The Rise of House Black

Chapter 1: A new Khal in a new World

A/N: This is my first Harry Potter and Game of Throne's crossover. There are parts of it influenced by God-Emperor of Essos and Beyond by Paperpuscher 101, Dragon of the North by Tellie571 and Harry Arryn BloodKing9. Hopefully you enjoy it.

Harry looked around the Death Chamber, it hadn't changed since the battle he had here in his fifth year. It was still dark and gloomy, the light from the Veil created an ominous atmosphere.

Harry had seen worse in the past eighteen years of his life.

After he defeated Voldemort at the age of seventeen, Harry spent some time alone rethinking his life choices and decisions. To say his self-reflection ended with him being filled with disappointment would be an understatement. He had the bare minimum of knowledge about Magic and had relied solely on luck and Hermione to help him through his many battles.

Deciding that been controlled was not something he wanted to happen again, Harry had used the intelligence he hadn't known he had to sort out his accounts. To his surprise, he had become Lord Potter, Peverell, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Black. He knew that the Potter Lordship was due to his family heritage as was the Peverell Lordship. He had gained the Ravenclaw Lordship by destroying Ravenclaw's lost diadem, the Gryffindor Lordship he had gained by been seen as worthy to wield the Sword of Gryffindor and even had an heir in the form of Neville, which had been a surprise. Then he had gained the Slytherin one through the Right of Conquest by defeating Voldemort.

The one that meant the most to him was the Black Lordship. It remained as a symbol of the love Sirius held for him. It was for that reasoned Harry changed his name.

Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived died in the Battle of Hogwarts. All that remained was Hadrian Orion Black, the Master of Death. After this new change, Harry spent three years learning everything he could from his Family Grimoires.

From the Potter Grimoire he learned how to use Battle Transfiguration and multiple other uses of transfiguration. In the Peverell Grimoire, there was a lot of different types of Magic such as, Transfiguration, Charms, Necromancy, Runes, Illusions, etc. From the Gryffindor Grimoire he was privy to numerous Curses and Hexes, even learning how to animate objects. The Ravenclaw Grimoire was much like the Peverell's, a mix of all types of Magic but mainly focused on Charms and all their applications. From the Slytherin Grimoire he was made privy to all sorts of Ancient Dark Curses, including greater knowledge on Necromancy, but there was a lot on Parselmagic. Finally was the Black Grimoire, which had knowledge of Occlumency and Legilimency, but mainly focused on Illusions.

Three years of alienating himself from his friends and when he returned, Hadrian was nothing like his past self.

He was handsome, confident, intelligent, powerful, cunning and ambitious. No longer did he care for the opinion of sheep and instead, only cared for the last members of his family. They were forty-nine year old, Andromeda Tonks and his two year old Godson, Edward Lupin.

He didn't stay long and spent a year with Edward, while also getting to know his friends once more. However, only Hermione, Fred and Neville were willing to accept the new him. Everyone else didn't share the same mind-set as them. Then he spent four years travelling the world and learned everything that the world had to offer.

First he travelled to Ireland and learned numerous things from a large tribe of Druids. The most he learnt was how to manipulate existing nature such as, causing trees to attack or defend opponents. He also learnt how to use his Magic to manipulate the vibrations in the ground to create something similar to sonar location.

Then he travelled to Norway. There he learnt that the key to greater control, was a more physically capable body. He spent over a year here, unlike the six months he spent at Ireland. Most of the time would be spent learning to battle using weapons, but also how to use Runes in all sorts of ways. Both in creating weapons, but also in battle itself.

From there he travelled to India and after gaining entry to a small tribe of Parseltongue's, learnt all they had to offer on the lost art. It was quite similar to Slytherin, but where his knowledge focused on battle application, there's focused on everyday application.

Next was a small visit to Egypt and after studying multiple Wards and Runic structures had gained quite a bit of insight on the wide variety of uses that Warding provided. It annoyed him greatly about his lack of knowledge before now, even more so about how much Magic had been limited since its founding.

He travelled to a few more areas in the final years of his trip before he finally returned home. There he had finally met his nine year old Godson for the first time in four years. Sure he had kept in touch, sent gifts and knowledge about his travels, but seeing his Godson was better than reading letters. He was a healthy boy and while suffering from Lycanthropy was doing very well.

Edward was doing even better when Hadrian spent the next six months at home. The young Werewolves transition into his wolf form was made easier by Hadrian's Phoenix form. The Ancient bird's song kept the boy calm and the two spent a lot of time just playing.

Then things changed. The Magical World was ravaged with eight different wars. A single Muggleborn that had grown tired of the Pureblood agenda used an unknown spell to enslave the Dementor's. They attacked and killed over three hundred before Harry finally intervened after the Goblins, creatures who were desperate to maintain their greatest source of income. They offered mutliple things, though Harry was only interested in the Vaults of those Families that were extinct as a result of the Dementor attacks.

They accepted and in the space of a few hours, Hadrian ended the Dementor raids and even found a way to destroy them. For you see, Dementor's were like Bastard children of Death itself. A mistake that shouldn't have happened. By using the Elder Wand – something he had tried to destroy multiple times only for it to reform in the space of a few hours – Hadrian eventually took control of the Dementor's and forced them to obey his will.

Black Manor, previously Potter Manor was guarded by soul sucking creatures 24/7, though they were kept beyond the Ward line as to not affect anyone inside. Of course, some were still guarding Azkaban but there quite a few guarding the Manor.

Following this, Purebloods, Halfblood's and Blood Traitors all joined in the Pureblood regime and began enslaving Muggleborns so that this event couldn't be repeated. Outraged, the Muggleborns rebelled and for over a year the two sides waged war against one another.

The Purists (the Purebloods, Halfblood's and Blood traitors) enslaved the Muggleborns they captured and made them fight against their fellow comrades. On the other hand, the Rebellion captured, tortured and then killed their prisoners.

Hadrian meanwhile, empowered the Ward scheme and put the Manor on full lockdown. Nothing could get through them without him knowing, if they managed to survive that is. Both sides tried everything they could to get him to join their side. Ron from the Purists offered everything, but Hadrian's demands for access to the Family Grimoires of the Purists was something they were unwilling to do. Hermione on the other hand, was trying to appeal to both the old and the new Hadrian to get him to support the Rebellion.

When he refused all their other offers, both sides tried to capture his Godson and Andromeda, his surrogate Aunt and distant relative to try and force him to join their side. None were successful.

One day, Hadrian travelled beyond his Ward scheme to visit the leaders of the Purist Faction to get them to stop their assaults on his person. The Rebellion took this the wrong way and used a new piece of Runic Magic that caused the Ward scheme to turn upon those inside. Teddy barely survived because Andromeda used a powerful piece of Blood Magic to save his life. This was at the cost of her own life.

Blinded by anger and rage, Hadrian wiped out Rebellion outpost after Rebellion outpost. He let the women and children escape, but the men were wiped out. After three months, the Rebellion leaders surrendered but every member involved in the death of Andromeda was killed by him personally.

This left a mark upon the Magical World, everyone involved in this secondary world knew of the true extent of Hadrian's power and they were terrified of him.

Next came the Viking Raids, they saw that Britain and most countries were weakened by the two consecutive wars and began their ancient tradition of raiding. They had timed this wrong as now each Purist House had their own personally army of Muggleborns and with the constant battles in the past year and a bit they managed to fight back and defeat the Viking invaders.

Once again, those captured were enslaved, their lands seized as the more power hungry Purists sought to expand their own power.

In a typical show of arrogance, war was declared once more with the Purists wanting to form their own Empires based on their own ideals. This happened two more times and with it, the Magical population was decreasing more and more.

So lost in their own power, they didn't see a single house rising up in their ashes. An enemy that had rebelled numerous times in History.

The Goblins.

This war didn't last very long. Despite their larger numbers, the Wizards had been battle hardened with other half a decade of constant war. In a matter of ten months, the Goblins were on the edge of defeat once more. This time however, the Goblins were not willing to surrender and risk been enslaved like those that had also been defeated, so they did the unspeakable.

They broke the Statue of Secrecy.

For a month, the Magical World was shut off from the Muggle world. The Purists preparing for the inevitable war, amassing and training their warriors, fortifying their holdings and planning where to do battles.

Sadly for them, they had prepared for the outdated Muggles. Muggles that only had long-range weapons in the form of Crossbows and Fireworks as rockets. They hadn't been prepared for the new technology at the Muggles disposal. This is what levelled the playing fields for both sides. The Muggles didn't know the true extent of Magic, the Magical World wasn't prepared for the weapons of the Muggles.

Eventually though, the war began turning into an all-out battle royale.

Muggle countries used the war against the Magical World as an excuse to launch Nuclear Weapons upon others. Soon, the Muggles weren't just dealing with the Wizards and Witches, but with themselves as well.

Eventually, there were no innocents. The only way to survive was to declare and fight for one side. Everyone and everything was fighting to survive. Yet, Hadrian had put himself into exile. While he had not fought in any war apart from in the Mudblood Rebellion, he had not been left out of it completely.

Britain had been one of the first countries in the war between Magical's and Muggle's to be hit by a Nuclear Weapon. Teddy had been outside playing with a herd of Threstral's – that Hadrian had brought from the Forbidden Forest when the war broke out – when the Nuclear Missile stroke. While the explosion had been stopped by the Wards, the toxicity of the bomb had killed Teddy in a mere instant.

One of the Wards Hadrian had put into place as soon as the war broke out had been one that stopped the toxicity produced from the Nuclear explosion from entering. It put the mansion on lockdown making it impossible for even the owner of the Wards from shutting down the Ward until the toxicity levels had dropped until it make it liveable for humans once more.

The reason for this had been to stop Teddy from opening the door should Hadrian or anyone be outside after the bomb went off.

This had worked against him as Hadrian stood pounding against the window watching as his Godson died and slow and painful death. Unable to do anything but watch as he saw the realisation that Harry, his hero was going to be unable to save him.

His entire world died there and then. Anger and rage greater than when Andromeda died engulfed his being and he unleashed that anger upon the world once more.

When he entered the war, the Magical population, including creatures numbered only a thousand. The Muggles on the other hand numbered around a hundred, maybe two hundred thousand left. When Hadrian was finished, only he remained and the first thing he did afterwards was to travel to the multiple Gringotts branches and spend his immortal life learning the magic's that had been hidden from him.

In a way, his entire life linked back to the Prophecy. More specifically the part about him and Voldemort only able to die at each other's hand. Both he, Dumbledore, Voldemort and those privy to the contents of the Prophecy believed that only Hadrian or Voldemort could kill each other. It actually went much deeper than that.

The only way they could die and move onto the afterlife was at the hands of the other. Basically, Hadrian couldn't die.

Thankfully, Hadrian gained some form of closure when he used the Resurrection Stone to speak to Teddy and his family. The fact that they accepted everything he had done in life and anything he would do was something that lifted a large weight upon his shoulder.

Then he had an epiphany while drinking the remainder of his Fire whiskey storage that maybe the Veil could be the escape he needed. Perhaps, the Veil could be the one thing that killed him. The one thing that let him move onto see his Godson once more.

Taking a deep breath, Hadrian looked down at himself. He didn't actually know if the Veil actually killed anyone or if it simply transported one to another world. Because of that uncertainty, Hadrian had taken it upon himself to bring everything of worth with him.

He was dressed in a full Basilisk-hide armour, with Goblin-forged steel gauntlets with the Elder Wand connected to the back of the right hand one, arm guards that only covered his forearm, breastplate that was in the style the ancient Roman breastplate, shin guards and thigh guards. The area around his joints were left open allowing greater mobility and each piece of armour were inscribed with mutliple Runes that increased their defensive and weight of it.

Strapped to his back were two swords, with one been a longsword and a broadsword. Strapped to either hip was a short sword and a bottomless bag. One held all the gold in the banks of Gringotts and the other contained books and other miscellaneous objects. Then, on his each thigh was a dagger that could either be thrown or wielded in short range combat.

Wrapped around his neck he had a necklace that held the rings of each of the families he was Lord of. That was practically every single one due to the Right of Conquest. Then on his ring finger was a small wooden ring with the Resurrection stone placed inside of it. The ring had been something that Teddy had created for him and he treasured it more than anything. To finish off his outfit, the Invisibility Cloak was wrapped around his shoulders.

After a quick once over, Hadrian stepped forwards and allowed himself to pass through the Veil. It was a funny feeling, like his body was been cleansed of all the dirt, blood and grime on it.

"We finally meet, master." Looking over his shoulder, Hadrian's glowing emerald eyes stared deeply into the hood belonging to what looked like a Dementor.

"Death?" He inquired gaining a nod and a bow from the creature. Raising one eyebrow, Hadrian turned around fully and crossed his arms over his chest. His body was tense in preparation should Death try anything. While he was nowhere near the strength of a God, he would not go down easily.

"I'm not going to attack you." Death's voice was distinctly amused and Harry narrowed his eyes. "You are the Master of Death, my master. Thus, I am unable to do you any harm." Still, Hadrian did not allow himself to relax. He had done so too many times and had paid the price for it.

"What do you want?" Hadrian pressed for information.

"When you first became my master I was disappointed. My last master was far more powerful and much wiser. It surprised me greatly when you became the man you are before me now. Ruthless, cunning, merciless, but also kind and gentle." Hadrian's eyes narrowed at the avoidance of his question. "You were once ambitious, so like myself when I was once human."

"You were once human?" Hadrian asked in shock.

"Yes, I was skilled in killing. So very skilled. The Elder Gods, beings even I fear granted me dominion over the very thing I was must in touch with. Death." He indicated at himself and while Hadrian knew that a lot of information had been left out, he didn't really care. "Now as I was saying, you reminded me of myself. But your ambitions have been realised at the cost of the very thing you hold most dear. Tragic, really."

There was a few moments of silence as both figures studied one another.

Then death continued. "You entered the Veil seeking death, but prepared for something else. To any normal human, death would have been the result of entering the Veil. This is an interdimensional gap and simply entering this area will ripe one to shred. However, you are the Master of Death, it was your destiny to either die at the hands of the Master of Death, or become my master."

"You're saying, that there is another dimension past this Veil?" Death nodded its head.

"Yes, another dimension on Earth. In this world, the ancient war between Magical's and Non-Magical's this world ended with a faction of Wizards and Witches came across Dragon's. They tamed the beasts and became Dragonlords. From there they created an Empire greater than anything ever seen."

"So the Magical's won?"

"In a way, Magic is but a legend. Lost to the world now." Hadrian sighed at that fact. It seemed that arrogance was a common trait in that world too. That was the only thing he could think of that could result in the defeat of an Empire. Arrogance usually was an Empires downfall.

"How do I enter this world?" Death hummed in thought.

"On your own, you'd be unable to do anything except wonder the interdimensional gap. If I were to help you however," Death flicked his hand and a small portal appeared showing a grassy plain. "Well." Death's voice was downright smug, something that made Harry smile, though it didn't last long.

"Thank you." Just as Hadrian was about to enter the portal, it closed up once more. "Mind telling me what the reason for that was?"

While he couldn't see it, Hadrian could feel the smirk on Death's face. "You need to promise me something." Hadrian inclined his head as to show he was listening for Death's request. "Be what you were before the wars started. Be ambitious, learn the Magic's of this world. Create an Empire. Do something that'll make you a legend."

"There's another motive behind this, isn't there?" Hadrian had spent far too long in a world where everyone wants to use you. He knew the signs well and Death was showing them all.

"You're right. In this dimension and every dimension, the Gods of it have Champions. These Champions compete against one another till only they survive. Then the game resets, new champions choosen. I've created an order that will serve any Champion should I choose one. It's just a matter of when I choose one." Hadrian nodded his head.

"Who are these…Champions and there Gods?" Hadrian was positively intrigued now.

"I do not know who the exact Champions are. You will know when you meet them as you can feel the power they hold." Hadrian nodded his head in understanding. "However, the Gods of this world are the Seven, a God that takes many forms. He has the second largest number of followers on this world. R'hllor has the largest number of followers, but he is by far the weakest God in this world. The Drowned God who is moderately powerful, the Old God's are by far the most powerful Gods in that Dimension, besides myself…" Death continued to name the Gods in the dimension.

For a few moments, Hadrian digested the information in silence. Even more time was spent in silence as he thought on what he wanted to do.

Hadrian nodded his head. "Alright. I'll do it." Death seemed to be filled with glee, which was an odd concept to behold when you realise who was filled with glee.

"Excellent." Death swiped his hand once more and the portal opened. "Good luck, master." Waving a hand over his shoulder, Hadrian stepped through the portal and straight into the grassy plains.

-X- Line Break -X-

One of the first thing Hadrian realised when he entered this new dimension, was that the Magic of this world felt different. It seemed darker, tainted and less eager to be manipulated. It seemed to be untameable. Not that it mattered, his Magical Core was inside his body. His Magic his own and no one else's.

Then he began wandering.

That was four months ago and in that time Hadrian had come across a small village of people known as Lhazareen. From there he had learned the basic outline of the world he now lived in. Most information they had been willing to share, but by utilising Legilimency, Hadrian gained information on the stuff they had been unwilling to share.

Turns out the place he was in was one of the three great continents in what they called simply, The World. The continent itself was called, Essos and the area he was currently in was called the Dothraki Sea, also known as the Great Grass Sea. It lied north of Lhazar, Slaver's Bay and the forbidden Red Waste. The southern border was marked by Skahazadhan River and the Dothraki Sea almost stretches towards the Jade Sea, but is cut off by multiple mountains and forests.

The one thing that interested him most about the Dothraki Sea was the fact that it was home to the Dothraki. They are a race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors who mainly raid Lhazar villages due to them being simply shepherds and unable to defend themselves. Some Dothraki hordes or Khalasar have raided some of the richer towns and cities.

The leader of the Khalasar was called a Khal and he had three Bloodrider's that would try and avenge his death before they escorted the Khaleesi to the Dosh Khaleen, then after that they too would die and accompany him into the afterlife. If the Khal had a wife, she was referred to as a Khaleesi.

The only Dothraki city was known as, Vaes Dothraki and was ruled by the Dosh Khaleen, which consisted of the wives of dead Khal's.

There skill in combat on both foot and on horseback was purely instinctual, something Harry found to be much better than any combat style due to you been able to adapt and change your fighting style as you learn what works and doesn't work for you. Sure, the skill of fighting style can allow one a distinct advantage at first, but instinctual fighting eventually put one above the rest.

If he was to create something of this world, it would have to be an Empire. His previous ambition had been to learn all Magic of this world. He had completed that mission, his knowledge of wars and battle, yet also his knowledge upon all previous Empires of his world meant he was quite knowledgeable on how an Empire works. The first thing that was needed was people. Lhazareen would provide that, yet he couldn't be the only one capable of fighting. Therefore, the Dothraki would prove to be an excellent first choice as they were in large supply in the Dothraki Sea.

It was simply a matter of finding them and then altering the way they viewed Magic and those that wielded them. After that, he could begin building the Empire he desired.

"Thank you for your hospitality." Harry expressed his gratitude with a bow towards the leader of the small village of Lhazareen. Well, she wasn't exactly the leader, but the rest of the village seemed to listen to what she had to say.

Mirri Maz Duur smiled at Hadrian and returned his bow with one of her own. "You're welcome, Hadrian." The two had bonded slightly over his time here. Neither cared for one another, but they were both Mages and had shared their knowledge on healing with one another. Just like he expected, the Meagi, as they were called didn't have their own Magical Core, but simply had the ability to manipulate the Magic around them in basic ways.

With a small wave, Hadrian began walking through the plains once more. Mere moments ago, Hadrian had felt through the ground a large amount of vibrations in the ground. It was moving fast and after focusing in on it, Hadrian found out that there was a Khalasar numbering five thousand moving west.

Looking back, Harry made sure that he was far enough away from the village and that no one was following him before he shot into the air with black smoke billowing out from behind him.

In Hadrian's opinion, flying without a broomstick was much better. On a broomstick there was a chance that the wind could be too great and damage the runic symbols upon it. Unsupported flight on the other hand had nothing that could do this, not now anyway. Before, in his old world there was a chance that a stray bullet or a spell could hit him and knock him out of the sky, potentially killing him. In this world, arrows nor catapults could travel fast enough to hit him, unless they came en masse. A simple wind or fire spell could easily sort that problem out.

He travelled through the sky for around half an hour before he saw a large group of something in the distance. It was moving towards his direction and so, Harry apparated to the ground as to avoid been spotted and began walking in the direction he had seen the horde coming.

He didn't have to wait long, maybe they were scouts or just simple Dothraki that felt like racing. He didn't know, nor did he care. They simply found him first and they gave a fierce war cry as they charged towards him, letting him know why they were known as 'Dothraki Screamers.'

There were four in total, three had an Arakh with one of them wielding two blades. This was a sword with a crescent-moon shaped blade that was about two and half feet long and a thick handle that was almost the same length. It was a blade designed; not for piercing armour, but to give the user excellent manoeuvrability of the wrist. The final Dothraki had a single spear.

While Hadrian's first thought was to raise his hand up in surrender, he knew that the Dothraki didn't like weakness. If he was to become the Khal of this Khalasar, he would need to prove his strength to even gain an audience with the Khal.

Reaching for the Longsword upon his back, Hadrian drew it and gripped it with his right hand, the tip of his blade hovering mere inches above the ground. He took note of the formation that the Dothraki were currently in and planned accordingly. It was a bastardized version of the wedge formation with one at the front, two on the left hand side and one on the right hand side.

Taking the knife on his left thigh, Hadrian flicked his hand and the dagger lodged itself into the Dothraki rider's throat. Due to this, the Dothraki tugged on his horses reins as he fell backwards, this caused the horse to release a neigh and lift up into the air before it knocked its rider off its back. Following this, Hadrian stepped to the right and swung his sword round in a low arc, chopping the legs of the horse knees.

The Dothraki gave a shout of shock as his horse flipped over before crushing him underneath its weight.

As for the two remaining Dothraki rider's, they rode past him while this happened before turning around. Then they jabbed their horse's sides causing them to rush forwards towards Hadrian.

The spear wielding Dothraki was the first to reach him and he thrust his spear towards Hadrian's chest. Reacting quickly, Hadrian gripped hold of the spear and let the rider rush past him before tugging the rider off its horse. While the Dothraki was in mid-air, he swung his Longsword up, leaving a deep gash from balls to head.

Reacting quickly, Hadrian ducked underneath a strike from the Arakh before placing his hand on the horse's underbelly. Thanks to the multiple Body Enhancing Rituals he with only minor effort managed to flip the horse over. Luckily for the rider, he just barely managed to avoid getting crushed.

Seeing this, Hadrian rushed forwards and the Dothraki rolled backwards to avoid a strike that never came. Just as he got into a crouch, Hadrian's Longsword was embedded deeply into his skull.

Placing his foot against the Dothraki's chest, the Wizard freed his blade from its fleshy confines. Then he turned to face the rest of the Dothraki horde that had just begun to form up around him. Despite their overwhelming numbers, it didn't really bother him. He had faced worse odds and emerged victorious. A hundred Wizards and Witches were capable of wiping out a force two times the size of this horde. Harry was capable of wiping out a thousand Wizards and Witches singlehandedly.

Quite a few of them were chatting amongst themselves, some pointing at him and laughing. It didn't really bother him, nothing did anymore. Subtly, Hadrian cast a translation charm of his own making, unlike the ordinary one that only worked for the duration of the spell then after that you were unable to use the translation charm fort that specific language again. This translation charm was one of his own making and it slowly allowed him to speak the language itself by using what is been said by others.

For a few moments he stood there, listening to curses and jabs bestowed upon him before he finally had a good grasp on the language. Couple that with the knowledge he gained from the Lhazareen and he could probably have full conversations. Time to test that theory.

"Who's your Khal?" Hadrian shouted out his question to let those within hearing range know what he was saying. "Or is he too much of a coward to come out and face me?" He smirked when he saw a lot of the Dothraki surrounding him lean forward in interest. It was no surprise really, not many people were brave enough to challenge a Khal.

"Who are you?" Turns out he didn't have the full knowledge on what the language, there were quite a few words he didn't know that had been said. From the laughter coming from the Dothraki he could tell that they had been insults.

"My name is Hadrian Orion Black, are you the Khal?" The Dothraki's horse became a little restless and the man took a few minutes to calm it down.

"I am, foreigner." Rolling his eyes at the insulting tone, Hadrian pointed his sword at the Khal.

"I wish to challenge you for right to be Khal of this Khalasar." There was a silence for a few moments before the Khalasar laughed uproariously. Hadrian waited silently for them to finish, while also placing a large area Confundus Charm upon the Khalasar. Because of this they would be more agreeable to a fight between him and their Khal. It made him frown however, when he realised that all the Dothraki seemed to have some measure of Occlumency. It was weak and small, but it was still there.

"And why should I fight you foreigner?" Harry smirked and spread his arms wide.

"You'll fight me because you don't want to be seen as a coward." He stabbed his Longsword and then his Broadsword into the ground, after that he began placing his short swords, dagger and dropping his armour to the ground. "I'll even make it fair for you and simply use an Arakh. Are you still scared now?" The Khal snarled and got off his horse.

Smiling as his plan came to fruition, Hadrian took off his Basilisk-hide top and then picked up and Arakh from one of the dead Dothraki. He gave it a few test swings as to get a feel for it before watching the Khal give a war cry to his Khalasar get them to cheer in return.

"You'll die here." Raising one eyebrow, Hadrian knocked the Arakh pointed at him to one side with his own Arakh.

"I'd like to see you try." Then the Khal sprang into action. With a roar, he swung his blade round in an arc intent on decapitating him. Hadrian stepped backwards avoiding the swing by mere inches before he retaliated. Stepping forwards, Hadrian got inside the Khal's guard and landed an elbow strike to the man's gut making him stumble backwards. Because of this he was unable to see the Arakh blade that made a shallow cut upwards on his chest.

Hissing in pain, the Khal began backpedalling to avoid multiple slashes from Hadrian, though his body was lined with multiple small cuts. A lucky kick from the Khal caught Hadrian in the chest giving the Dothraki a temporary breather.

Both fighters spent a few moments looking at the Khalasar and Hadrian found that quite a few were whispering amongst themselves. His improved hearing allowed him to listen in on what they said and quite a few were expressing doubts about their Khal's ability to fight and lead.

Reacting quickly, Hadrian stepped to one side avoiding a downward strike and then responded with one of his own. The Khal just managed to parry the blade in time to block the strike, though he wasn't prepared for when the punch to the face. Not allowing his advantage to go, the emerald eyed warrior placed his blade at the Achilles tendon before ripping it wide open.

Shouting in pain, the Khal dropped to his knees.

"You lose." The Khal glared at Hadrian with hate filled eyes, yet the man in question was unperturbed. "Any last words?"

"Fuck you!" Hadrian snorted at the common and quite frankly boring last words. There was no originality in it. With a quick swing, Hadrian beheaded the Khal and then leaned down to raise the head into the air to show it to the Khalasar.

He knew he wasn't done just yet, the Bloodrider's were next. They were dispatched quite quickly and now Hadrian stood, surrounded by a Khalasar of five thousand. His armour and weapons back to where they belong as he stared at them all, waiting for any of them to make a move against him. None did.

All of them dropped to their knees in a subservient fashion.

Using Legilimency, Hadrian checked their surface thoughts for any sign of those that would try and rebel against hm. Those least likely he did nothing about, but those that were more likely he placed more Confundus Charm to make them willing to see what he was like. However, he did place another Confundus Charm to make everyone more malleable to any changes he makes to their traditions and also more open to Magic and Meagi.

-X- Line Break -X-

A few months had passed since he had become Khal Hadrian of a Khalasar that is five thousand strong. A large number, but it is still quite a small Khalasar compared to the others.

One of the first things he had done was name his entire Khalasar as his Bloodrider's, it was a great honour among the Dothraki to be called a Bloodrider and this act went a long way in gaining the respect and loyalty of his men. Another thing this did was make him quite popular with females of his Khalasar, add that with his handsome, noble features and his fit and toned body had meant a lot of women tried to seduce him.

He invited a two to his bed when he desired the company of the opposite sex, their names were Tasiri and Lissi. Both had the bronze coloured skin of all the Dothraki and both had long black hair, though Lissi's was much longer than Tasiri's. They were both beautiful and thankfully, neither were looking for marriage. He wasn't either.

After this, Hadrian had begun displaying small acts of Magic for the children as to show that it wasn't bad. Thanks to the Confundus Charm they were much more open to the idea of Magic and they began to see that Magic could be used for good. Even more so when he began using potions and healing spells as to cure illnesses and injuries. While they were still wary, they didn't distrust Magic and those that wielded it as much as they used to.

Because of this, Hadrian was able to start building a small settlement that was east of Vaes Dothrak and north of the Lhazar. The freed slaves from the Dothraki had been the more than willing to assist Hadrian in his endeavour of improving the lifestyle in the Dothraki Sea.

Of course, most Dothraki in his Khalasar had been growing restless with the lack of raiding, those that tried to undermine his rule had either been exiled or killed. Either way, the Dothraki had also begun working alongside the freed slaves.

The settlement itself had been named Black Dothrak. The settlements name could be roughly translated into Black Riders. In the centre was a large dome shaped building, which was surrounded by buildings that were made through transfiguration using the dirt from the Great Grass Sea or sand and rubble collected from the Red Waste by a few brave souls every so often. The rest of the buildings were simply tents until Hadrian had hold of more resources.

That was all that was in the settlement and nothing else, though Hadrian had multiple plans in place to start building walls. For now however, the Wizard had simply placed an intent Ward, which was intertwined with a shock Ward.

If anyone entered his settlement with ill intent towards him or his people then they would be dosed with a relatively small amount of lightning that would paralyse that person. So far, there had been no one, though that could all change in an instant and Hadrian didn't want to be caught unawares.

For the most part, the settlement mainly consisted of five thousand Dothraki and around an additional one thousand freed slaves. Everyone had been given a job to do, except for the children. The elderly were mainly in charge of the children and were also teaching them basic lessons.

Any able bodied freed slaves, whether they be men or women were given the choice between planting crops he had brought with him from his own world. Mainly, potatoes, carrots and a few other miscellaneous foods. Thankfully the supplies they already had managed to last long enough for the first harvest to come along, something that came around quicker due to his skills in potions. The other job included been trained to fight.

He already had five thousand cavalry, what he needed was foot soldiers. Only a few had signed up for this job, around a hundred give or take a few.

While most Dothraki were currently involved in building and patrolling the surrounding area, around a thousand were out doing other missions he had assigned them. Some were going to and from the Red Waste, others were escorting a small village of Lhazareen towards Black Dothrak in hopes of showing that they could have a secure home. The final mission was to hunt down some of the few animals in the Dothraki Sea and bring the meat back to the settlement.

The latter was not going as successfully as he had hoped, but it didn't matter as the Dothraki would improve with time.

"Khal Hadrian." Drargo pushed aside the flaps that lead to Hadrian's room and stared at the form of his Khal laid upon his bed between Tasiri and Lissi's naked forms. Grunting, Hadrian moved down and sat at the edge of the bed.

"What is it?" Hadrian could safely say that out of all the Dothraki in his Khalasar, Drargo was one of the few truly loyal to him. In fact, Drargo had been one of the few Dothraki to believe that Magic could be something more than destructive and evil. Not to mention, Hadrian had avenged the death of his father by killing the previous Khal.

"Our riders from the Lhazar village to the south has returned. From what we can see, around five hundred are going to be flooding into the settlement within less than an hour." Brushing aside some of his hair, Hadrian got to his feet and pulled on his Basilisk-hide pants, forgoing any armour or his top.

"Is that it?" Drargo shook his head and his nervous form became even more nervous. "Well?"

"It seems another Khalasar is making their way towards us." Hadrian hummed in thought and strapped his Broadsword to his hip, his other weapons lay in the tent. Tasiri and Lissi would look after them, they always did. They had been slaves for the previous Khal and their job was to clean and sharpen his Arakh, that's all they knew and so Hadrian allowed them to do that for him now.

"How many?" The two stepped out through the flaps and into the outside. It was incredibly warm like it always was and a quick Cooling Charm kept him from overheating.

"Ten, twenty thousand." Externally, Hadrian was frowning, but internally he was jumping for joy. With the size of his Khalasar, the Khal coming towards him would never accept a challenge as it was beneath them. Then again, Hadrian was no normal Khal. He was a Wizard that had collected all the Deathly Hallows and became the Master of Death. A simple suggestion to accept his challenge like he did for the last Khal was well within his morals.

In fact, Hadrian had very few left. He could kill in cold blood and wouldn't even lose any sleep over it. He would torture and violate peoples mind to gain information he needed and wouldn't lose any sleep. There were somethings he was unwilling to do such as, rape, killing children and enslaving others.

Back to the matter at hand, Hadrian and Drargo had met at the western entrance where the Dothraki Khalasar was coming. Currently they were nowhere to be seen, but in time they would arrive.

In total, there was a hundred Dothraki riders surrounding him, each tense and gripping their weapons tightly.

Kneeling down, Hadrian placed one hand on the ground and let his Magic flow into it. The Druid ability to sense vibrations in the ground only stretched around a mile subconsciously however, when he actively focuses on this he can stretch that distance to around fifty miles. Using this ability, Hadrian had made out that there was around fifteen thousand coming towards him and every few minutes that number would increase by five hundred.

Sighing, Hadrian stood up and turned to face the Dothraki around him. "There are twenty-five thousand moving towards us as we speak, within three hours they will be here. I want riders sent out recalling our patrols, hunters and scavengers." Around fifteen people began rushing towards in the direction of their horses. "The rest, get your weapons and be on full alert, I want those that can't fight taken to Great Hall and to hold up there." The rest of the Dothraki began rushing throughout the village to warn the villagers.

Hadrian and Drargo remained behind.

"What do you plan to do?" Hadrian smirked and raised the Elder Wand into the air. Magic shot into the air before an invisible dome spread out to protect the settlement. It was a Calming Ward that would stop people from attacking temporarily so that Hadrian could at least negotiate and then challenge the Khal before he attacked.

Either way though, Hadrian had to make sure the settlement was prepared if battle broke out. He was planning to run drills for sieges as to give the settlement knowledge on how to act should it truly happen.

-X- Line Break -X-

The desert was quiet, neither side doing anything except studying one another. On one side, there nineteen thousand Dothraki riders and six thousand slaves. The slaves themselves were in little wooden pens that were very rough and put together quickly. The Dothraki themselves were seated upon horses with weapons in hand.

Just outside Black Dothrak was Hadrian's on Khalasar. They were bunched up in a tight formation so that they could drive a wedge straight into their ranks.

As was tradition, the Khal of the smaller Khalasar must ride towards the camp of the larger Khalasar. So, Hadrian followed by Drargo and two other trusted Dothraki entered the camp. He was dressed in his full armoured gear, while his Dothraki riders were also dressed in full leather armour that had been inscribed with Runes that increased their defensive capabilities.

"You are no Khal." Hadrian didn't say anything, instead his emerald eyes bore into the black eyes of Khal Moro. The man in question smacked the leg of one of his Bloodrider's and lifted up his long hair. "He is a weak Khal." The three Bloodrider's laughed alongside him and Hadrian found it difficult to see how that was funny.

"The way I see it," Hadrian spoke up getting the attention of Khal Moro and his Bloodrider's. "Your long hair is because you are making up for your tiny cocks." Khal Moro snarled at the insult and stood to his full height. He was taller than Hadrian by a few inches and was much bulkier.

"You ain't gonna survive long, little Khal. Your people will be enslaved, your women fucked and then we will tear your puny village to the ground." Crossing his arms over his chest, Hadrian looked up at Khal Moro with a smirk. Their eyes locked once more and in that moment, Hadrian cast a spell upon him that would increase the man's anger and the man would also be more agreeable. An odd choice, but if used in the correct way then it could result in devastating results.

"Why involve our Khalasar in this matter. No needless Dothraki blood should be spilled in this battle. Since the founding of the Dothraki you've simply being raiders that fought amongst yourselves for this piece or that piece of food." Many of the Dothraki looked confused on what Hadrian was trying to say, but they nodded their heads in agreement with what he was saying. "We've killed our brother and sisters simply because we want to increase the size of Khalasar. Together, not even the Masters and their cities could stand against us."

Now the Dothraki began to understand what Hadrian was saying and it was obvious they liked the sound of it.

"Why should we condemn our children to a life filled with piss and shit?" Hadrian looked at some of the faces of the Dothraki. "Khal Moro and all the other Khal's want to continue our old and outdated traditions. I want to create something more, something better. Join me, and we can create that." A few Dothraki even cheered in agreement with what Hadrian said. Though that was partly due to Hadrian's magic bringing out the desire to do exactly what he was saying.

"Enough!" Khal Moro roared, silencing those cheering. Hadrian was unperturbed by this and turned to face the trembling form of Khal Moro. "I will kill you where you stand." He outstretched one hand and one of his Bloodrider's placed his Arakh into the Khal's waiting hand.

"You can try." Hadrian taunted.

The fight began almost as soon as he had finished speaking.

Khal Moro swung his Arakh round and Hadrian raised both hands and the blade collided with his armguards. Hadrian braced himself against the strength that Khal Moro possessed as he began pushing against him. One thing Hadrian had learned in his time in this world was that the people of this world were much stronger than anyone from his past world. It was taking all he had, even with the Body Improving Rituals he had gone through just to stop Khal Moro from overpowering him.

Lowering his centre of gravity, Hadrian allowed his guard to drop and the Arakh cut through the air where his head once was. He then followed up with an uppercut to Khal Moro's abdomen and unleashed a jab-cross-jab combo to the Khal's face.

Khal Moro grunted in pain and stumbled backwards. Still, the man had some sense to swing his blade around to stop Hadrian from capitalising upon his temporary weaknesses.

Snorting in amusment, Hadrian and his Dothraki shared an amused glance, something that didn't go unnoticed by the now recovered Khal Moro and with a roar the man charged forward.

Lazily, Hadrian spun round the downward slash so that he was now behind the Khal and then his arms shot out. Both hands gripped hold of the Khal's neck and ragged it backwards pulling him to the ground. Raising one foot into the air he slammed it down onto the man's head repeatedly.

No one looked away, each watching as Khal Moro's head slowly was broken apart into pieces until he was dead.

The Bloodrider's got to their feet with Arakh's in hand. Hadrian regarded them coolly as his own Dothraki stepped forwards. The Bloodrider's shared a glance and Hadrian picked out the way they tensed in preparation to attack. He simply reacted before they could.

His hand gripped his daggers and launched them at two before throwing at the outside two. The small blades embedded all the way to the hilt in the men's necks, while Hadrian drew one of his two short swords. In a singular movement he parried the Arakh and then driving it through the final Bloodrider's chest.

Pulling his blade free, he wiped both sides on his sleeve as to get rid of the blood on it before turning to face the Dothraki.

"I beat your Khal. I beat his Bloodrider's. By right, you are my Khalasar." Already a few Dothraki had dropped to their knees. "You answer to me, if you don't like what I am doing then that's your problem. Make any attempt to undermine me and I will have you killed." It was a show of strength, all Khal's did it and all the Dothraki dropped to their knees. "Free the slaves and enter Black Dothrak. Together, we will rebuild this world."

-X- Line Break -X-

Another few months passed, marking it as a year since he arrived in this new world and already he had started building his army. Black Dothrak was already larger than Vaes Dothrak with a population of three hundred thousand. Half of which were freed slaves, a quarter were Dothraki and another quarter was made up of Lhazareen.

The Lhazareen were given the job of caring for animals. They made sure that they were fed, that they were mating, etc. The slaves were mainly taught things like cooking, building, growing crops and some were even learning how to wield weapons from some of the older Dothraki. As for the Dothraki themselves, the continued patrolling the area and would direct any travellers looking for Black Dothrak towards it. They were also hunting, bringing stone from the Red Waste, but they were mainly training.

One thing Hadrian had found incredibly stupid about the Dothraki lifestyle was the fact that they trained with proper Arakh's and not training swords. Now he had sort that problem out and the Dothraki were learning from their mistakes without it costing them their lives and the results spoke for themselves.

Around a week ago, an arrogant Khal with a Khalasar of around one thousand attacked a patrol. Hadrian had prepared for such an event and the patrol knew exactly what to do.

They retreated back towards Black Dothrak where those on guard at the settlement could see. They would alert some of the Dothraki simply relaxing and they would ride out. Five hundred of his Dothraki fought against a thousand and emerged victorious with only a hundred dead and three hundred injured. This was all down to the runes engraved into the leather armour that was now a required thing to wear.

As for the enemy Khalasar, they had lost seven hundred and their remaining three hundred were in varying states of injury. Hadrian had done two things. First he healed those that had been injured, both enemy and ally alike before allowing the enemy to join his Khalasar. This worked in his favour as he gained an additional one hundred warriors. The second thing he did was to use his skills Necromancy and turn those that had died into Inferi. No one knew of this and it stayed that way.

For you see, multiple areas around the town had large underground caverns built by Hadrian himself. Those that died, whether it be in battle or due to natural causes were turned into Inferi and stored here. When he wished it, the Inferi would be unleased upon any invader.

The Great Hall was still in the centre of it all and Hadrian's own personal quarters had been placed there. Surrounding the Great Hall were multiple food stalls and also a few merchant stalls, but they were lacking in number due to the settlement been relatively new. Then there were the houses that had been erected at even higher rate due to more workers and Hadrian had even got multiple workers to join him in building a proper sewage system, though that was a work in progress.

Next was the wall, it was easily twenty feet high and it was still growing in height. Hadrian planned to have the wall end at around thirty to forty feet. All along it were guards that were once slaves that had begun training under the Dothraki.

Overall, Hadrian's Khalasar had grown from twenty-four thousand to seventy-five thousand. This had been mainly because he had riders sent out to other Khal's and challenged them to one on one duels as to gain their Khalasar. He had defeated them and had gained more trained warriors because of it.

Hadrian looked down at the table he had crafted with the help of a few carpenters in the shape of Essos. It had all the borders, cities both abandoned and occupied, towns, villages, forests and mountains. It had taken a while, but he had persevered and now he had a full map of Essos. From this he could now plan on what he wanted to do next.

With his army now numbering seventy-seven thousand when including the freed slaves, he knew that he could probably take one of the three great city-states of Slavers Bay, which are Meeren, Yunkai and Astapor. However, he couldn't conquer one city without the other two responding and attacking either the city he takes or Black Dothrak.

Therefore, he only had one option available. To increase the size of his army. He had a large amount of cavalry, now he needed foot soldiers. What better than the finest infantry troops in the World, the Unsullied? Slaves trained to be elite warrior-eunuchs that are trained as children to be the greatest killing machines in the World. They weren't cheap though. Thankfully he had more than enough gold to purchase what he needed and gold was very valuable in this world.

-X- Line Break -X-

Illyrio Mopatis, a merchant-prince and Magister of the Free City of Pentos. He was a rich and powerful man, someone that also had lots to lose. Perhaps that's why he's so worried, pacing around his solar as he thought of how his plans had changed due to unfortunate events.

A new arrival, an anomaly. That's what this…Khal Hadrian is. An anomaly, someone that didn't quite fit, but was there anyway. Vary's spy network of children he called his, 'Little birds' had found nothing on Khal Hadrian's background. It was like he appeared out of nowhere, killed Khal and became one himself. Now he had a Khalasar of seventy-five thousand men and had even built a settlement called Black Dothrak.

Nothing was known about his abilities except the fact that he was a great warrior.

On the outside this didn't affect his plans at all. Khal Drogo was on his way to Pentos now to meet his bride to be, Daenerys Targaryen. With him, Khal Drogo would bring an army of forty thousand that would then help Viserys Targaryen take his rightful place as King of Westeros.

However, this could all change if Viserys learns of a Khalasar even bigger than the one he was getting. If this happened then Viserys would demand that he marry his wife off to Khal Hadrian and Illyrio was not willing to do that for two reasons.

The first being the fact that Drogo was easy to cater for, he wanted an exotic wife and Daenerys was exotic. If Viserys decided against Daenerys marrying Drogo then there would be an insulted Khal with a Khalasar of forty thousand after their heads. The second reason was that Illyrio didn't know anything about Khal Hadrian. He didn't know how to influence Khal Hadrian and it scared him.

The next problem about Khal Hadrian was the fact that Illyrio didn't know how the man thought. They had no spies amongst his midst, they had no idea what was happening in Black Dothrak and if Khal Hadrian decided to one day attack Khal Drogo, then they wouldn't know until it was too late.

That was something he couldn't allow. His plans depended on Viserys or Daenerys making it to Westeros and causing chaos.

With Westeros only just beginning to recover from Robert's Rebellion, Viserys arrival was perfect. There was a fifty-fifty chance of Viserys either winning or losing, but no matter what the result was, his plans would finally be accomplished.

-X- Line Break -X-

Drargo and five other Dothraki burst into their Khal's room in a rush when they heard a scream of shock from one of the two women inside. He and the five others were Hadrian's personal guard and had been posted outside his room. No one had gotten past them, no one.

So imagine their surprise when they saw a mysterious man stood before his partially dressed Khal, Hadrian's blade resting dangerously close to the man's neck. On the bed, Tasiri and Lissi sat huddled up against one another, the thin sheet covering their nakedness. The six of them spread out, two stood by the door with the other four circling around the man.

"Who are you, foreigner?" Drargo asked harshly. The man regarded him curiously before turning back to face Hadrian.

"Go on, answer him." Hadrian urged after seeing the look of questioning from the man.

"I am no one." Was the vague answer. The so called, 'no one' leaned his head to one side as Hadrian's blade pressed deeper against his throat. Something dangerous much have flashed in the Khal's eyes as a Hadrian finally got to see the first flicker of emotion in the man's eyes; fear.

"You're real name." Hadrian growled.

"You may call me Jaqen H'gar, master." The now named Jaqen bowed.

"Master?" It was Drargo that asked the question this time. The other Dothraki were still tense, even if Hadrian had lowered his blade and joined Tasiri and Lissi in bed once more, the two women were still nervous but relaxed slightly.

"We serve the Many-Faced God and it serves you." Realisation hit Hadrian as he finally understood what the man was here for. It was not to kill him, but to serve him.

"You may leave." Hadrian dismissed the guards and while reluctant, they left. Before they did however, he cast a quick Memory Charm on them so that they wouldn't remember what had happened. "What do you want?"

"We are servants of the Many-Faced God. It serves you and we serve you as well." Jaqen bowed once more. "What is your wish, master?"

Hadrian mulled over on what he could use the followers of Death or the Faceless Men as they were called for. The Faceless Men were Guild of Assassins with a reputation for succeeding in every mission they ever take on. It is they have the ability to change their physical features allowing them to become anyone at any time. It sounded exactly like the Metamorphmagus ability.

An ability like that would be excellent for spying. That just so happened to be the thing he was lacking most in this world. A spy network.

"Tell me Jaqen, how far does your organisation spread?" Jaqen gave that fake smile that Hadrian was beginning to associate with the man.

"We are spread far and wide, one need only look." Nodding his head, Hadrian realised that he had a spy network in the space of a few minutes that could have taken him years to build.

"I want you to build me a spy network." Jaqen bowed and then left the room. Smirking Hadrian turned to the two confused women and after wiping the memory of the past few minutes, he watched as their face became that of sinful delight. It didn't take long until the room was filled with moans of pleasure.

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