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A lot of things happened the summer after Amethyst's fourth year at Hogwarts, looking back she could safely say that it was then that marked the change within her. Of course the Dark Lord had returned, she was slandered far too many times to count and her supposed best friends kept her so far out of the loop it was ridiculous. But none of these things mattered so much compared to meeting a man who called himself Isamu, he was originally born in Japan but when he was born was another matter entirely. He claimed to be over four hundred years old, and Amethyst saw no reason he would lie to her, he wasn't magical in the sense that she was, but he did have magic. He was the commander of a great spiritual magic, he told her that his longevity was partly down to his connection with the Gods but that mostly it was because he was waiting. The Gods had shown him many things in his life, none more reoccurring than the image of a girl with a scar on her forehead. He had waited for this girl to show up, not knowing when but waiting all the same. When she was finally born he continued waiting, only this time he watched the girl grow up, saw her kind heart and gentle nature and knew why he was shown this girl and why he had lived as long as he had.

He was a master of many skills, the owner of many titles. He was skilled in fighting, both in weapons and hand-to-hand combat, he had many languages at his disposal and knew many histories. For it is our past that shows us the future, he had told her once upon a time. Isamu knew medicine, obscure healing remedies that not many knew of or used. He was a man gifted with many talents and his job was to pass them on to the girl with the lightning scar. For it was she who was destined for a greatness far beyond his understanding.

Of course she was sceptical at first, until the gravity of her situation sunk in and she decided that learning from him wouldn't harm her and would help against her fight with Voldemort.

So for the next couple of summers and Christmas holidays she was training with Isamu, right up until her seventeenth birthday where the fight with Voldemort really began. She could hold her own in a hand-to-hand fight, was highly skilled in archery though her swordsmanship needed work. Sufficed to say that when it came down to fighting against Voldemort in the Final Battle, after she had sacrificed herself to destroy the horcrux within her, Amethyst was woefully underestimated.

Everyone thought she'd stick around and she did for a while, long enough to see her friends settle down and then she left with Isamu. She continued her training with him and travelled the world, she saw the Seven Wonders of the World, learned many languages and studied harder than she ever had before. The life of a nomad suited her well, her soul yearned for adventure. For four years she spent learning everything she could from Isamu, from the skills only a shaolin warrior possess to coveted secrets any historian would love to get their hands on. She became skilled in things she never thought about, hunting, tracking, how to detect lies, languages and great deal more.

But eventually her time with Isamu came to an end, though he never said goodbye to her, she knew the moment he took her to Shinseina hi no Yama, Mountain of the Sacred Fire, that this was their final destination. A mountain volcano that remained hidden to all but those few that were chosen at birth, a great forest lies on its doorstep and both the trees and mountain are sacred and holy for it is said that it is there where the Gods come to their eternal rest.

"This is a journey you must do alone, I cannot enter these trees with you," Isamu told her as they stood on the edge of the forest, the mountain looming in the distance. "From these trees you fashion your bow and arrow shafts, from the mountain you will forge your own sword, daggers and arrow heads. I cannot tell you which tree to use, nor can I tell you the type of weapon to forge. I have given you my knowledge, the skills necessary to survive and live a long life. It is in your own instincts you must depend on now. When you emerge from the forest you will no longer be in this world, for your quest upon Earth has drawn to an end and it is for the Gods to decide where you shall go next." He gave her a sad look, like any who part with a loved one would, and giving her his special silver dagger, disappeared for his time had ended.

She placed the silver dagger on her enchanted belt, it was charmed to never succumb to the wear and tear of life. Stepping into the forest she felt small and insignificant, for the trees around her were far older than any she had ever seen. Their colours were somehow richer and seemed to glow with life and she wondered which tree would give her a bow. Isamu had told her to trust in her instincts and that is what she intended to do, she closed her eyes and opened up magic allowing her spirit to meld with it. Her physical body remained behind as she wandered the trees, searching left and right for the one that spoke to her. The tress shifted and murmured to themselves as they felt the brush of her magic, they seemed excited and eager. At the heart of the forest was where she found her tree, a yew tree that made her magic tingle.

It didn't take her long to find the yew tree now she knew where to look, her magic practically pulling her to the tree. This tree was the most compatible with her magic, and would hopefully gift her with a worthy bow. She pressed her hand against it, her magic feeding into the wood and the heart of the tree responded easily. With her magic as her language she asked it for a bow and tree consented. She had no hand in the actual making of the bow, aside from the tree taking a piece of her magic, all she had to do was wait. The tree rustled, groaned and creaked until finally a pale yellow longbow dropped from its branches.

"Thank you," she whispered in awe as she admired the bow, it was sleek, smooth and curved and now it was up close she could see whites, yellows and browns in the wood. The string she knew was made from her magic, she didn't have to touch it to know it was her magic, she pulled on it and drew the string to her ear. It was an easy task, for she was familiar with the longbow and her magic only made it that much easier. For the arrow shafts she found a cedar tree which, like the yew tree, eagerly gave up some of its branches to form shafts and used her magic to form the flights.

In the mountain volcano she found a forge, heated by the lava surrounding it, and shelves filled with all types of metals. Once again she used her magic on each metal, identifying what sword she could make with each one and weighing against her abilities, a broadsword was far too heavy and would make her clumsy so she ruled that one out. A longsword would slow her down with its two-handed wielding, the cutlass amused her far too much for her to take the sword seriously, a rapier would have suited her speed but was too dainty for a heavy handed swordfight. Finally she settled on making two katanas with a metal who her magic told her was named Tamahagane.

The process took a while as for each sword she had to first forge the Tamahagane into blocks, before being heated to around nine hundred degrees Celsius. She then took it out of the fire and hammered it into a thinner block, scoring it down the centre and folding it, before repeating the process fourteen times. She also combined soft metal of iron and hard metal of steel together with the Tamahagane. Then began the process of actually forging the blade and once it took the shape she wanted, she then tempered the blade before heating it once more until it was red hot then added her magic to the blade, before quenching it in water causing the blade to harden. Using a waterstone she polished and sharpened the sword until she felt satisfied with it. She repeated the process for the second blade. Both blades had an intricate design etched into them from her magic, on one blade was a Chinese dragon, coiled around the blade and on the other was a phoenix, it wings curving around the blade. At the base of each sword she attached a metal collar which would prevent the sword from falling out of the sheath.

She made the hilt from metal, coating it in gold to give it a gold plated look, doing the same for the hand guard and pommel. A dragon and a phoenix etched into their respective hilts and hand guards before wrapping it in a red silk tsuka-ito. For the sheaths she had to once again go into the forest, finding a magnolia tree that would part with its wood, she returned to the mountain. She measured the size she would need and, once it was cut down length-wise, she began to carefully chisel the wood so it would fit the shape of the blade. She repeated this process four more times. She took two of the pieces, placed her sword inside of it and applied a paste to them before pressing them together tightly, before repeating the same thing for the remaining two pieces of wood. Once the paste was dry and the two halves of the sheath stuck together she then began sanding down the wood, using a protective fitting at the end of the sheath made from unicorn horn. She lacquered the sword a few times before coating it in a white paint, once that had dried she then went over it with a reddish orange colour. With this done she began to assemble the sword, attaching the handguard and hilt to the sword and sliding it into the sheath. On the top of the sheath she attaches more of the red silk tsuka-ito, this time so the sheath can attach to her belt.

With this done she then began forging her arrow heads, this time the forging took less time for they were smaller and made from steel. She used a broadhead style to complement the bow and arrow shafts. She made a back quiver from leather with straps made from the same material.

It took her eight months to complete her swords, bow and arrows, though it felt like no time at all. But then she supposed time flowed differently in a place that no one knew existed. Still even with everything done she was hesitant to leave the mountain, unsure of what awaited her on the other side. Isamu had told her when she left, she would no longer be in her world and though she was fully prepared to leave behind her world she wasn't yet ready to enter another one.

It was another three months before she actually left, though she wasn't idle at all, she practised with her weapons, getting to know them on a personal and spiritual weapon. She could use her magic through the weapons and, once her arrows were released, they would always reappear in her quiver once more. Using two katanas at once was hard, but Isamu was a master at double swordplay and he taught her well, one was for defence while the other was for attack. She also practised her meditation and hand-to-hand combat. Knowing that she was wasting her skills in the mountain and forest, she finally left.

There wasn't an immediate change when she stepped from the forest fully armed and ready, the landscape was much the same, as were the birds and other wildlife. But there was a subtle change that she recognised on a magical level, the magic in this new world was rawer and more eager. It wasn't until a few days later that she saw with her eyes the change between her homeland and this new land.

She didn't know what they were at first, skin as black as night, a language so foul to the ears and a stench even worse. She didn't know what was said but judging by the three women they surrounded it wasn't pleasant. She didn't know what they intended to do with the women but it was clear it wasn't anything friendly, they carried swords of an unknown metal. Their leader, or what she assumed was their leader, raised a dagger to one of the women and before she fully registered what she was doing she had her longbow drawn, nocked and fired. Her arrow hit with a satisfying thud through the strange creatures heart.

She stored her bow, rushing towards them as the creatures drew their weapons, she pulled her katanas from their sheaths and slashed the first creature down, she ducked under the blade of the second and slashed upwards with the sword slicing his arm clean off in one swift movement. She span and turned to catch the third's blade with the hard edge of her phoenix sword, while slicing his inner thigh with her dragon sword, spinning on her heel as he fell to behead the second creature who had drawn a dagger. The third creature she left to bleed out while she turned to the remaining creature, who was wary enough not to outright attack her.

"Are you a she-elf?" it asked, its language though decipherable was guttural and harsh.

"I am no elf, merely a human warrior," trained by a prophet of the Gods, she finished silently in her head.

"No female human fights like this," he sneered.

"I do," she told him stepping forward in a lunging motion and driving her dragon sword through his heart.

She wiped the blood, black as their skin, from her blades and sheathed them before approaching the terrified women. She was in a time similar to what would have been medieval back home she deduced from their clothing and from their style she also assumed they were peasants. She walked them back to their village, they were young and fanciful ideas about Elves in their heads and had ventured off in search of one, Amethyst warned them not to go so far from home if they can't defend themselves. She made sure each one returned safely to their home and, after being thanked profusely, she left.

The creatures were orcs, as the father of one of the girls told her, they were unsightly creatures who ate the flesh of man and were servants of evil. Though she felt no regrets at killing them, she was baffled by them. Orcs and Elves, she shook her head amused, perhaps next she would encounter fairies.

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