He is walking through the district at an ungodly hour. Trying to clear his head, he's mad. Hating the world, hating himself, hating his life, and most of all hating her. He's heard the rumors, she's was seen with Darius. Drinking with him at the hob, they are seen laughing, touching, and kissing.

Delly with a smug look tells him "They say she walked to the peacekeepers barracks afterwards."

He saw red. He's kicking, throwing and hitting everything within reach. Delly grabs at her swollen belly protectively and backs away. 'Good' he thinks, stay away from me. He stormed out then.

He'd been in a drunken stupor for two days, wallowing in self pity. He reaches the meadow to watch the sunrise like they use to. He was all cried out. He really has no one to blame but himself.

He had finally worked up the nerve to talk to her after Gale and Leevy walked in to order a cake for their toasting. His dad looks at him with hope in his eyes and tells him "You will be responsible for the trades from now on". Peeta just nods his head. He can't believe his luck.

It takes time but after a few months she agrees to go for a walk with him. Then a couple of months after that she agrees to become his girlfriend. Their bashfully kisses and shy touches turn into passionate kisses and hungry urgent caress. They both agree to wait until their toasting to give themselves completely to each other. Still they continue pleasuring one another with their hands and their mouths.

When that fateful day arrives they are finally free, their toasting set for the following week. Peeta's never been happier. She is to celebrate with her family and him with his. Then they are to meet afterward to celebrate with their friends in one of the empty house in the victor village. Why didn't he stay home? Why did he drink too much? Why didn't he wait for her to show before he started drinking?"

Although he can usually handle his liquor by his second drink he is feeling dizzy and wasted. Delly hands him one more drink then everything goes blank.

The following morning he wakes up without any clothes and a naked Delly next to him.

No, no please god no! He can't think, he can't breathe. This can't be happening. Katniss will never forgive him. He'll never forgive himself.

Rye said Katniss walk into the party and went looking for him. Must have found them in one of the rooms. She ran out crying. Heartbroken.

He went to her house begging for forgiveness. With puffy red rim eyes she tells him it's over.

A month later he's at the justice building being forced to marry to a pregnant Delly. He refuses to toast with her, they can't make him. He won't touch her. This is his punishment to himself and to her.

As he walks back to the shoe shop he tries once again to make sense of it all. He never saw Delly that way nor her him. He even thought Delly was seeing someone. He walks into the shop Delly asks "Where have you been"

He just glares and her. He will not pretend to be happy, this marriage will be worst then his parents.

A couple nights' later Delly said "I think the baby's coming."

"It's not possible, you still have a month to go" he tells her.

"It happens sometimes, premature" she says.

"If you say so" he says.

Their families wait in the living room for the news. His mom and dad hope for a girl. He can't even get worked up about it.

It's a boy and big boy at that, olive skin, black hair and seam grey eyes.

His mom throws a fit. Screaming that if her son is going to raise a seam brat that at least it should be his and not some other mans. "Grab your things Peeta, we're going home" she bellows.

When everything settled down he wants answers. How could she do this to him, they were friends.

"I was scared. I wasn't thinking straight, God I'm so sorry." Delly tell him. "And Peeta, nothing happened that night. I put something in your drinks and it most have been too much. You were too far gone to do anything or to remember afterwards."

As he walks out of the shop, he sees Thom standing there. "I had asked her to marry me. The night of her final reaping" he looks at the shop with longing.

"I never touched her, Thom. Even after we were married" he tells him.

His next stop is the justice building to see about an annulment. He looks down and sees a dandelion. He feels a little spark of hope. Maybe, just maybe he could win Katniss back.