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Marie Potter is confused, she knows that she should be mourning for Sirius, but her heart is telling her he's trapped in the Veil. Voldemort is frustrated by the strange emotions that Potter is able to stir in him. Mari, desperate to crack the Veil, strikes a deal with Voldemort: her body for the rest of summer in exchange for his help in saving her godfather. She's biting off more than she can chew though, and her life is changed forever. Who knew Voldemort was such a possessive bastard?

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Marie Potter, preferably known as Mari, was stomping through the front door of Number 4 Privet Drive. It was summer and she was supposed to stay inside, but fuck that. She had completely lost her temper and sent Uncle Vernon, also known as Vermin through the wall. The arrogant bastard actually thought that he could push her around this summer. He learned the error of his ways painfully. Now she needed to get away from her horrible relatives. Seriously, she was liable to kill them right now.

Mari had just finished her Fifth year at Hogwarts and was being forced by Old Whiskers to live in Durzkaban again. Her uncle had assigned her many chores for the day, but she said "fuck you" to his face and sent him through the wall when he tried to hit her. Petunia was still screeching like a banshee and Dudley was cowering in the kitchen when she stomped back to her room. Now it was night, and Vernon was moaning in pain, claiming that he was feeling worse and not better.

She hadn't worked up the energy to fend off her uncle the night before, and he beat her up when she failed to complete her list of chores. Now she was still bruised, but her magic had healed the cuts and broken ribs. She was still tender and walked gingerly, her legs sending painful reminders of the kicks her uncle had delivered.

Thank the gods she was too freaky for him to rape. It was the only time that she was glad to be seen as demon spawn by her uncle. She'd have killed him if he dared try anything sexual.

It was warm night, the air slightly humid, but not too bad. The cool breeze that she could feel every once in a while felt good on her warm skin. She trotted down the road, briefly considering sitting on the swings before deciding that she didn't want to have to possibly deal with Dudley and his gang of morons. Veering off into the forest, she made her way to the stream that flowed through it. She used to come here all the time as a child, seeking a sanctuary other than the library from the Dursleys.

The full moon provided plenty of light to see by, so she was able to avoid falling flat on her face. The small clearing came into view and she smiled, glad to see it looked the same as the last time she was here. Making her way to the stream, she stripped off her shirt, shoes, and pants, planning to take a cool bath. She had just finished taking off her jeans when he scar burst with fiery pain. Voldemort was pleased about something.

Fuck you and your emotions Voldemort!

She mentally sent that down the link she had discovered between their minds, sending a strong burst of love for her dead godfather along with it to give him a migraine. She slammed the connection closed right after, locking down her strongest Occlomency shields to keep him out. The pain in her head faded as she cut the connection. Oh, she would have loved to see his reaction.

She felt tears gather in her eyes as she thought about Sirius, and the dream she had of him last night. A murderous rage swept over her, she wasn't sure if it was Voldemort leaking through the connection, or her own emotions, but she wanted to make Bellabitch pay. Oh when she got her hands on her again…

Dumbledore had been absolutely horrified when he arrived to see her and Voldemort calmly chatting over a screaming and writhing Bellatrix Lestrange. Mari had successfully cast her first Cruciatus and she was debating with Voldemort over its usefulness. She was mainly doing that to throw him off and scare Bellabitch into thinking that Voldemort didn't give a damn about her fate.

It had worked too, much to her delight, and Voldemort's reluctant amusement.

Neville had later whined that she should have waited for him to help torture Bellatrix. He actually said that in front of a confrontational Malfoy and the entire Great Hall that was listening in on their conversation. Neville had lamented over the fact that Mari had had all the fun when discussing the finer points of torture with Voldemort and torturing Bellatrix. Malfoy had paled so fast that he swayed and the entire Great Hall had gasped. Hermione had banged her head against the table when Neville said that.

Mari hadn't helped the situation by laughing her ass off. Moody had grunted that he approved of her actions when he saw her off on the platform. The twins had been delighted when they heard about what Neville did at the End of Term feast. The Ministry had tried to pin her with the use of the Unforgivable, but Augusta Longbottom had nearly ripped their heads off. She could send even Voldemort running for the hills crying for his mother. The poor Aurors didn't stand a chance.

Ameila Bones had simply laughed at the Minister when he demanded that she arrest Mari. Fudge had given up, and walked away with his tail between his legs when he went to confront Mari with Hitwizards. The Ministry was then treated to the sight of Mari and Augusta Longbottom ganging up on him. The fountain's remains didn't survive the encounter.

Mari was slightly mollified that Sirius had received a full pardon and reparations for his illegal incarceration. It was strange, she knew that she should be completely devastated about his death, but her heart insisted that he was simply trapped in the Veil of Death.

Mari was still kicking herself for believing Kreature when he answered Sirius's mirror and told her he was not there. The little fucker had been referring to the room, not the house. She'd sicced Dobby on him. Kreature didn't survive the introduction to Dobby.

The only good thing to come out of the disaster, was her finally being told the contents of the prophecy. She thought that it was complete bull. She was brought out of her thoughts by pain.

Her headache had suddenly returned, but something was off about it. The murderous rage swept over her again, and this time she knew that it belonged to Voldemort. He was hammering on her shields, his rage leaking through the cracks. It cut off abruptly, before chills went up her spine, and not due to the cold breeze.

Mari felt extremely vulnerable standing there in her bra and underwear. She grabbed Dudley's oversized shirt and pulled it on just as a crack sounded in the clearing. Her back was to Voldemort, so she didn't see him zip up behind her. But she sure felt it.

He stopped behind her, his breath ghosting over her neck. His face was right next to hers.

"Well, well Potter, no Dumbledore to save you now." Mari turned her head a fraction, lips almost grazing Voldemort's. His eyes widened.

"Indeed, I hadn't noticed. Here to kill me? At least get out of my face if you plan to off me Voldemort." He backed up as she turned to face him. She put her hands on her hips, knowing that as a male he would be distracted by the action. His eyes darted to her bare legs when the shirt rode up a bit.

"Eyes up here." She snapped her fingers, further disorienting him. He looked extremely conflicted.

He knew better than to try and possess her after last time. Hell, the disgusting emotions that she had sent down the link just a little bit ago had made him dash for the nearest bathroom…in front of his followers. He hadn't thrown up since his Hogwarts years.

Little bitch.

Last time he had manage to hold it in and inform her that she was an idiot for pitying him and trying to show him the error of his ways after forcibly bursting out of her mind.

She looked healthier and happier than he had expected. Why wasn't she devastated over the loss of her godfather? He was missing something, something vital. He loved mysteries, he refused to think the word riddles…


That word. He loved solving them, learning all he could before moving on to the next thing to catch his attention.


The last time Mari had seen Voldemort, he had tried to possess her and break her by using the pain and misery over losing Sirius against her. He had shown her visions of Sirius's death and how alike Voldemort and she were. She had fought him off though, and weakened him in the process.

Now the man was standing before her, the tip of his Yew wand stabbing into the side of her neck harshly. She watched him lick his thin lips as he glided it down to the top of the ragged old shirt. She absently noted his bare feet and trademark Dark Lord clothes. She almost laughed, but decided that she quite liked living.

She refused to keep her head down, and met his red slit eyes. "Why aren't you begging for me to spare you?"

Mari slowly smirked, leaning into the wand. "Who says I want to fight?" He looked startled, then calculating. He took a step closer, invading her personal space.

He grinned, displaying the slightly curved snake-like fangs in his mouth. The scales covering him shone in the moonlight, the human skin appearing dull where there were no scales. The effect was strangely beautiful. She caught a glimpse of hair suddenly.

"Is there a reason you have a glamor on?" Voldemort gaped at her sudden question, not having expected that of all things.

"You're the first one to notice that I have one on. Yes, I find that this form serves as an excellent way to terrify little Lions who should be in bed." The reply was sarcastic, and Mari laughed.

"How is it we seem to forget about attacking each other and instead get off topic and discuss the strangest things?" Her eyes shone with amusement, something he had never had directed at him in such a way.

"It's because you're a pain in my ass that simply won't die." His reply was quick and sharp. She gave him an outraged look. She slapped his chest playfully like she would do with her male friends.

They both stared at her hand resting against his chest like it was some strange animal.

"Err…" Mari didn't know what to say. She looked around, trying to come up with a reason why she felt the need to slap at him was appropriate.

"Are you suicidal?" Voldemort growled, pressing up against her, forcing her to take several steps backwards.

"Hey! Watch it, I almost fell in the water." Mari snapped at Voldemort, ignoring him in favor of regaining her balance.

Voldemort stared at Potter in disbelief; here a mere slip of a girl was acting like he was one of her male friends. He had never had someone treat him like this, and squirmed in discomfort at the emotions she stirred in him. She made him feel…human. Disgusting.

"Potter, why are you treating me like…" He trailed off, not wanting to say the rest of his sentence. She looked up at him, her luminous eyes catching him off guard with the depth of vulnerability shining in them.

"How could I not? Our very souls are connected, as are our minds. I felt you all those years ago when you were a wraith wandering Albania's forests. I felt you, your pain, and desperation. How could I treat you like a monster when I've seen and felt your humanity?"

He froze, was it her he had detected in his brief moments of sanity during those long ten years as a wraith? Was it her soul, her magic that had touched his when his existence became unbearable? Was she the reason he was now sane, their shared connection dulling the madness plaguing him?

His gaze was drawn to the scar that had started it all, the very thing that connected them. He had new suspicions with her recent revelations and knew that to kill her before he knew for certain that her scar was simply the connection and not something else would be the height of insanity.

Mari warily stepped out of the stream, watching thoughts flit across Voldemort's face. He looked at her, a strange gleam in his eyes that made her squirm.

"I'll make you a deal. I won't harm you or your friends unless they attack me first for the rest of summer if we have sex tonight." Mari gaped at him in stunned disbelief. The man had no idea how lame that sounded.

"Let me get this straight, you want to have a one-night-stand in exchange for my friends' and my continued survival for the rest of summer, is that correct?" Voldemort nodded.

It took about three seconds for Mari to make up her mind.

"Deal." Voldemort blinked, not having expected her to actually agree. What he didn't know was that Sirius had cursed her with a chastity curse, which only broke recently. He also scared off any potential suitors in his Grim form or as pranked letters. She had blown up in an epic tantrum that scared Walburga's portrait into shutting up.

Plus she'd heard that sex was an excellent way to relieve stress. If she went back to Durzkaban tonight, she'd kill them without a doubt.

*Lemon Begins*

Mari pulled the shirt over her head, revealing her form that had always been hidden by baggy clothes or unflattering school uniforms.

Eyes locked on Mari's form, he took several steps forward.

"You're actually agreeing to this?" His voice sounded strangled. He placed his hands on her hips, marveling at the warm silky texture.

"Of course. I'd be a fool to turn down such a deal from you. Plus, I'm also using you as a form of stress relief." Her hands were working at the many buttons on his robes.

"You're using me to relive your stress?" He didn't really care though, as he unhooked her bra and took in her breasts. He licked his lips, cupping one and pinching the nipple harshly. He then spotted the bruises.

"Who did this?" His voice was poisonous as he forced her chin up to look at her throat at a better angle.

"My uncle. I was too weak to fend him off last night, but threw him through the wall when I lost my temper today. Why the hell are there so many buttons?" Voldemort narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"Why were you too weak and how did you suddenly get the strength to hurt your uncle?" She glanced at him briefly before resuming her battle with his robe buttons.

"I was leeching off your excess magic of course." He nodded, before the words actually registered.

"What!" He grabbed her by the shoulders, ignoring her cursing at the slip.

"Well, I put the Muggle in his place, you should be glad that I used your magic to deal with him. The bloodwards always make me very weak as they leech off of my magic for the first week after I return. I've never consciously leeched off of you before, but you did it all the time before regaining a body, so stop complaining and help me get your robes off." She reached for the last of the offending buttons and he let her go. Watching in stunned disbelief as more pieces of the puzzle came together, he simply used magic to remove his clothes.

"Why didn't you do that earlier…"She trailed off, eyes growing larger and larger as she took in his body. "Oh my."

Oh my indeed. Hidden beneath his robes was a drool worthy body. Voldemort was ripped. No doubt he did a few rituals to help create the musculature he was sporting. She blushed as her gaze rested on his cock. I was huge, not that she had others to compare it to, except for the few naughty pictures she'd caught glimpses of.

He pulled her up against him, causing her to squeak and blush a vivid red like one of the Weasleys.

"This needs to go." He fingered her underwear, before simply vanishing it. He scooped her up, causing her to squeal in surprise, before laying her out on the grassy ground. He covered her body with his, using his wand to heal the bruises covering her. She sighed in appreciation, her green eyes looking up at him in silent gratitude.

He sucked on her neck, causing her to moan and run her fingers over his arms and chest. He kissed his way down to her breasts, sucking in a nipple, biting it with his teeth.

Her body jerked, bucking up into his. He hissed in pleasure as his cock rubbed against her skin. He switched his attention to her other breast, pinching the nipple on the other. She was whining and panting.

Voldemort kissed his way further down her body. She leaned up on her elbows, watching him with heavy lidded eyes. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, causing her to giggle and squirm at the ticklish sensation. He chuckled before nibbling at the dip of her pelvis over the crest of her hip. Her muscles jumped under the sensation.

He went lower, noting that she was bare of all hair except for what was on her head.

A permanent hair removal charm had been carefully applied to her then.

He breathed over her sensitive flesh. She grabbed at the grass as he licked her, his having no nose proved to he a plus.

She shouted and he quickly threw up wards to keep people away and prevent anyone from hearing them. Satisfied that no one was going to disturb them, he resumed his ministrations. Driving her to the brink with deep stabs of his tongue and sharp flicks against her clit.

"Please, Voldemort please!" She sobbed, clawing at the grass, her body bucking and arching into his mouth. "So close…stop torturing me you bloody bastard…oh…" he responded by shoving two fingers inside of her while flicking her clit with his tongue.

"Yes! There…no, don't stop…" He pinned her hips to the ground when he bit her clit gently, sending her over the edge in a mind shattering orgasm. She panted, trying to get her breath back after screaming. Her black hair clung to her sweaty face, her chest heaved, drawing his attention to her breasts. He kissed and bit his way up her body, making sure to cover her in love bites. His cocked jumped when she shifted her body, forcing him to brush against her dripping sex.

"You're playing with fire Potter." He bit her when she opened her legs wider, hooking them around his hips, pulling him tight against her. He cursed, bracing his arms on either side of his head.

Mari smirked as she watched Voldemort struggle to retain his control. His eyes were squeezed shut and his jaw clenched. He was breathing deeply through his slits, grasping at his fading ability to think rationally.

"Give in Voldemort, just let go." She reached between them, grasping his throbbing cock in her small hand. She stroked him several times, delighting in the full body shudder that shook him. Sweat beaded down his face as he stared into his lover's glowing green eyes. He grew more aroused when he realized they were the exact same shade of poisonous green as the Killing Curse.

He leaned down, brushing their mouths in a kiss for the first time. He pressed harder, nipping at her lips. She smiled and opened her mouth, tongue greeting his with passion. She positioned Voldemort at her entrance, staring into his red eyes. She pulled him towards her with her legs, only stopping when he flexed his hips. He paused with only the head inside her, watching her with glazed eyes. He pushed forward, then paused, having caught her wince of pain.

"Have you ever done this before?" His question was answered as he pushed deeper and came upon her unbroken barrier.

"When would I have the time, what with worrying about your next plot to kill me?" She barely managed to get the words out. Her mind was fogged with pleasure, rational thought flying out the window. Her body wanted, and she was going to get what it needed if it was the last thing she ever did.

Voldemort felt a surge of possessiveness. He was her first, and her last. He knew now that they were too connected for him to kill her, not that he would tell her. Oh no, he would let her continue to think that once the summer was over, he would go back to plotting to kill her. He planned to simply extend the deal after it expired, he knew she wouldn't refuse.

"Brace yourself." She grabbed his arms, expression determined. With a small thrust, he broke through her barrier. She gave a small scream of pain and shock. She gasped, tears falling from the corners of her eyes.

"Shh." He licked her tears from her face, kissing his way down to her mouth. He slipped his tongue into her warm mouth. He coaxed her tongue to battle with his. He easily won, exploring every inch of the moist cavern.

Mari shifted, testing to see if she was ready. She smiled into the kiss, silently letting him know that she was ready. He pressed deeper, sliding in inch by tortuous inch. She felt like a hot silk vice around him. Her body rippled slightly around him, drawing him deeper. He eventually came to a stop, completely buried inside of her.

"Move." Having drawn her mouth away, Mari gave the simple command that Voldemort was only too happy to comply with. He drew out to the tip, before slamming back inside of her. She screamed as he hit her hidden bundle of nerves.

He set a punishing rhythm, watching her breasts bounce as he slammed into her with enough force to move her along the grass continuously. "Harder!" He complied, forcing her body away from his with the strength of his thrusts. He pulled her legs up onto his shoulders, and hooked his arms under hers so he could grab the tops of her shoulders. Holding her body in place, he pounded into her, delighting in her screams and begging.

"Tell me, tell me what you want." Mari was a sobbing mess, her head thrashing and mind scrambled from the pleasure. She'd masturbated before, but it was nothing like this. A coil tightened in her gut, her muscles tensing. Her heart began pounding harder, trying to supply enough blood to her straining body.

"Fuck me harder!" Voldemort did so.

Mari was practically throwing her body at him now. "So close…oh…please…please." She continued begging, wailing as he slowed down, preventing her from tipping over the edge. Voldemort resumed his brutal pace when he felt his own end swiftly approaching. He reached a hand between their joined bodies, playing with her clit as he watched her come apart in under him.

He leaned down, kissing and sucking the side of her neck, moving to the spot where her shoulder began to curve into her neck. He carefully avoided her major arteries and veins running through the area, knowing he couldn't hurt her too badly where he planned to sink in his fangs.

"Come for me." Mari tipped over the edge, her body spasming and triggering Voldemort's own orgasm He buried himself as deeply as he could, sinking his fangs into Mari's neck. She screamed, thrown into a third orgasm for the night. He pulsed inside her, flooding her with his warm release. She shuddered, the sensation prolonging her orgasm.

*Lemon End*

They panted, Voldemort keeping his fangs in her, savoring the blood flowing from the wound. He pulled his fangs out of her body, wandlessly healing the bite-mark, but only so that it would stop bleeding. Two twin marks adorned her neck, looking like a Vampire had bitten her. He didn't worry about he poison in the fangs, he knew that after being bitten by the basilisk in the Chamber, she was immune to all poisons weaker or of the same strength. Since basilisk venom was the deadliest known poison, she wouldn't feel anything more than a light tingling sensation.

Voldemort pulled out, smirking at Mari's mumbled complaint. She was barely awake, and he was not much better off. The cool night air felt good on their sweaty skin. Voldemort grabbed his wand, casting a mild warming charm over the both of them. Scooping up his lover, he staggered the short distance to the cold water, wading in and lowering Mari into the water. She gasped, eyes shooting open as the cool water flowed over her hot body. Without the warming charm it would have been almost too cold to handle.

Shifting, Mari managed to get on her own feet as Voldemort slowly let her go. She reclined back against him. Letting him clean her up, far too tired to care if she was essentially letting him pamper her.

Mari fell asleep for a moment, her body slipping away from Voldemort's. He laughed as she fell into the stream, shooting back up spluttering in shock. She glowered at him indignantly. Deciding that she was clean enough, she stomped out of the stream, pouting when she realized that she had nothing to dry off with other than her clothes. She pulled them on, grimacing at the feeling of them sticking to her skin.

"I hope you get hit by the Knight Bus." With that last comment, she ran out of the clearing, shoes almost slipping off her feet.

Voldemort growled and shot a stinging hex at her, which she barely managed to avoid by diving behind a tree.

"You'll pay for that Potter!


Mari laughed as she hobbled the rest of the way back to the Dursleys'. After the initial flight from the clearing, her body was screaming abuse at her. She slowly made her way to the front door, sneering in disgust at the perfection that filled her sight.

Gods I hate this place.

Fortunately for the Dursleys, she was very relaxed after her session with Voldemort.

I almost wish I could tell Dumbledore. Maybe he would have a heart attack from the shock and horror.

Silently opening the door, which was easy enough to unlock wandlessly, she closed it behind her, relocking it as she did. She grinned and snickered the large hole in the wall from Veron colliding with it. She supposed that he had finally been taken to the hospital, seeing as their car was gone and the house silent.

Making her way into the kitchen, Mari scavenged through the fridge, ignoring the unhealthy crap that the male Dursleys ate. She pulled out the ingredients to make a ham sandwich, relishing in the ability to eat without being glared at.

She decided that taking a nice hot shower while the Dursleys were gone was an excellent idea. She stared out the kitchen window as she ate her delicious sandwich. Hiding the evidence, she walked as quickly as she dared to the stairs, making a beeline for the bathroom.

Locking the door, she turned on the water to as hot as it could get, then cooled it some to avoid scalding herself. Steam billowed from the shower, and she leisurely washed her hair.

Knowing that she was pushing her luck, she shut off the water, and decided to read a bit before going to bed.

Sitting on her poor excuse for a bed, Mari stroked Hedwig gently. The owl barked in response to Mari's musings. She could always count on her Hedwig to provide sound advice. Giving up on studying her Potions text, she dropped it carelessly on the floor, before reaching over to turn off the lamp by her bed.

"Night Hedwig, kill some rats for me." Hedwig barked in agreement, swooping out the open window into the night.

Mari closed her eyes, mind drifting in lazy contentment. She fell asleep with a small grin on her face.