Hey guys, welcome to my new story. I have most of this planned out, but if you feel there is something unclear or whatever feel free to write it in the comments. This story concentrates mostly on Amaranth (fem!Harry Potter), so don't expect too much Percy in here. Updates are once a month. And now on to chapter 1

Another life

Amaranth Potter sighed as she began unrolling her sleeping bag in a little corner of the Hermes Cabin. She had just finished her disastrous fifth year at Hogwarts. She still shuddered at the thought of nearly loosing Sirius - thankfully, just as he was about to fall into the Veil of Death, her Accio spell stuck to him and he was forcefully propelled right into her. Not that either of them minded, some bruising was far better than losing a life.

Shaking her head in an attempt to get rid of these thoughts, she went back to her current predicament. No one knew she was a half-blood in more than one sense. She kept her life as a witch and her life as a demigod strictly separated. And hadn't that come as a shock? Just after her first year at Hogwarts she was thrown into yet another world.

Apparently Lily Potter had been hit with a sterility curse during a raid and was thus unable to bear children. Not that that stopped her. Determined not to let the Death Eaters destroy her life like that, she had gone spare on the Potter library. To her great dismay she had found no solution. Until she prayed to Hecate, the goddess of Magic. She never truly understood why she did, the old beliefs and traditions had been mostly forgotten and she never really cared about religion. Still, both she and her husband had been quite shocked when Lady Hecate suddenly appeared in front of them. To make a long story short, Hecate had fused one of her eggs with one of Lily's, thus allowing Amaranth to be conceived.

So technically she had three parents. Her second mother made herself known just after she killed the Basilisk. Explaining to a freaked out, tired and blood stained Potter heiress what was going on. More or less. So every summer Hecate would create a golem to take her place at the Dursley's and ship her of to America. Amaranth had grabbed her chance and asked her mother for a boon.

She loved being at Camp Half-Blood. Here no one sneered at her because of her family's lies. Here no fame from being the Girl-Who-Wouldn't-Die followed her. No one knew her. No one cared for her. No one looked at her twice. She was just the daughter of some minor, often forgotten goddess. She was at peace. A whole summer of freedom. The only thing she missed was Hedwig who had to stay behind as to not arouse suspicion (not that her proud owl always cared about that order, once or twice she would fly over to insure her human's wellbeing).

Inconspicuously looking around the cabin she made sure at least one window was open and no one looked at her. A small flick of her wrist and a fresh breeze went through the cabin, taking some of the terrible smell with it. But what could one expect? The Hermes cabin was completely overflowing with children and teenagers. Children and teenagers who spent their days training and sweating in the sun. Seriously, sometimes breathing in here became quite hard and the inhabitants were more or less forced to leave the windows open 24/7.

Insuring she left nothing but her sleeping bag behind (she was staying at the Hermes cabin after all) she went outside and made her way to the infirmary. She enjoyed helping out there and was on good terms with Will Solace, a son of Apollo who also spend most of his time in the there with her. He was actually one of her closest and only friends at camp. The other being Katie Gardner. All the yard work the Dursley's had put her through had at least given her a chance to meet and bond with her other friend.

A grin overtook her face. This is how she liked it. So what if she hadn't really anyone else at camp? She preferred two friends who liked her for herself over thousands of bootlickers. Humming happily she increased her tempo and opened the door to the infirmary, greeting her friend with a happy little smile.