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It was cold here, very cold. Colder than even the winters in Scotland. Though it had been many years Harry had experienced one of those, he could still clearly recall the biting cold wind on his cheeks, while he trotted through snow to the greenhouses. He had become a big fan of warm weather. He had been one of the few Brits that relished in the deserts of the Middle-East. And why was he here, in sub-zero weather? Oh right, because he was a sucker for his friends.

He closed his eyes, while he fortified himself with a sip of the scalding hot coffee in his hand. The thumb of his other hand played unconsciously with the ring he still wore. He opened his eyes and looked at the immense building in front of him. He looked with trepidation at the entrance. He knew his friend (and former patient, his mind supplied), was signing his contract inside. New head of Trauma Surgery, at the prestigious Seattle Grace Hospital. Harry snorted out loud. And Hunt had managed to drag him in as the new prestigious general surgeon.

Well, now is as good a time as any, he tried to mentally coach himself to step inside to sign his own contract.

"Potter?" The name made him look up. The rough man walking out of the hospital caught his attention.

"Owen," he smiled.

"What are you doing staring at the doors?" Owen questioned him.

"Trying to find some courage to step inside and become an attending at a teaching hospital." Harry supplied. "I don't teach, I cut and love it. I save lives, but I don't teach. How on earth did you manage to talk me in to moving with you to Seattle?" He glared at the man in good measure.

Owen laughed, though the sound was strained.

"I didn't. You came on your own accord, because – and I quote you here – 'I couldn't get it in to my thick skull that I didn't lose everything and needed someone to kick my ass up here, since Teddy was unavailable.'"

Harry was surprised that Owen could quote him word for word. He had said that, when he heard that Owen would start working immediately on his return to the States. Since his contract with the army had ended as well, he decided to follow the man. Teddy had been worried about Owen since IT had happened. Sure he had physically recovered, Harry had made sure of that.

But Teddy seemed to be right in that his mind was not okay. Harry was no therapist, or psychiatrist. But he was a master of the magical mind arts, and he could see clearly that the mind of Owen Hunt was in shambles. Now, if he could only convince Owen of that fact. That was easier said than done.

"Well, time to go in, I guess," Harry gave a firm pat on Owen's shoulder and walked into the hospital. Just inside the doors he stood still. Great, this place was a worse maze than Hogwarts had been. Brilliant Potter, just brilliant, he thought sarcastically.

Meredith Grey and Christina Yang glared around the corner.

"Your hot army man seems to be gone, Christina," Meredith tried to sooth her twisted sister.

"He's not my army man, Mer. He's just a army man." Christina contradicted.

"Right, A army man who happened to pull an icicle out of your chest and kissed you." Meredith responded.

"Who is that?" A voice asked behind them. They looked over their shoulders and saw Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens looking at the elevators. They followed the line of her sight and saw a man exiting the elevator.

The man was not too tall. Taller than George, but smaller than Derek. His hair seemed just a bit long from a military cut. He wore a thick woolen coat that was open to show a lean body clothed in a simple white button-up shirt and slacks.

"Whoah," Christina mumbled. The man was fine. Very hot.

Meredith seemed to agree with her, as her mouth was hanging open a bit.

The man looked around and they caught sight of the greenest eyes ever to exist to human kind.

"That, he…" Izzie stammered.

"Words, Izzie, use them," Christina said to her.

They watched as Chief Webber and doctor Miranda Bailey stepped up towards the man. Webber shake his hand and ushered the man to the conference room where they had spotted hot army man Hunt a few minutes earlier.

They snaked around the corner, until they had a clear view of the glass windows that made up most of the conference room.

"What are we staring at?" Alex Karev made his entrance as he was eating some crisps.

"I don't know," Christina answered, clearly intrigued by the mystery man.

Their group grew as first George O'Malley, and next Meredith's boyfriend, Derek Shepherd, came to stand next to them.

"Derek, you know who that is?" Meredith asked him.

"No, I do not. I do know we have a new head of Trauma. But he is not that." Derek answered her.

His best friend, Mark Sloan, walked up towards them.

"Who is he?" Was his first question.

"We don't know!" The group exclaimed exasperated.

After a few minutes, they saw the man sign what obviously was a contract and once again shake hands with Webber and Bailey. Bailey seemed to be as giddy as they ever saw her. The three left the conference room.

The group had no time to disperse, and they were immediately caught by the three. Webber glared, while Bailey looked at her former interns in exasperation. The man smirked in clear amusement.

Webber looked at the man with a questioning glance, the man shrugged in response.

"Doctors, may I introduce to you Dr. Harry Potter, our new senior attending for general surgery here at Seattle Grace," Webber introduced the man.

"Pleasure to meet you all," the man spoke.

"Oh my God, he is British," Izzie breathed out, a girly smile appearing on her face. Alex glared at the man in response.

"So?" he asked her defensively.

"That is really, really…" Christina stammered.

"International," Meredith cut in when it became obvious Christina couldn't say more than that.

"Dr. Potter, this is Dr. Derek Shepherd, our head of Neuro and Dr. Mark Sloan, our head of Plastics." Webber started the introductions.

Harry Potter nodded pleasantly to the both of them.

"How do you do?" he asked politely. The two men answered accordingly.

"And these are a few of our surgical residents; Dr. Meredith Grey, Dr. Christina Yang, Dr. Alexander Karev, Dr. Isobel Stevens and Dr. George O'Malley."

"Hi" "Hello" the girls managed to stammer.

The man's smile broadened.

"Not met many Brits, have you?" he asked, clearly amused.

"We, I, uh, no I never met a British doctor no," Izzie managed to answer.

"Well, did you get it all out of your system? Come tomorrow, I start working here. And if you do this on my shift, it will not be very productive." Harry said. "Capice?"

"So he's Italian, now?" Alex grumbled under his breath. Derek and Mark just laughed at the call-out Harry had done to the fawning girls.

"Chief Webber, I'll see you tomorrow. Miranda, nice meeting you and see you in the OR." With a last nod towards the group, Dr. Potter left the hall.

Webber looked at the group who was staring after his newly acquired general surgeon.

"Don't you people have work to do?" he called out.

The group dispersed as quickly as possible after that.

Harry laid in his bed that night. He had bought a king size bed, and still slept on the left side. The right side of any bed he slept in was always kept empty. Ginny, he sighed. Oh, how he wished she was still here. He forced any thoughts he had about her away, locking them behind steel barriers in his mind. Controlling his breathing, he applied his Occlumency to calm his mind.

Though he managed it after a few tries, sleep evaded him. Reluctantly he gave it up and accepted he would start his new job on no sleep. It wasn't something he wasn't used to, but still…

He sat in the kitchen, reflecting on how much his life had changed. At age seventeen, he thought he would die. Voldemort taking over, him being Undesirable no. 1, and running around the country side with no clue what to do, or how to defeat the Dark Lord. Yes, he had estimated his chances of survival pretty low.

Who knew he would be the only one to actually survive in the end? Sure, the losses of the Final Battle had been heavy. Remus and Tonks, Fred, Snape, and all the people and especially students marked for life. But he had been happy, relieved.

Ginny had been his comfort, he knew he would never had made it through the first year after the war without her. She had had a pretty hard time as well. The loss of Fred was felt deeply in the Weasley family. But the new couple Ron and Hermione and him and Ginny, it created happiness in the Weasley family. It made the loss bearable, somehow.

And then came the guerrilla. Well, it was not officially called the guerrilla, but the tactics were such. Only a small amount of Snatchers and Death Eaters had escaped prosecution and imprisonment. But they were fanatic. Knowing that they would never have a place in the magical community now, they started to take out their anger, frustration and pain on those that actively fought against them.

And so it was that Ron and Hermione were slaughtered while in Flourish and Blotts. Molly and Arthur took it hard, so hard that their youngest son had died. Percy became a recluse from the family, never staying and working quietly in his little niche at the ministry. George had opened the joke shop, but Lee was the one doing the work, as George couldn't handle standing in his dream-come-true without his twin by his side.

The wedding of Harry and Ginny was the event that got the family back together. Charlie had come back from Romania, and Bill and Fleur were handling a lot of the organization together with Ginny and Molly. Two years of marital bliss. Then disaster struck; Teddy got Dragon Pox and died of the complication. Harry was inconsolable, his godson was dead. And not murdered no, but by the unfair wasting away of a dangerous disease.

That's when Harry decided he did not want to fight, but help people. He started to study Healing, both magical and muggle. And things looked like they were going better. Ginny was waiting for him one evening, having made a fancy dinner. When Harry wanted to open a wine bottle, Ginny had stopped him.

He had looked at her confused, Ginny loved the dark red elven wine with a fancy meal. But Ginny had smiled that sweet smile of hers, and announced her pregnancy.

Six months later, he was forced to watch his wife bleed out on a table in front of him. She had went out of Grimmauld to the local supermarket. She was shot from close range, and died to a GSW to the chest. His child hadn't made it either.

Harry couldn't take the loss anymore. No more people he loved dying. He cut himself off from the magical world, and enlisted as a medic. Through the military he became a general surgeon. He had gone on tours in Iraq, where he consequently had met Teddy and Owen, who served as surgeons in the American divisions.

Harry sighed as he stared out of his kitchen window. It was already started to become light. Well, better get ready for the first day, he mentally encouraged himself.

When he was making his breakfast, he was startled by a knock on his front door. He took his cup of coffee as he went to open the door. What he found was Owen, ready for the day, with a pleading expression on his face.

"Have you ever handled pigs?" Owen asked him.

"Good morning to you too, Owen. And pigs? I'm sorry, but I have to ask: are you on drugs?"

Owen chuckled.

"No, it is to test the residents on their care and trauma procedures. I have eight pigs in a lorry waiting for me. I have to sedate and intubate them, put them under." Owen explained.

Harry shook his head fiercely.

"Nu-uh, no way! I will not be manhandling pigs into the hospital only for you to stab them like an axe murderer, so you can let your residents loose on them!" Owen smiled and Harry took two steps back in his house.

An hour later, he was standing next to Owen staring at eight pigs who were lying on their back intubated.

"How the hell do you manage to talk me into all this stuff, Hunt?" Harry asked him. "I swear, first that sand hill dive, then the cool-aid bet and now this? I'll be admitted to mental institution by the time your through with me."

Owen laughed and closed the curtains in front of the pigs. They both watched as the surgical residents slowly made their way into the clinic. Harry hit Owen on the shoulder.

"I have rounds! You go and get psycho-creepy on the poor wee little lads. I have actual patients to save," Harry made his leave.

"I still save more people than you, Potter!" he heard Owen yell after him.

"No, Owen. You give them complexes with your bedside manners!" Harry replied.

Just as he went through the doors, he heard one of the male residents mumble.

"Should we worry about this? The new Dr. Potter calls him creepy, and no offense Christina… But he did yank an icicle out of your chest without proper procedure."

"Shut up, O'Malley!" Christina replied.

Harry smiled, maybe this wouldn't be as bad as he feared. Yeah right! He snorted to himself.