Disclaimer: I do not own 'The Vampire Diaries'.

Anya Taylor Joy: Scarlett

Willa Holland: Val

Dove Cameron: Genevieve

Sabrina Carpenter: Penelope

Scarlett's POV

I wait for my youngest sister's reaction as we watch the Vampire Diaries. My attention is drawn away momentarily when lightening strikes outside our window.

"Nooo!" Penelope screams, regaining my attention.

I see Klaus "dying" on screen as Alaric stakes him.

"It's horrible, right?" I ask and she nods with a pout.

"We told you that was gonna happen," my second youngest sister, Genevieve, says.

"He can't really be dead, right?" Penelope asks.

"Of course not," my eldest sister, Valentina, says.

"Valentina!" Genevieve and I scream.

"Don't call me that!" she says with a glare and Genevieve chuckles.

"Sorry, Val," Genevieve says, very unconvincing in her apology.

"Too bad we can't go into the Vampire Diaries. I'd change so much stuff," I say with a smirk.

"That'd be awesome. Starting with Damon's ass," Genevieve says.

"We could totally date the sexy guys too," Val says.

"Where would we even start?" Penelope asks.

"Well, I'd pick first, since I'm the oldest. Then Scarlett could go. Then Genevieve. Then Penny," Val says.

"Yeah, I don't think that's what she meant," I say with a laugh.

Genevieve and Penelope burst out laughing, Penelope rolling onto her back as she laughs.

"Ha ha," Val says sarcastically, "You guys are so funny."

"I think so," I say with a wink.

"So, Klaus?" Penelope asks me.

"Yes, Kol?" I ask with a dramatic accent.

"How does it feel to be dead?" she asks with a mischievous grin.

"I don't know, Kol. I could ask you the same thing," I say, giving her a smirk.

"Kol dies?!" she whines.

"Unfortunately," I say, my smile turning into a grimace.

"He's freaking insane," Val says.

"No, he's not! He's great," I exclaim.

"Yeah!" Penelope agrees.

"Whatever, you sluts. We'd be crazy vampires too," Val says.

"Yeah, we would. We'd make great vampires," I say and the other girls make noises of agreement.

"You'd be like, 'You stepped on my shoe,' and snap their neck," Val says and I chuckle.

"No, no, no, no. She'd rip their hearts out," Genevieve says.

"True," Penelope agrees.

"You guys make me seem crazy," I say and cross my arms.

"Well..." Genevieve says.

"Shut up or I'll dagger you," I say quickly, narrowing my eyes at her.

"We call you Klaus for a reason," Penelope says and the girls laugh.

I roll my eyes at them and they chuckle again.

"We really should go to bed. As great as it is to see you guys, I have work tomorrow," Val says.

"One more," Penelope pleads.

"You're about to fall asleep," I say with a laugh.

"That's okay," she says and grabs the remote to watch the next episode.

I chuckle and lay back on the couch, soon falling asleep.

Third person POV

The four sisters lay in the living room, asleep. The Vampire Diaries is still playing on the television. The sound of the show blares on loudly until a static noise starts to take over. The screen starts to glow white and the white overtakes the room. The white shoots back into the television and the noise turns back to talking.

Everything is back to normal.

If you don't count the four missing girls.

Scarlett's POV

I rub my eyes and sit up in bed.

'Bed? I distinctly remember falling asleep on the couch.'

I snap my eyes open and look around the huge bedroom. The bed I'm in is the biggest I've ever seen with a large amount of pillows. The bedroom is Victorian style and absolutely beautiful.

I quickly shake off my admiration and jump out of the bed.

"Genevieve!" I yell.

I walk to the door and rush into the hallway. The rest of the house has a Victorian feel as well, but again, I quickly ignore my beautiful surroundings.

"Val! Penelope!" I yell.

I hear a door open and I snap my head in it's direction. Val comes out of the room across the hallway looking as panicked as me.

"What's going on?" Val asks.

"I don't know," I say. "Where's Genevieve and Penelope?"

"I don't know. I'm starving though," she says and I nod.

The pain in my stomach is strange and something I've never felt before.

"Me too. It feels weird. Different, I guess," I say.

"Yeah. Me too," she says.

"Miss Luxton," a voice says and I turn to see a dark-haired woman bowing to me.

'Bowing?' I cock a brow at her and she hastily continues speaking.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't aware you'd be up so early," she says, nervously, as though she's afraid of me.

I look back at Val to see her looking confused. I smirk and wink at her, causing her to smirk as well. I turn back to the woman with an angry face.

"This is unacceptable," I sneer.

"I'm so sorry. Please don't kill me. I haven't prepared you something to eat yet. You can just feed from me," she says, bearing her neck to me and closing her eyes tightly.

"Feed?" I mouth to Val and she shrugs.

'As in vampires? Maybe that's why I feel strange.'

I suddenly notice I can hear the woman's heart beating, very quickly. I feel something push through my gums and the underneath of my eyes start to feel swollen. I touch my face and feel bulging veins, while I run my tongue across my teeth. I slowly lean forward and place my open mouth on her neck, feeling her pulse under my lips.

"What are you doing?!" Val screeches and I whip my head towards her. She gasps and points to my face.

"I'm feeding, Val," I say, giving her a look.

I turn back to the woman and smirk at her. I quickly sink my fangs into her neck and she lets out a small shriek. Her blood rushes into my mouth and I groan out in pleasure. I've never felt or tasted anything like this before and it's amazing. I suck in bigger gulps and she starts to struggle.

"Scar. You'll kill her," Val reminds me with a hand on my shoulder.

I roll my eyes and grumble before I pull back. I raise my hand to my lips and wipe the blood into my mouth.

"Here you go, sweetheart," I say and bite into my wrist.

I change my face back and hold out my wrist. I place it up to her mouth and she drinks greedily. I pull back as soon as her wound closes.

"Val needs blood too," I say and she nods frantically.

"I can get your sister a blood bag," she offers.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" I say and she rushes down the stairs.

I turn to Val with a chuckle. She looks at me warily.

"Speaking of sisters, where are Genevieve and Penelope?" I ask.

"Your eyes and fangs, when you 'vamped-out'," she says, throwing air-quotes around the word, "You looked like a hybrid from The Vampire Diaries."

"Hybrid?" I ask and she nods, "You do realize that's only a show right?"

"No shit, Sherlock," she says and I grin.

"Do you think you're a hybrid?" I ask.

"I guess we'll find out," she says.

I hear frantic footsteps on the stairs and I turn to see the woman coming up.

"Here Miss Luxton," the woman says and quickly hands Val two blood bags.

"Thank you," Val says and takes them from her. Val's face changes and she rips the first one open with her teeth and starts drinking. She has a regular vampire face.

She looks at me questioningly and I shake my head. She makes a disgruntled face before ripping the second bag and draining it. She hands the empty blood bags to the woman.

"Do you require anything else, Miss Luxton?" the woman asks as she turns to me.

"Just your name, love," I say.

"It's Ruby," she says and I nod.

"Ruby, where are our other sisters?" I ask.

"Genevieve and Penelope?" she asks.


"They're in the same place they've been since you brought me here," she says.

"And where is that?" I ask.

"In that room with their coffins in it," she says.

"Coffins?" Val asks.

"Yes. Are you two feeling alright?" Ruby asks, but quickly realizes her mistake when I glare at her, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean-"

I speed to her and wrap my hand around her neck. I push her into the stair railing next to the chandelier and sneer at her.

"Where's this room?" I compel.

"Downstairs. Next to the living room," she says immediately.

"Show me," I demand and she nods as well as she can with my hold on her neck.

I release her and shove her away from the railing. She quickly rights herself and starts to walk down the stairs. I follow her down and hear Val following behind me. I look back at Val to see her chuckling and I can't help but laugh as well.

Ruby leads us through the house and I admire its beauty.

"Who designed this house?" I ask.

"You did, Miss Luxton. About three hundred years ago," she answers quickly.

"Three hundred years ago," I whisper to Val knowing she'll hear me.

"I wonder how old we are," she whispers back.

"How old are we?" I ask Ruby.

"You were born October of 1296, Miss Luxton. Miss Val was born December of 1293, Miss Genevieve was born July of 1297, and Miss Penelope was born October of 1298. You're mother and father turned you all into vampires in 1314, just before the werewolves attacked your village in November," she says.

"Why did they attack the village?" I ask.

"Because your father broke off your engagement with the alpha's son," she says.

We arrive at a door and I wait for her to open it.

"Open the door. What are you waiting for?" I ask.

"You told me not to open the door," she says.

"Oh, very well," I say and grab her face and compel her, "Forget everything that happened after you gave Val the blood bags. You asked me if I needed anything and I said no. You threw these bags away. You then went to your room and fell asleep. Go throw these away. Then go straight to your room and as soon as you lay on the bed, fall asleep."

She nods and walks away. I turn back to the doors and tilt my head in thought.

"Why'd you do that?" Val asks me.

"We can't act too suspicious," I say and push the doors open.

In the center of the room, there are two coffins. I share a look with Val and I walk over to the coffin on the left. I lift the lid and immediately start laughing.

"What?" Val asks and comes to stand behind me. She joins me in laughter and walks to the other coffin before opening it.

In the coffins lay Genevieve and Penelope; daggered. Genevieve is wearing a band t-shirt and her hair is big and poofy. Eighties, definitely. Penelope is wearing flapper outfit and has short hair. Twenties.

"So, I guess we're like the Originals. Which means one of our parents knew a witch or was one and they used a spell to turn us," I say and she nods.

She goes to undagger Penelope and I stop her.

"They'll be hungry. We need food for them," I say and she nods.

"I'm going to go get them blood bags," she says and begins to walk out.

"I think I'll compel Ruby to write down everything she knows about our family," I say and she nods.

"I'll wait to undagger them until you came back," she says.

"Make sure you get a lot of blood bags. They look like they've been daggered for a long time," I say as I start to go up the stairs.

"Okay," she says and vamp-speeds off. I hear her giddy laughter down the hall and I chuckle to myself.

I listen to Ruby's heart beat and vamp-speed up to her room. I laugh, like Val, at the speed I can go.

"Get up, Ruby!" I say, knocking on the door.

I hear her quickly leap from the bed and her footsteps run to the door. The door swings open and a frantic Ruby stands before me.

"I want you to write everything you know about our family in chronological order. Write it in a nice book. If you don't have one, go to the store. Make it look nice," I compel her.

"Yes, Miss Luxton," she says.

I turn around and vamp-speed back to the coffin room and see Val with about twenty blood bags.

"When I said a lot, I didn't mean all of them," I say and she laughs sarcastically.

I walk over to Genevieve and grab onto her dagger. I go to pull it up, but I hesitate.

"What if these aren't our Gen and Penny?" I ask and Val shrugs.

"Only way to find out is to undagger them," she says and grasps Penelope's dagger.

"Shouldn't we have white oak ash before we undagger them?" I ask and she nods.

"Yes. I already thought of that. That cabinet over there is filled with bottles of white oak ash," she says.

'Note to self: Hide that later. Just in case you need to dagger someone.'

"On the count of three," I say. "One..."

"Two..." Val says.

"Three..." I say and we pull the daggers up.