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A/N in Wedding, Charlie decided to change his surname for Lyra, hence why he is now called Charlie Potter.

Lyra Potter was the most beautiful woman in the world. With her long, flowing, ebony locks, her bright emerald eyes, her kind smile, her gentle laugh, she eclipsed every woman she stood beside. Even Fleur, her sister in law, paled in to insignificance beside her.

Or so her husband thought.

To him, his wife was everything. The most beautiful, the kindest, the best. Charlie Potter could, and frequently did, apply superlatives to every kind description he could think of - and to him, it still wasn't enough. Not for Lyra. Not for his soulmate.

But Lyra, rather impossibly so, became even more beautiful to him when he watched her with her godson, young Teddy Lupin, or later on, with his niece, little Victoire Weasley.

Charlie loved watching Lyra with children. Whether it was the few children that lived in the Romanian dragon reserve, or those who she met while wandering the length of Diagon Alley. But especially when it was the children Lyra actually loved. Especially when it was Teddy, and Victoire. When they were together, Lyra seemed to glow with a joy that bubbled out of her irrepressibly.

Or so Charlie thought.

Charlie Potter, the rugged, strong, dragon tamer, was broody.

As the new millennium started, his want for a child that shared his blood and his wife's blood became stronger, and finally, he could no longer hold his desire in.

One day, when he was spending his week off with his wife, relaxing in the garden, he broached the subject. Lyra had been peacefully reading at the time, and looked up, startled.

"You want a baby?" She asked, surprised, but blushed under his scrutinising gaze. Charlie scrambled off his chair and knelt at her side, clasping her hand in both of his.

"I want your baby, Ly." He said quietly, before he looked up at her, and met her eyes, "please say you do too" he added in an almost desperate tone. His wife looked at his hands that still enveloped hers, and his wedding ring that shone in the sunlight. She brought her other hand to stroke his cheek, and finally nodded.

"I'd love to have our baby, Charlie."

Charlie wasn't expecting her words to have such a reaction on him, but suddenly his heart filled with such love for the being that they had yet to create. Still speechless, he kissed Lyra, clasped her to him, imagined their baby.

His dream was coming true.

This story has been a long time coming, but I've finally started it. I'm currently studying, and am about to start a full time job, so there probably won't be regular updates but this is a story I have had in my head for a very long time now and know how it's going to go. And it is not going to be abandoned.