"Theodore! Get your little furry butt here right this moment!" Harry bellowed making Fenrir startle. He turned around wide-eyed to his little mate to see Harry staking up next to him with Patch balanced on his hip and Niniel holding his free hand. Joseph was holding onto the back of Harry's jeans trailing along behind him. "Marie! I swear to Merlin if you do not come over here right this moment you are in big trouble!" he added in an equal bellow turning in nearly the opposite direction.

Fenrir shook his head a little as he watched the two pups trooping back over to where they were standing. The little group had been so unruly for so long, and yet Harry had stepped into their lives, pulled them in close, and they responded to him immediately.

And Merlin but did it do things to him watching Harry fuss over the Cubs and have them trail around after him like little werewolf chicks as Harry liked to call them.

"Sorry," Theo pouted looking up at Harry with wounded blue eyes through his riot of blonde curls.

"Do not give me those eyes Mr, they don't work. I told you to stay with me," Harry frowned at the little boy.

"Sorry Harry," Theo pouted a little more before shooting a look to Fenrir.

"Do not even think about it," Harry raised his eyebrow.

"What?" Theo smiled innocently.

"Do not try and give Fenrir the puppy dog eyes into getting you out of trouble, I know he gives in easily, but that only works when I am not with him," Harry rolled his eyes.

"I don't give in easily!" Fenrir protested. He little out a grumbling growl, crossing his arms, when the six of them turned to look at him incredulously. It was also scarily nearly an identical expression on each of their faces. "You be quiet," He turned his glare onto Greg who was standing close by and clearly watching everything with amusement.

He found the whole thing amusing really, watching Fenrir go from someone who did not have relationships, wasn't really interested in them, and had sworn off settling down, and now he had a mate that he had gone up against Voldemort for, and a little flock of kids who were getting more and more attached to not only Harry, but Fenrir as well. Greg held his hands up innocently, his blue eyes glittering amused.

Huffing Fenrir bent to lift Marie up, settling her on his shoulders, reaching down in time to heft Theo up to his chest as the little scamp started climbing him.

Harry pinched his lips together trying not to look too amused himself as he took in the sight of Fenrir standing there, his tall frame as intimidating as ever, however he was softened by Marie, her red hair a riot around her face sitting on his shoulders, her little hands holding onto his grey hair and Theo clinging onto his front chattering about what they had been up to. Fenrir dropped his annoyed look, and instead concentrated on what he was being told.

"You have love hearts forming in your eyes," Greg said softly from where he had sidled up to him.

"Quiet you," Harry rolled his eyes, honestly the man lived for teasing people.

"Are you ready?" Fenrir asked walking over to them.

"Ready, come on you lot," Harry started herding their bunch down the gardens. The kids laughing and chattering excitedly. He quickly lowered Theo and Maria to the floor, the two of them racing after the others.

"Are you ready?" Greg asked seriously as they walked at a more sedate pace after them.

"What do you mean?" Fenrir asked.

"Celebrating a moon together, it's serious. This isn't just bonding over books and meals. This is a moon, those kids will be bonded to you in a way that can never be undone, and you and Harry bonded to them. You need to be sure," Greg warned.

"I told Harry that we could keep them," Fenrir grunted.

"Not answering my question my friend," Greg shook his head. With a sigh Fenrir turned whisky eyes to Gre, meeting his blue eyes and stopped avoiding the question.

"I like it. Love it. Spending time with them, with Harry, together as a family. A few months ago I would never have thought I would, but then Harry exploded into my life and I have found myself wanting things that I thought I had long forgotten," Fenrir sighed.

He turned back to watch Harry laughing with the kids, they were running in circles around him and he could hear them laughing and joking, teasing each other and calling out encouragement. They were their normal rowdy, playful selves, but Harry was letting them have their fun and keeping control of them at the same time.

"It is good, seeing them happy," Greg smiled. "They have been different since Harry, you have been different,"

"In a good way or a bad way?" Fenrir asked dryly.

"Definitely good, we were worried you were going to go feral on us for a little while," Fenrir started at the admission. "We tried to be enough for you, to anchor you. But it is not the same. Now though you have him to look after and protect, promises to keep. And you have kids to look after and love,"


"It's ok. I know," Greg patted him on the back. "By the way, Niniel is determined that she will become your successor as Alpha,"

Fenrir turned to look a little shocked at the dark haired girl, his and Harry's oldest girl he supposed, and then smiled fondly. "I'm not shocked,"

"She will be good at it," Greg nodded.

"Fenrir!" Harry called.

"Whipped!" Greg coughed poorly disguising his words as Fenrir perked up and started hurrying over. The growl he let out was not polite and managed to make Greg cower back slightly automatically. Looking pleased with himself Fenrir turned and hurried over to Harry, scooping Marie off the floor and holding her giggling under his arm as he bent to brush a kiss to Harry's cheek.

"Ready for this?" Fenrir asked.

"Ready," Harry smiled. He bit his lip looking more than a little nervous, but Fenrir could see that he was sure about the choice that he had made.

Facing a moon with a werewolf was serious, and meant more than anyone could imagine. He had tried to impress upon Harry the seriousness of his choice, but he knew until the moon rose he could not fully understand.

The cubs were all shivering with excitement and high from it, this was the first moon that they would be spending with someone other than their carers and babysitters, and they could all feel and knew what it meant for them to spending the moon with himself and Harry. There was a quiver of excitement going out over the pack as well as they watched their Alpha with his mate and cubs preparing for their moon together.

This was announcing it officially, this was making a declaration. Even though the cubs now had rooms attached to Fenrir's own, even though Harry had practically moved into Fenrir's rooms, this was the true statement meaning that their Alpha had finally settled down with a family, that they were not going to lose their Alpha to the unmated madness.

And Merlin, it may have been the moment, but to Fenrir, Harry had never looked more beautiful. Standing moonlit and glowing, his black hair like shadows, green eyes glowing with happiness and nerves as he rounded their rowdy cubs up and kept them in order.

It was a quiet power Harry possessed, a quiet strength. And that was what Fenrir needed. He didn't need another Alpha like himself who wore power as a second skin, but he needed someone who could stand at his side too. Harry summed that up perfectly, all wrapped in a beautiful package with a kind heart and loving nature.

"Fenrir?" Harry asked confused as the Alpha stepped close up to him, without a beat Fenrir reached down and drew the younger man against his taller frame, dipping his head down to press a deep and lingering kiss to his lips. Harry groaned happily and pressed close to him, winding his arms around Fenrir's neck and opening his mouth to him.

Fenrir's wolf was too close to the surface with the moon, and the growl he let out when he smelt Harry's arousal made a few around them blush. He had iron control, but even that was being pushed to its limits. Having Harry so close all the time, sleeping with him in his arms of a night time, waking up to his beautiful face and delicate figure sprawled out over his bed, their bed, of a morning, it was all pushing his wolf to the edge, and he did not think that he could last much longer before he drew Harry close and pressed himself into his beautiful, hot body.

However, no matter how much he desired Harry, he loved him more, and he would not take Harry until the wizard wanted it. Which going by the scent coming off of him would not be much longer.

"Harry," Fenrir groaned against Harry's lips. "I wanted to give you a moon present,"

"Is that a euphemism?" Harry scrunched his nose a little.

"No," Fenrir laughed. "It is as it sounds, a gift given upon the moon, normally the first moon together,"

"Oh, I didn't get you anything," Harry frowned looking a little upset.

"Honestly the fact that you are here is gift enough," Fenrir shook his head drawing Harry close for another kiss.

"I don't think it is a fair exchange, but ok," Harry said doubtfully.

"Trust me, it is," Fenrir chuckled. "Dumbledore will be dead, by the end of tonight," Fenrir said softly. Harry's breath caught in his chest and he stared wide eyed at the alpha, his brain spinning.

Fenrir combed his fingers through Harry's hair pulling him close as he watched Harry concerned.

"I...part of me is saying that I should feel bad, and I know that that part is the part of me he created and used. I'm...I want him out of my life...I want him... I want to be safe, I want you to be safe, I want our cubs to be safe," Harry admitted softly.

"And that is what you will be, it is what I will make sure you are. With Dumbledore out of the picture, you will be safe, we all will. We can get on with our lives," Fenrir promised huskily.

Harry stared at him for a few beats and Fenrir was worried that this was going to be the moment that Harry baulked at what he had signed up for, where he turned and ran from the reality of what Fenrir would do, what he would allow, for freedom and safety.

And then the wizard was throwing his arms around Fenrir again and yanking him down into a firm kiss. He grumbled happily against those plush lips. Harry. Was. Perfect.

Fenrir howled happily as he watched Harry chasing Theo and Niniel around the clearing, nipping playfully at their heels as they yipped in excitement. Patch had somehow ended up curled up on his own back, balanced precariously, but seemingly quite content. Marie and Joseph were bounding around the clearing happily, sniffing and exploring under his watchful eye.

They had spent most of the night romping around the woods playing, the others of the pack were close by, close enough Fenrir could keep his senses on them all, but they were giving the new family the privacy they needed on their first moon together. The cubs were excited and high from being with a family for the moon, and between himself and Harry, they had just about been able to keep them contained.

Mind he could not blame them, it was all that he had not to bounce around barking and howling with joy himself. As it was he alternated between romping around with the cubs and chasing around after Harry. His mate was watching him amused, and whenever he chased Harry, green eyes would glow warmly at him before the younger man entertained him.

A soft yip had him concentrating again as his face was shoved at with a small paw, turning his nipped playfully at Marie who shook her red fur and yipped excitedly at him before bounding off. Shaking his head he pounced after her, making all the motions of capturing her and then letting her go. A small howl proceeded a little body bouncing into his side, and he let out a small chuff of amusement as he looked down to see Joseph sitting next to him, his tongue lolling out and a pleased expression on his face.

The yelp Joseph let out when Harry stalked silently behind him and lifted him by his scruff made Fenrir snicker as best he could in wolf form, but he helped Harry round up their errant cubs and get them into a small pile. Harry clearly intended to try and have the cubs settle down and have a sleep, though he doubted that they would have much luck with how excited they were. But Harry was right, keeping them settled and contained was probably the best thing right now, otherwise, they would not be in much of a fit state for anything over the next couple of days.

He growled seriously and nipped at the air when Marie tried sneaking away as Harry was nudging Theo back into place with his paw. A lot of whining and huffing took place until they were all settled and in place. He curled himself around the front of them where Harry had had them lie in the roots of a tree, and he nudged Harry into place protected by his own body before he could settle himself.

Harry pressed his cool nose to Fenrir's muzzle happily before he turned to look at their cubs, watching them play and wrestle with each other, though they did not dare leave the little nest Harry had placed them in.

Fenrir nuzzled into the warmth of Harry's fur, breathing in the scent of mate, home and their cubs. He gently rested his head onto Harry's shoulder before he settled down to keep a watchful eye on their cubs as well.

The sound of his pack running around them, the sounds of his cubs playing and yipping excitedly, the sound and smell of Harry under him, all of it made something warm fill his heart.

This bound Harry and the cubs to him tighter than they had all been before. They were close to winning the war. They were close to a happily ever after that he had not believed that he deserved, or would ever get. But here they were, his happily ever after. And he pitied the person that tried to take that from him.