TITLE: Where Pawns and Rooks Play – By Raven Dark

SUMMARY: No clue yet… should be a fun ride though. While this story will be able to stand alone, it was originally thought up as a follow up of sorts to TTaT. Not a direct sequel but definitely in the same universe as TTaT and after it in a time line.


DISCLAIMERS : Nope, they're not mine… I'm not even gonna try to fool you.

RATING : T for now but will prob have to go to M in later chapters.

Where Pawns and Rooks Play

**Part 1*

"Rory" Dean mumbled as he tried to stuff his tongue down his girlfriend's mouth, "When is your mother supposed to come home?"

"I don't know…" Rory gasped out when she was able to. She felt Dean shift and sucked in her stomach to let his calloused paw underneath the waistband of her jeans. He hadn't bothered to pull the zipper all the way down, "I can call her and find out."

"No, that's okay…" Dean's erection throbbed painfully in his jeans as his fingers reached Rory's cotton low-rise bikini briefs. There was no way he was going to have her speak to her mother now. Lorelai would just ruin the mood, "don't bother."

"Ow!" The heel of Dean's palm dug into her pelvic bone.

"Sorry." Dean pulled out his hand so Rory could pull down her fly and wiggle out of her jeans some.

"Thanks." Dean breathed out.

"Don't mention it." Rory went back to kissing Dean sucking in her stomach once again when she felt his fingertips on her abdomen.

"I love you Rory"

"Uh huh…" Rory moaned. Dean's index finger traced her bikini line underneath her underwear,

"I just love how soft you are down here. I mean… You're soft everywhere, but down here…"

Rory bit her bottom lip as her hips involuntarily bucked a little in response to his words. She felt dizzy, she needed him to move a little faster. Rory brought her left hand down from Dean's hair and slowly traced it down his chest to his stomach. She felt him stop breathing when she reached his belt and hiss when she went lower and palmed his erection over his jeans.

"Oh…" Dean pulled back to look at Rory's face. Her cheeks were flushed, her mouth was slightly open, her lips were bruise-red from their ardent kissing and her eyes were glazed over with want. He loved it when she looked like that; he loved thinking that he was the only one that could get her like that.

Then the phone rang.

"Don't get it" Dean bent down to kiss her collar bone, draping his body over hers before she could think of getting up.

"It could be my mother" Rory slipped her hand flat on his chest to stop his advances.

"She can leave a message" Dean pushed her open shirt back to kiss her chest right above her bra.

"She knows I'm here with you. She'll freak" Rory shrugged him off getting up. She yanked her jeans up but left them open as she reached for the phone. Behind her, Dean sulked and glared at the ringing phone. Rory took a steadying breath before answering,


"Ms Lorelai the Third please."

Rory's heart stilled. She hadn't spoken to the person at the other end of the line in over 6 months and never on the phone but she recognized him immediately. She mouthed the name to herself in disbelief, Tristan.

"This is she." Rory lowered her voice instinctively.

"It's me"

"I know…" Rory nervously glanced at Dean sitting on the couch. Her stomach felt funny, "Hey."

"So I'm coming down tomorrow. I want to see you." His voice was firm, he was not asking, "I can pick you up at your place, seven thirty."

"I… I…" Rory turned her back to Dean self-consciously buttoning up her shirt, "I don't think that is a good idea."

"What is not a good idea… the time or your house?"

"Umm…" the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

"Who is it Rory?" Dean called out from the couch. From where he sat he could see that Rory had closed her shirt. If she buttoned up her jeans there'd be no way of getting her to pick up where they'd left off, "Come on Rory… tell whoever it is to call back later."

"I see…" Tristan's voice carried no hint of jealousy.

"Paris" Rory spoke loudly for Dean's sake, "Why don't we meet up in front of the school on Thursday? The paper is not due until Friday—"

"I'll pick you up in front of Chilton then, make it six-thirty so you are not waiting after dark" Rory was thankful that her back was still to Dean so he could not see her breathe out relieved, "Tomorrow"

Damn it.

"Paris I can't tomorrow! I have—"

"Tomorrow" Tristan insisted calmly. She knew he was smiling at the other end of the line.

"Tri— Paris?!" Rory awkwardly pleaded. She glanced at Dean one more time hoping she had a decent poker face. The phone felt hot, though it could have been her face.

"Tomorrow Rory. I will not be in town too long"

"Okay" Rory relented. She knew she would, but it still made her stomach feel queasy.

"Six-Thirty" Tristan reminded her then promptly ended the call.


Rory had no chance to change her mind.


Rory turned to Dean feeling very uncomfortable all of a sudden, "That was—"

"Paris, I heard"

"Yeah… I won't be able to go to Repertory theatre with you tomorrow; we are on a deadline to finish the layout for printing"

"Are you serious?" Dean pouted.

"Sorry" She felt numb thinking how easy the lie had come out. She silently cursed her lack of self control, "I'll make it up to you, I promise"

Under normal circumstances, those words would have carried over tons of potential, but even as she said the words Rory was buttoning her jeans and pulling the zipper shut.

Sometimes, Dean really hated that Paris girl.

**End of Part 1**

A/N - Obviously not a direct sequel to TTaT, this story started out as a one-shot that kept evolving. If it is received well enough, I am not opposed to writing another fic to fit in between TTaT and this one. A sequel-prequel if you will *grin* In the meantime, let's look forward and see what kind of trouble our fave two get themselves into huh?