Chapter 1

Harry James Potter honestly had no idea where he was at the moment. A battle had broken out in the ministry and he had done his best to fight, but he was hit with a killing curse during the battle. Which left the question, was he dead?

Harry looked around seeing nothing, but sand as far as the eye could see. Harry searched his cloak pockets to be relieved he still had all of his items for the essential day. His two wands, the elder wand, and his original phoenix feather wand, his invisibility cloack, and finally his shrunken down self built broomstick. He also had two throwing knives attached to his legs, which that made him think that he couldn't really be dead, why would hell allow him weapons? Then again, he could've gone to heaven, it was doubtful for sure, but why would Heaven allow him weapons? Was there even a heaven or hell in the wizarding world? Was he preparing to face the three judges like in the old Greek myths? Maybe he had to complete a trial with only what he was last wearing, which for him just so happened to be all his weapons since he died in battle!

Harry thought about each thought in depth, but realized none made sense. So he did the only sensible thing he could think of, he took out his broom and flew over the sand dunes. He traveled for several hours contemplating his life in the process. He honestly felt like he was dead, so perhaps he had to come to terms with his life.

During the war he had lost everything. The final battle took a death toll that was higher than any other wizarding conflict in history. Many of the death eaters had been killed, but all, except a very small group of Hogwarts insurgents were killed. Harry had been one of the few survivors. Ron Weasley was also a survivor, however they both lost Hermione and were no longer friends due to them blaming each other for her death. Both knew deep down it was neither of their faults, but their friendship just wouldn't survive her death. Neville had lost Luna in the final battle which turned him to an angry young man. Harry feared one day dark magic would corrupt him if he stayed on the path he was on, but he had hope for his only surviving friend. Outside of the three of them only a few Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors survived. The Slytherin students joined the fight for the wrong side about half way though the battle for Hogwarts, Harry was forced to kill several of them, something that haunted him to this day. But they were merely casualites of war, surely the gods would not punish him for saving the lives of his people. He may blame himself for those deaths, but Harry thought that made him a better man then the people who kill meaninglessly. Perhaps he was wrong though.

After the war he was made a hitwizard for the Minister. He even dated Susan Bones for a while, until she was killed in firefight at Godrics Hallow, which he rebuilt after the war. Harry was a wanted man, by what was left of the death eaters, and family members of the Slytherin house who want vegeance. It had been three years since he had finished off Voldemort, but he still relived the final battle every night in his dreams.

Harry thought he had done the right thing after the war. He was a symbol for the ministry that stood for justice and order. He did everything by the book and brought many scumbags in for trial. He killed a few that couldn't be contained, but he did exactly what needed to be done. The gods should be thanking him. Hadn't he done enough?

Harry shook his head clear, his life through Hogwarts had been pretty spectacular, but until he was seventeen he was never forced to actually kill anyone. Harmed many, but killed none. He had become a bit obsessed with his magic after the final battle after he realized that he was the most powerful wizard in the world so he started training with Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt day and night. He could now take both men fairly easily and was progressing exponentially.

If the gods weren't angry at him for the war, or what happened after the war he couldn't really understand what he did. Before school he was tortured night and day by the Dursleys, had the physical scars to prove it, that was without even thinking about all the mental scars.

As he flew on his homeade broomstick he realized that he could see lights ahead and that had to mean civilization of some sort. He grinned as he pushed his broom to its maximum speed which was upwards around two hundred kilometers per hour, it was for seekers only. It was pretty much the only normal activity he did outside of his training and work. Neville and himself had actually talked about going into the broom business together with the Potter and Longbottom fortunes. They both needed something to take their minds off of the war, and it building brooms was the only thing that brought the boys peace these days. The complexity of it all would allow you to get lost for hours.

When Harry approached the city limits he set down on his broomstick in order to stay out of site from muggles. He decided the safest thing to do in an unknown world would be to walk. He still wasn't sure what kind of encounters he would have to deal with, but he saw automobiles on the road which gave signs of the non magical people in the area. When he approached town he scaled the furthest buidling from city limits in order to gather his wits. On the rooftop of the small little town he could see everything. He took a deep breath as he walked over and took everything out of his pocket and put them on an airconditioner unti while he transfigured his clothing to fit his needs. He was at first very thankful his magic still worked, as he transfigured his cloack into a leather jacket that would hold enough pockets for everything he needed, while changing his robes to a t-shirt that hugged his now muscular body, and jeans that made one of his favorite muggle attire outfits. He decided to keep the dragon hide boots, mostly because they looked pretty bad ass. He even kept his dueling gloves on, because he could pass them off as biker gloves he was pretty sure.

He then began to wonder where he actually was. It was clear he was still on Earth, which was quite the relief, but was he in a suburb in Muggle Britain? Maybe somewhere else in the world? Whatever the answer was he needed to find out so he could find his way home, or if necessary adapt to a new environment.

He once again took a deep breath and hopped off the building shooting a cushioning charm on the ground mere seconds before he hit it. He gently slipped his wand into his holster as he stuck his hands deep into his pockets where he made his way towards the town center. He received some strange glances from the town folk, mostly because he had never been seen before probably. In a small town like this, he was sure when they saw strangers they wondered who was going to die first. Harry did his best to appear friendly, but he's been told that his ability to smile at will had been lost. When he smiled he couldn't be thinking about it, he just had to do it.

Harry saw a small diner near town square and decided that he would find a place to stay and discover some answers if he could. When Harry strolled in he noticed there were four people in a corner obviously enjoying a late dinner from a long night at the bars. He then noticed that one older gentleman were sitting in the bar area. He went to the counter and observed a older aged women whose eyes widened when she saw him, "Can I help you sir?"

Harry frowned, "Actually I don't know. Can you tell me what you have to drink please?"

She gave him a smile that was clearly an attempt at remaining professional, "Yes, we have water of course, RC, Diet RC, Sprite, Lemonade, Ice Tea, Mr. Pibb, Diet Mr. Pibb, and Fanta Orange. We also have coffee, though we may be running low on glasses after the young man destoryed so many earlier this morning"

Harry gave her a trademark smirk, "I will just take a water because I have no idea what those other drinks you named are!"

She looked at him in strange way and filled the water for him and slid it across the counter, "Do you know what you'd like to eat?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "Can you give me a few minutes, I'd like to walk around a bit, stretch my legs."

She gave him a fake smile that showed she was discontent with her job and responded, "Of course sir, take all the time you need, my name is Izzy if you need anything. I doubt we will have much company tonight."

He attempted to smile at the older women, but clearly failed as she turned away from him. Harry stood up and looked around reading the papers on the walls trying to get an idea of what was going on. He didn't realize he had ventured over to the group of four until one of the women called out to him, "Lost?"

Harry turned to face a beautiful brunette that had to be the best looking girl in miles, "Ma'am you have no idea."

The older gentlemen across from her shook his head, "Lots of loss travelers have been coming through here this week, we met this young man out in the middle of the desert just yesterday."

Harry looked at the man with alarm bells going off in his head. He could feel a power deep down within the man, a power that made him cringe in fear. He couldn't tell if it was a dark power or a light power, but he was kind of afraid to find out, "Desert you say? What were doing out there?"

The long haired man shrugged his shoulders, "My father banished me to them."

Harry gave the man a strange look, "Wow harsh punishment. Where are you from?"

The others all looked at the long haired man in alarm, when the brunette spoke before he could, he knew something was seriously up, "New York, what about you?"

Harry could tell a lie when he heard one, but decided it wasn't his business, he was however thankful to realize he was not in some alternate dimension if the city of New York was such a place that had to mean their was an original York, meaning he had a home still, "England... I actually have been driving through the desert for hours, can anyone tell me exactly where I am?

The girl on the brunettes left shrugged, "Your in Puente Antiguo, New Mexico. The land of enchantment."

"Enchantment? You don't say." Harry found this whole situation to be a little to ironic for his liking. He then asked, "So if I am not being to rude, can I get your names?"

The brunette smiled, "Of course I am sorry for being rude, my name is Jane, Jane Foster. This lovely other young lady is my research assistant Darcey, the older gentlemen is my mentor Dr. Erik Selvik, and the blonde is named Thor."

Harry looked at the long haired man once again, he knew a little something something about the norse myths, and he was strangely bothered by the fact that this man fit the description perfectly for Thor, "The Norse God of Thunder huh? Interesting name. I am Harry, Harry Potter."

He was instantly relieved when he realized the Americans didn't realize who he was. Jane asked, "So Harry, what are you doing this far south west? Business?"

Harry shook his head, "Honestly I am more like a drifter at the moment, if you could answer a few questions for me actually that would be great. I guess I have been travelling longer than I thought. I have been out of touch with technology and such during my time out, so I ask you forgive my ignorance."

Dr. Selvik waved it off, "Nonsense, knowledge is something to be encouraged, not frowned upon ask any question my boy, we will do our best to catch you up to date. Pull up a chair."

Harry did as suggested being humble, "Thank you so much, I have been so lost these past few hours I feel like I am losing my mind."

The blonde man had remained silent throughout the whole conversation, but his eyes never did seem to leave Harry. The girl named Darcey was eying him like a piece of meat, which he was fine with as long as he could get some answers. Jane pushed her coffee away professionally speaking softly, "So please ask away."

"What is the date of today?"

Darcey snorted, "January 11th 2011."

Harry stared at the women with wider eyes than he intended, "I'm sorry did you say 2011?"

Everyone was suddenly very alert with the raise of his voice and the question. Dr. Selvik asked, "What year did you think it was friend?"

Harry stayed quiet for a moment, "I am in America right?"

They all nodded except for the blonde man who took a suspicious look to his face, "Has the telephone been invented?"

They all nodded again, while the brunette Jane seemed to now think he was having them on. However to assure him she pulled her phone out and sat it on the table. Harry had never seen anything like it. He picked it up gently asking, "How does it turn on?"

Darcey looked at him disbelieving, but Jane and Erik looked at him suspiciously much like Thor. Darcey tapped the screen twice however and the screen lit up. Harry took a sharp breath, "Incredible. Is America still the leading military power? Economic? Cultural?"

Jane nodded her head, "Yes the Americans still pride themselves in being the most powerful country in the world. Though we have entered quite the debt, we still own the most economic interest than any other country. We are still considered the cultural melting pot, please can you tell me what year you thought it was. We might be able to help you a little more."

"Or take you to the nut house." Darcey added.

Harry decided to ignore the young girl, "I don't think you'd believe me if I told you what day I thought it was."

The others all exchanged looks, while Jane spoke clearly, "With the crazy things that have been happening over the past forty eight hours I think you should give us a shot."

Harry sighed putting his tremblings hands under the table. Thor however stated calmly for the first time, "You have nothing to fear my young wizard friend, you are amongst friends."

Harry immediately shot to his feet wand drawn, "How did you know I was what I am?"

Harry quickly shot an immobuli charm behind him in order to keep everyone still and had his wand focused on the muscular blonde man, "I recognized your power the moment you stepped into town. I have not met a sorcerer of your caliber in a very long time. If ever. My father would be most anxious to meet you."

"You know of wizards? Where can I find some?" Harry asked in a hurry.

"You could find sorcerers of sorts back on Asgard of course. Now please put your weapon away, we mean you no harm. These people are good, there is no need to esclate this to violence." Thor stated calmly

Harry looked at the man with interest and reversed the charm he had sent at the women and older man at the counter. He also sent a obliviate their way to remove their memories of the past minutes. Harry took his seat again while Darcey, Erik, and Jane looked in amazement, "Why are they not freaking out anymore?" asked Jane.

Harry sighed, "I wiped their memories of the last minute, don't worry, no long term damage... Please if you are who I think you are, then maybe you can help me. You are Thor Odinson God of Thunder? I can feel your power as well, but it feels as if it is being restrained by something."

Thor laughed, "I am in exhile, and don't believe in everything you read my young friend, I am not a God. We may have power that mortals here on Midgard compare to gods, but we die, we bleed, we are just much harder to kill than the average life form."

Harry listened in fascination, "So there are Wizards on Asgard?"

Taking a dark look the demigod shook his head, "Not in many centuries. There was a great war between the Asgardians and the Vanir, magic as we know it was wiped out. The Vanir hunted and slaughtered every wizard they could find due to an attack on their land by a single group of bad wizards. You are the soul remaining magical being. My brother knows of powerful magic, but he cannot control it as well as the magicians of old could."

The girl named Jane Foster interrupted the flow of conversation, "Wait your a wizard? Like rabit of a hat magician?"

Harry snorted, "Conjurations are actually rather difficult, but yes I am a sorcerer. I don't know of this countries laws of secrecy, but I will chance a quick performance."

He pointed his wand at his cup and refilled by simply saying, "Augemntai. Windgadium Leviosa."

He gently lifted the water out of the cup, but making sure he was blocking this site from the people behind him. The others stared in amazement while Thor looked like he was in some type of circus watching a dog do cool tricks. Jane gasped, "May I see your wand?"

Harry snorted, "Don't you think you could buy me dinner first?"

The girl turned scarlet while Darcey laughed, and Thor straight up banged the table in hilarity. Harry then took a wicked smirk, "Be careful with it, it won't work for you as you don't have a magical core, but I ask that you don't attempt to snap it, as it is just a strong piece of wood."

She took it in amazement observing the wood. She even tried waving it around repeating his incantation down to the syllable. The look of awe on her face was incredible in Harry's opinion, "Can you do magic without it?"

Harry shrugged, "I can, but it isn't very strong. Its very basic."

He waved his hand over the napkin on the table duplicating it at will. Even Thor was amazed by this, "You can do magic without a wand?"

"Just recently actually." Harry explained.

Dr. Selvik shook his head, "Three thousand years of recorded history we have never come across your kind before? How is that possible? How many are there of you?"

Harry laughed, "Well sir I am a one of a kind, but-"

Thor took a dark look, "There shouldn't be any wizards left. They have been extinct for a very long time. Anytime mortals and wizards crossed paths, mortals walked away with their memories wipes. This wizard controls his power with great skill though I have never seen anything like it!"

The green eyed boy tried to take it all in at once asking, "Why do you think there are no wizards left on Midgard though? That is what you call it right, middle Earth?"

Thor took a bright smile, "So you are familiar with the rules of my world! Excellent. To be truthful young wizard, at this very moment my people have probably detected your magic now that you are in the open. Asgard has the bifrost which is very capable of tracking people down. A man with your magical capabilities would have been detected instantly."

The other three table occupants seemed to be taking notes at Thor's explanations. Harry frowned however, "There are entire communities of magical beings just like me in every major country of the world. The biforst must have lost its way of tracking wizards."

Thor snorted, "Impossible. Heimdall would know of such places. Loki's power would flared as well if magicians in entire communities were still at large."

Harry put his hand in his heads, "You said its been centuries since they were wiped out? How long is a year on Asgard here?"

"Time is relative my fine young friend. The days maybe a bit shorter or longer depending on the realm, but if I am a hundred here, then I am a hundred in every realm. You are the last of your kind I assure you. By the amount of control you have on your power though I would say that you were definitely born into it? Yes?" Thor inquired.

Harry nodded numbly. The large blonde man smiled largely, "Yes, then you may be right, if you have been able conceal your magic for this long, then perhaps the sorcerer's of the age have found a way to shield the vision of the bifrost. Their could be more of you out there, it is just rather doubtful. Are you from another realm perhaps?"

Harry groaned, "You could say that I guess."

Thor looked up in alarm, "Which realm?"

"I don't know. I have honestly only been here since morning. The last date that I knew of was January 11th of 2000. We had just entered the new millenium in my world."

Thor took a grave look on his face, "We need to get to my father, he will be able to explain this much better than I. You need to be taken care of. Your power will atract many ancient enemies. We must make haste if we are to keep you alive young wizard."

"Why? What is so bad about out of what I just said that makes you think you need to approach your father the all father while you are in exhile?" Harry asked in alarm.

"Young Wizard, I explained the concept of time earlier, yes? Which means that if you are from a world eleven years behind this one, you may have stepped through a portal of Yggdrasil to transport into one of hundreds of dimensions. This would explain your missing time gap." The large muscle man seemed just as puzzled as Harry which did not make him feel any better.

"How do we go about getting in touch with your father? Is there anyway for me to get back to my time?" Harry asked in rapid fire like response.

Thor coughed into his hand lightly bringing silence to the table, "Honestly Harry of Potter, the fact you made it once was a miracle. Only the purest of men and warriors have successfully survived encounters with Yggdrasil. There would be no way to get you back to the exact dimension you came from. My young friend I believe you are stuck here."

Harry put his face deep into his hands as he felt like screaming. Its not like he had much left in his other world, but it was home. Besides they were still waste deep in war. He was only scratching the surface of the scum of war, "Odinson, you must be mistaken, I have fought a war, I have killed, I cannot be pure."

Thor took an intrested look, "Ah you are a warrior? Good, many wizards were mostly peace keepers, I had a young wizard friend many centuries ago, he was a good man, and the only fighter in his entire region. But I do believe you are mistaken Harry of Potter, Yggdrasil does not punish warriors for killing on the field of battle. They punish those who kill meaninglessly, or those who give women fates worse than death. You must understand your judges observe each life carefully before passing their descison. If you are here then the great fates decided you were worthy of a second chance at something. That may be happiness, love, vengeance, for that I cannot truly say."

"What should I do?"

For a moment the Norse God said nothing, but then spoke softly, "We must go recover Mjolnir, then return to Asgard to seek help from my father. He will help you, or at least give you good advice. The wizards and Asgardians have always had a good relationship."

Jane finally interrupted for the first time in several minutes, "You mean the two of you are now planning to skive the military group that stole all of our research. You are going to just waltz in their and take it from them? Your hammer Thor is surrounded by military guys."

The large muscled man nodded standing up from the table, "Why of course, we will go now. The faster we can do this, the faster we can get answers for our lost traveler."

Harry stood with the man offering his hand, "Thank you so much Thor, for your help. I hope you have a plan though."

The blonde man flexed his muscles and cracked many of his bones at once, "Of course young wizard, my plan is to go in take the hammer, and beat anyone senseless that tries to stop us."

Harry nodded his slowly, "So our plan is no plan at all? I like it lets go!"

The three at the table all face palmed themselves, but Harry thought him and Thor were going to get along quite well.

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