Reviews for Passageways
Worldmaker chapter 14 . 7/28
I hate it when fanfiction authors feel the need to use "-nee" every time they mention a married woman's name.

Its stupid and its unnecessary.
Ricardo chapter 30 . 7/24
I’m pretty upset that Harry told lily about his past she is far to young to understand and you made it seem like she matured overnight. You seem to be writing randomly now Harry even with future knowledge is unable to really do anything significant towards Voldy along with Dumbledore. Also Dumbledore charming an entire castle of children? I’m pretty sure the kids would notice if not their parents would discover magic placed on them when they get home. You give Harry protections based on his house ring yet their are other students who are heirs and have no protection. Pretty ridiculous
stanley2 chapter 37 . 7/22
Love this story!
NaruhinaloverUA chapter 37 . 7/20
Nicely written and interesting story. Really liked this HarryXBellatrix fanfic. Hope you continue this story and come back from your hiatus soon. Keep up the great work and update soon.
dhamann7878 chapter 37 . 7/18
So many different plotlines and all so goooodd. Hopefully the hiatus will be over and you'll come back to this
Marcus chapter 4 . 7/16
Your stories need balance and restrain. Everything is way over the top. Some parts are so farfetched that they are close to a parody.
brachiosaurus chapter 1 . 7/14
i know you're still alive author, or else you wouldnt have marked a story that only published 3 months ago. look, i'm not trying to push you, demand or nag you to update Passageways, especially after that Hiatus tag you put on, but many people including me are awaiting for an update on this.
Amun565 chapter 6 . 7/2
I want to like this I really do, but the over the top evil Dumbeldore doesn't really make much sense and the deus ex machina hogwarts plays far to large a role for me to really immerse in the story.
miguel.puentedejesus chapter 3 . 6/22
Exquisitamente Cruel
miguel.puentedejesus chapter 1 . 6/22
Un Fantástico Comienzo!
Muy Buen Capítulo!
Me Encanto
zwiastun.burzy chapter 37 . 6/20
And the WAR begins.. (at 2017).. it's 2020 and I still believe hopefully for that Ch:38 update to appear
VLARQ chapter 37 . 6/17
the next chapter please we weting for a long time, thanks.
Sesshomaru0215 chapter 19 . 6/9
I've pretty much been binge reading this story and it's pretty good so far. sometimes a dumb thing prevails till someone else stops it, but it's a good story. getting laughs out of a bit of it. I'm glad to see it also managed to close up some of the holes that showed up fairly well.
Sesshomaru0215 chapter 17 . 6/9
I like this. I have a book of everything Voldemort did in history, but I've been changing the timeline so it may not be accurate. Because buying a new book would completely bankrupt you huh?
Sesshomaru0215 chapter 16 . 6/9
harry is an idiot. literally hes had the concept explained multiple times, went through it a couple times, then had several chances to see exactly what just happened and had it told to him several times and still couldn't figure it out without someone beating it into him.
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