He alone had seen numerous crimes committed directly under the noses of the City Watch in his travel to the Red Keep. He didn't know much about King Robert Baratheon, but he found his ability to rule severely lacking in all accounts.

Vaes Dothrak, Black Dothraki, Qarth and New Ghis had none of these problems. Crime was at an all-time low as those that committed crimes suffered a punishment that reflected the severity of the crime they committed. Because of this, rape, murder, theft, etc. were all crimes that had once been popular before his arrival, were almost non-existent with the odd case now and then.

Poverty was also non-existent as taxes were only given out to those that could afford to pay said taxes, which was everyone considering the fact that everyone was getting paid a decent wage and therefore, taxes could be increased as citizens of his empire earned more as well. Not only that, but healthcare and education for those under the age of sixteen was free, something Sirius had come up with from his small time in the Muggle world.

Hadrian on the other hand, had copied the idea of the romans. People who joined the military would sign a contract that meant that they had to serve in the army for ten years before they were allowed to retire with a small patch of land and money as a reward. They however, would have to join the army again should the military power of his empire fall under a certain amount or if the city they were apart of get attacked. Already, an additional one hundred thousand slaves had joined his army as a result and that meant, less poverty and sickness in his cities.

King's Landing could have benefited from such a regime, but he wasn't here to help another kingdom increase its might. He was here to gain trade with Westeros and to also gain insight on its current affairs.

Hadrian came to a stop at the gates leading to the Red Keep and looked around at the numerous guards beginning to surround them.

One of them came forwards with his sword slightly drawn as to show the steel glinting in the air. "I don't know who you think you are, but you're gonna have to leave." Hadrian sneered at them as his guards tensed in preparation.

"I am Hadrian Orion Black, First of my name, Grand Khal of the Great Grass Sea, Lord of Lhazar, King of the Free Folk and Dothraki, Lord of Black Dothrak and King of the Jade Empire." The last one had actually been a surprise name for his empire. The Jade Empire, that's what the people began to call it. To be honest, the name made sense. He was hailed as a God by his people and his eyes would glow a deep emerald or jade colour so they named his empire after something that linked to him.

The guards looked at one another before bursting out into laughter.

"Right." The first guard said sarcastically. "And I'm secretly fucking the Queen."

Hadrian smirked at him. "Are you really, I wonder how the King will react to know that you are fucking his wife." The guard took a moment to register what Hadrian said before he glared at him.

"You think you're funny, do ya?!" The guard took a step forward as his blade came completely free. The Unsullied drew pointed their spears downwards, ready to impale the guards should they make a move.

Hadrian's smirk deepened. "Oh no, I think I'm hilarious." The guard flushed and a quick mental probe showed that he planned to attack him. Hadrian simply reacted before he could and struck with a quick palm strike to the man's open neck causing him to stumble and struggle to breathe as a result. Not done, Hadrian lashed out with a left-right-left to the man's face before following up with a front kick to his chest that dented his armour and launched them back a good few feet straight into the wall.

There was silence as the guards looked between the guard and Hadrian who was had dusted off his robes and now stood like nothing had happened. "Are we done?" Before the guards could do anything else, the gates opened and out came more guards, with one man leading them all.

He was an aged man with long hair reaching down to his shoulders and a slightly shaved beard. He was dressed in a plain tunic and pants with a brooch of a hand. From what he knew of Westeros – which wasn't a lot – this meant that the man before him was the Hand of the King.

The man strode forward and looked at the unconscious guard slumped at the wall. "What is the meaning of this?!" He looked at the rest of the guards and then at Hadrian and his own guards.

"You must be Lord Eddard Stark?" The man, Eddard nodded his head. "Then you should know that I am Hadrian Orion Black, King of the Jade Empire and I came here expecting to be greeted like a man of my station should be, but not only do I have to work through this shithole of a city without been greeted at the port by the King himself, but I am assaulted by the guards as well." Eddard spun round and glared at all the guards, each flinching as they realised that they had messed up.

"I-I am sorry, your grace." Eddard bowed and Hadrian simply stared at the man. While he wasn't an arrogant individual, he had been drilled in the ways of proper pureblood etiquette and what these men did, would have been grounds to declare war on should the individual choose to. Though it would be a stupid reason to start a war.

Hadrian simply turned his nose up at the man. "I suggest that you teach your men proper manners in the future, others may find their manners insulting and while I'm a forgiving man. Others are not so kind and may decide violence over negotiation." Eddard paled and Hadrian almost felt sorry for him, he quite liked Eddard. The man was honourable and loyal, a man he would find to be a valuable friend and ally both as Hadrian and as Harry, but an example had to be made.

"I will do so. If you will follow me, your grace. King Robert is currently out hunting and won't be back for another week." The Hand flinched when he saw Hadrian's entire figure radiate with rage and exude a deathly aura. 'How is it possible for anyone to exude such a dangerous aura?!'

Eddard Stark wasn't the only affected by the aura as the guards of King's Landing found themselves sweating profusely inside their armour as they felt and invisible aura press down on them.

Hadrian had to restrain his magic from lashing out at everyone and everything. "You mean to tell me," his voice was completely calm, something which only further terrified the guards, "that your King not only forgets about my arrival, has me walk through this shithole of a city, but now I have to wait a week for him to decide to grace me with his presence."

"I'm afraid so." Eddard bowed his head. Releasing a large breath of air as he strode past them all wit quick strides. His guards and Eddard Stark following him.

As he was walking through the Red Keep, he passed a very beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair and a perfect figure. While his mental probes didn't get much information from either Eddard or the woman, he did find out her name.

Queen Cersei Baratheon, wife of King Robert Baratheon.

-X- Line Break -X-

Illyrio sighed tiredly as he rubbed his temples tiredly. He looked down at the letter in his hands and released a long, drawn out groan as his worst fears came true. Khal Hadrian who now went by Hadrian Orion Black, King of the Jade Empire had defeated and killed Khal Drogo. Well, it was actually his most loyal Dothraki follower, now known as Khal Drargo.

The entirety of the Dothraki were united under a single rule, right now that was a total of ninety thousand men which didn't take into account the Iron Legions of New Ghis, the Civic Guard of Qarth and the hundreds of thousands of freed slaves currently in training.

Pretty soon, not even the Golden Company would be able to defeat King Hadrian and his army.

Not only that, but the Targaryen siblings were currently separated. Daenerys had become an independent woman who was rash, stubborn and bull-headed. She had an army of eight thousand Unsullied and two thousand Second Sons that had slaughtered the Masters in Yunkai and Astapor and had taken Meeren for herself.

Though that wasn't the worst part. Hadrian was currently in King's Landing and was currently speaking of opening trade between the Jade Empire and Westeros. This would greatly increase the Jade Empire's threat level from mediocre to high. The Jade Empire currently had an enough food to keep an army fielded for around a year before cities began to run low.

Black Dothrak itself produced enough food on its own to keep everything city fully stocked with food however, they lacked proper roads. There were some been built between Vaes Dothrak and Black Dothrak, but New Ghis and Qarth had no roads connecting to the two cities in the Dothrak Sea.

If those roads were built then the threat level of the Jade Empire would rise from high to become a threat higher than even Westeros.

That was only the case if the trade agreement was finalised and is his assumptions were correct, Viserys would be used as a bargaining chip. Robert Baratheon's hatred for the Targaryen's was well-known and he would agree to anything it meant a chance of killing a Targaryen.

Not only that, but there was rumours of a relative of Hadrian's that was ruling the kingdom while Hadrian was away. While Drargo and his new Khalasar were patrolling the borders of the Jade Empire that were bordering with Qohor and Volantis, Khal Hadrian's Khalasar took control of Yunkai and Astapor.

There numbers that while stretched thin, would not stay so for long when the slave soldiers in training would be finished. The garrisons would be maxed out in all cities making a siege incredibly difficult and the overall army would double, if not triple in size.

No, they couldn't wait any longer. The Jade Empire had to be dealt with now, or else it would grow too powerful.

"Copy this letter and send it to the masters of Qohor, Volantis, Braavos, Lorath and Norvos." The man took the letter and after bowing, he left the room. Illyrio clasped his hands together. The alliance between Pentos and the other cities would be the greatest alliance this world had ever seen, they would have an army that would make even the Gods tremble in fear.

Hadrian Orion Black was no God and they would easily crush him. Then in the ensuing chaos, he would rise to even greater heights. After all, as a smart man once said, chaos is a ladder. One simply needs to learn how to properly climb it.

-X- Line Break -X-

Sat here, looking upon Daenerys Targaryen, Sirius knew exactly why Hadrian found her so alluring. Her noble and Valyrian features put her a cut above the rest in fact, looking at her reminded him of looking at Veela. But that wasn't her most attractive feature about her, no it was the power brimming under the surface of her skin. A great deal of power as well.

Pouring himself and her a cup of wine, he handed it over to her and she reluctantly took it. "It's not poisoned." Sirius informed her upon seeing the wary glance she gave the cup. "If I wanted to kill you, it would be killing you with a sword or dagger from the front. Poison is not something I'd do." Sirius took a large gulp and Daenerys took a small sip.

Smiling, Sirius placed the cup down on the table and leaned back. After having led the Dothraki through the gates of Yunkai and Astapor, he then moved to Meeren and now here he sat. A large vase of wine as a sort of peace offering to the Dragon Queen of Meeren.

Outside he could sense the large magical power of the Dragons themselves and he could feel a direct connection between them and her.

"Why did you come here, Lord Black?" She didn't exactly remember his name, but she did know that he was related to Hadrian. Her violet eyes cautiously regarding him for any hidden agendas.

"I'm not here to harm you or your people in anyway." He assured her, but it did nothing to easer her.

"I find that hard to believe. You conquered Yunkai and Astapor even though I conquered them and made them part of my own kingdom." Sirius laughed, gaining narrowed eyes from the Mother of Dragons. "What's so funny?!" She demanded.

It took Sirius a few moments to calm down. "You conquered them, if they were under your control then why did you leave them undefended. Hadrian already had plans to take control of Slaver's Bay, the fact that you left Yunkai and Astapor completely open with no guards and the gates open made it far too easy for us. So thank you, we lost no one in the process meaning we owe you a very large thank you."

"You can return that thanks by giving me Yunkai and Astapor." Daenerys shot back and Sirius barked out a laugh.

"Bold of you." He chuckled a bit more. "I can see why you interest my godson so much." That admission made her cheeks take on a rosy hue before she schooled her features and Sirius found himself impressed by her control. Brash, hot headed and a spoiled child she could be, but that didn't mean she didn't have potential. "Now, I do not have the power and even if I did, I would not give them back to you. Yunkai and Astapor are in a very strategic position that offers an excellent vantage point for dealing with Volantis and other countries."

Daenerys frowned as she regarded the aged man with narrowed eyes. "Then we have nothing more to talk about." She took another sip from her cup of wine and had to admit, she enjoyed the taste greatly.

"Oh but we do." Sirius refilled his cup. "You see, I would like to offer you an alliance."

"An alliance?" Daenerys asked slowly as to make sure she heard him properly.

-X- Line Break -X-

Kinvara sighed tiredly as she slumped to the ground exhausted. This marked the third week into her month assignment and out of the three dead cities in the Red Waste, there was now only one left. One of the cities was beginning to admit people entry, but it would take a long time before crops could begin to grow in this harsh environment.

Taking a cup of water offered to her by one of the young women that had accompanied her into the Red Waste, she gulped it down before getting on to shaky legs.

She was exhausted mentally, physically and magically. All she desired right now was a bed to lay down upon and to get out of the blasted heat. However, she would have to deal with the heat due to there been no way for her to cast any more magic on the account of her reserves running dangerously low to the point they were non-existent.

As she lay there, she wondered for a moment what Hadrian was doing in Kings Landing.

-X- Line Break -X-

Hadrian grunted in pleasure as he felt pleasurable vibrations run down the length of his cock. One of his hands ran through the golden locks of the woman currently kneeled in between his legs before he released his seed. Pulling the woman's head from his cock, he pushed the woman onto the bed and gripped her ass cheeks.

He could see exactly why the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms was regarded as the most beautiful woman in Westeros. She not only had a body that many women would kill for, but she also had the power and authority of been Queen that only increased her attractiveness. Add to the fact that she was a definite MILF, he knew Sirius would raise a glass to him in congratulations.

"H-how can you keep going?" Cersei moaned in pleasure as she felt his cock enter her awaiting womanhood once more. When she had seen Hadrian for the second time - which so happened to be on the sixth day since his arrival to Westeros - it had been over a meal.

He was handsome, incredibly so. Perhaps more so than her brother Jamie Lannister. When she learned that he was a King she instantly thought up of ways to convince him to assist in her agendas. She had seen his eyes upon her, devouring her form, undressing it and raping her with them and so she had given in to both his and her desires.

Hadrian Orion Black was handsome and had a very toned and defined figure. So she had entered his bed chambers that night and they had not stopped since. Now it was lunch time and while they were both exhausted, he seemed to be more than willing to continue.

"Don't know." Hadrian grunted out the lie, magic was the reason. He was using a technique he had learned during the war that turned magic into energy allowing him to continue to go on and on and on. "But I'm not complaining."

Cersei moaned in pleasure as she had what must have been her hundredth orgasm since the new day started. "N-neither." Her breath hitched when Hadrian spun her around with his cock still inside of her. "B-but I ohhhh, fuck yes." She moaned into Hadrian's lips as he began to roughly pound into her while kneading her tits. "I-I, need to, fuck. I ne-need to rest." She gasped out as Hadrian continued to pound into her.

"Fuck." Both moaned as he emptied his seed into her before he collapsed onto the bed beside her. It was at that moment there was a knock on the door. Cersei covered herself up, not bothered at all by the fact that it could be a servant, she knew that Hadrian only had his guards into this room no matter what other people said. "Come in."

As she thought, a guard entered and didn't even spare her a glance. "Robert Baratheon has summoned you." Hadrian growled and Cersei found it incredibly amusing to watch as his anger grew. She had treated Hadrian like the king he was, a king greater than Robert Baratheon and it had been the only reason she had demeaned herself to sucking his cock like a whore. A king like Hadrian deserved to only have a proper Queen's lips around his cock.

"My husband is a fool." Hadrian stood from the bed and began getting dressed, while Cersei watched him move her. Her green eyes following his body, watching as his muscles flexed with the simplest of movements. "You can see why I want him dead."

Hadrian nodded his head and put his top on, much to Cersei's disappointment. It had come as a surprise to him that Cersei admitted to wanting him to overthrow her husband. He had refused of course, he had enough problems to deal with in the form of the Free Cities he couldn't deal with Westeros as well.

Finishing off his attire, Hadrian turned towards Cersei and had to restrain himself from pouncing on her. Her hair was a mess and her sinful body was hidden only by a single thin sheet as her body glowed with a thin shine of sweat giving her an ethereal glow. She was beautiful, a temptress, a seductress. The thing that made it better, was the fact that she wasn't looking for a husband, she wasn't looking for love. She only wanted children with a strong man, her brother had been strong, Robert had been strong, but he was stronger than both put together. Not only that, but she wanted power as well.

Perhaps when it came time for him to conquer Westeros he could take her as a concubine. There didn't have to be any love, just simple attraction and he could give her children with which she could love unconditionally.

"My answer is still no, you are smarter than you think, just get rid of that arrogance and the way you think everyone is weaker than you and you could have anything you want." Cersei frowned in thought as Hadrian left the room. Deciding that she was too tired to actually think, Cersei laid down upon the bed and sleep instantly claimed her despite the pain she was feeling in her loins.

-X- Line Break -X-

When Hadrian entered the Throne Room, he took note of the fact that he was on the receiving end of quite a few annoyed looks. It didn't bother him, Robert had done the same to him and he simply returned the favour. Call him childish, he was simply showing them all that he was a King just like Robert and should be treated as such.

"Greetings Lord Hadrian Orion Black." A young boy, a Lannister if he had to tell stepped forwards. "This is his Grace, King Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm."

Hadrian simply stood silently before turning to look behind him. "Forgive me, but were you talking to me." There was hushed whispers around the room.

The boy looked stumped. "Ah, y-yes." He affirmed.

"Oh, then you will refer to me as King Hadrian Orion Black because that is what I am, a King." Eddard Stark stepped forward before anyone could say anything, plus he could see Robert's face was beginning to get slightly red with anger. The king had already been annoyed that he had been forced to call his lords before he could retire to his bedchambers after a week of hunting, then he had been kept waiting by Hadrian and he didn't want to see Robert's infamous temper so soon.

"Forgive me, your Grace." He turned to look at the boy, Lancel Lannister with a glare that sent him scampering away. "It seems someone forgot to refer to you by your proper title."

"Yes, yes this is nice and all, but what do you want?" The last part was aimed to Hadrian and said person could see Eddard flush in embarrassment for his friend's lack of tact. "Well, get on with it."

Hadrian walked forwards and the Kingsguard formed up, but Hadrian pushed past them and stood directly in front of Robert. "Do not think for a moment, that you can order me around. You have insulted me enough already you fat oaf." There was absolute silence as Robert flushed in anger. "I am a King and as is expected of you, you are to greet me and lead me through this shithole you call a city. But you do not and instead choose to go hunting."

There was more murmuring from behind him, but Hadrian wasn't done. Not even when Robert took on a shade of purple that would have made his uncle proud.

"Then you keep me away from my home, the empire I built from nothing for nearly a week, then you presume to order me around by summoning me. Now, I am forgiving and patient man, but I am reaching my limit. So I suggest you sit on your fat ass and say nothing until I have finished." More silence as the Lords and Ladies of the court tried to figure out what had happened.

Nodding his head, Hadrian moved back down the stairs.

"Robert, no!" He heard Eddard whisper urgently to Robert, no doubt because the fool tried to attack him.

Turning around, he looked up at the seething Robert and with a click of his fingers, one of his guards walked towards and then opened the door. From it, two men came in while dragging a third with them. They reached Hadrian and dumped the man on his knees before the Master of Death.

"This," he ripped the sack off the man's head and revealed silvery white hair and violet eyes to the world, "is Viserys Targaryen."

Complete and utter silence. No one dared move, no one dared breathe as they looked at one of the last Targaryen's before their eyes trailed up to look at the rage filled body of Robert Baratheon.

"In return for trade with Westeros, I am willing to offer you him to do with whatever you wish." Roberts's eyes gleamed with madness as he went to rise. "But first, you must finalise the agreement or else I am taking him back with me. There are other uses he serves, this one is simply the more profitable."

"Robert." Eddard whispered to his friend. "Think this through."

Of course his friend didn't listen to his advice. "I accept your proposal." With that, Hadrian left the room with Viserys dragged behind him. He was glad to be rid of those nobles, they were far too arrogant and self-centred. Besides, he had a sexy ass MILF Queen waiting to fucked in his chambers.

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