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You could say it was a slam duck as soon as Mark Rossi and his wife stepped into the diner. It was just what they wanted, as for the living area it was perfect with the extra bedrooms for when their children and grand children came to visit.

Tony added the computer and the program that McGee had written into the sale. It worked well for him so he saw no reason it wouldn't work for the Rossi's as well. In the long run it would save them a lot of trouble.

As for the Ladies and Ben, they soon found themselves not as bosses but as extended family members. When Donna Rossi sat down with Miss Sally to talk about the church baking she found a kindred spirit.

Ben look so sad when Tony told him he was leaving, like a child that had lost his favorite toy. "Ben, listen you're going to love working with Donna and Mark they were both teachers I know that they plan on teaching you more just like I was doing." It was hard leaving Ben but he knew that the Rossi's could do so much more for him.

He hugged them all leaving Miss Sally for last, he had come to admire the older woman. He also knew that under the rough exterior lay a heart of gold. He was going to miss them all , Miss Sally she will always hold a special place in his heart.

"I'm really sorry, as much as I want to stay and make a life here, I just can't put you all in danger. It would hurt me too much if anything happened to any of you because of me."

"We understand, and we love you all the more for it. Promise that you will write from time to time."

"I promise Miss Sally. By the way, you do know that George is a widower he eats a lot of his meals in fast food places, he comes here too. Might be nice if you invited him over for Sunday supper after church, that is."

"Are you trying to play matchmaker on me Tony?"

"Well a little might have rubbed off on me, he is a nice man and he eats far too many meals that are not the best for him. I also noticed a couple of his green shirts had buttons sewed on with bright pink thread. All I'm saying is he could use a woman's touch. Next time he is in here sneak a peak at him, he smiles when ever you are around."

He knew he hit pay dirt when she smiled slightly only this time the smile stayed in her eyes making them sparkle.

He didn't look back once he was out the door, seeing Matt by his car holding two brown paper bags. Tony hand to hold back a laugh he knew what was in the bags, mason jars full of a flavorful product. They had drank all of Tony's three nights before while they packed up his things.

"I'd put it in the trunk if I was you."

"Good idea, thanks for this you didn't have too."

"I'm sorry you have to go. I understand why, but it still stinks."

"I don't want to leave Matt, I just can't put the people I've come to love and respect in any danger, You guys don't have the staff to put a guard in the diner and I really can't afford to pay for one either.

Matt nods his head understanding completely. "So call when you stop for the night okay. I put Molly in the back seat , Tom did a great job of making the temporary divider. I don't think he would have liked being cooped up in his crate for hours."

"Not one bit he would have yowled and made a fuss."

"Is your new place all ready?"

"All set between Morgan refitting the bathroom shower with safety bars, Gibbs being there when all my stuff was delivered in the moving truck. I'm good."

"How did you find a house so fast anyway?"

"Agent Morgan he flips houses, he had a good deal for me. I also have a chair lift for the stairs."

"How did you manage that?"

"Funny thing about that, Rossi told me that after eating crow with a side of humble pie Gibbs finally went down to the BAU to apologize to Penelope with a gift of a very pretty china tea pot for one and a tin of tea. If I had to guess Ducky told him what kind of tea. Anyway he stepped in the BAU bullpen talking on his cell yelling at who ever was on the other end. All of the agents just stared and watched him, no one usually raises their voices in that bullpen, they like to keep the stress level down. Agent Hotchner and his team were watching and listening to him for a few minutes it was Penelope who finally took things in hand. She reached over and took the cell out of Gibbs hand. She started to talk to the person in a very sweet voice. She told them that the chair lift was being installed into a home of an agent that had a career ending injury. That he was returning after home after spending some time with some old friends. That she was sure they could reach some kind of an understanding, other wise she would have to go to every website that helped agents, military and police personal, assisting them to settle into civilian life, and leave a bad reviews, for their chair and for bad costumer service and broken promises, that they were only in it for the money and really didn't care about the people they were suppose to be helping. It didn't take long for them to agree to make the delivery that day. She even got them to give back ten percent. Then she promised that I would make glowing recommendations for their system. You know what the kicker was she told them that she was only a concerned citizen that happened to worked for the FBI. I think that's why they caved."

"I'm so glad I never got on her bad side."

" Most people are." Tony sighed then shifted his weight on his legs ever since the shooting his legs have been giving him trouble. "I have a spare bedroom you and your beautiful wife should come and see me, I'll feed you something nice and fattening just so your wife can. . ."

"You will always be smartass Tony, don't ever change." After a quick hug and a firm handshake Matt watched his friend drive away.

Tony didn't drive straight through he stopped once to stretch and to let Molly go and walk in some grass on a leash. A night in a pet friendly hotel, skipping the hotel breakfast he stopped at a coffee shop for coffee and a burrito, for Molly a scrambled egg, he also ate most of Tony's strawberries.

They pulled into the driveway of their new home not long after three in the afternoon. It was a new start and in a way Tony knew that he would be safer in the long run. Now he just needed to find something to do.

He had to laugh when Abby came barreling out of the house with Gibbs standing at the open door just watching. Yeah it was good to be home.