This is a crossover between The Dukes of Hazzard and Supernatural. This takes place after Supernatural ends.

The year is 2021

Sam and Dean drove for days after they left Lebanon, Kansas. As Dean and Sam were concerned, their days of hunting and saving people were over. They decided to retire to a small town to live out their remaining days in peace, where no one knew about them or their past. Dean had killed 'god' earilier in the week and stopped the destruction of the world once again. Bobby and the others have taken over hunting to keep people safe; it was the only life that they knew. Before Chuck died he put a curse on the boys, they had less than 3 months to live. He also closed the gates to Heaven and Hell. Souls could enter both places but demons and angels no longer could come and go as they pleased. Before the gates were closed every angel and demon left earth. The demons knew that Sam and Dean and the other hunters would stop at nothing to destroy them, so they left.

When Sam, Dean and Castiel drove into Hazzard County an uneasy feeling washed over Castiel.

"Do you guys notice something strange about this place?"

"Like what, Cas?" Sam asked. Castiel looked out the window and saw older tractors in the fields and no traffic in sight.

"Those tractors for one, are older than you are."

"That don't mean anything. Tractors are expensive." Dean replied as he glanced out the passenger's side window to look.

"Well, we haven't seen another car on the road since we got into the county." Both Dean and Sam ignored Castiel. When they got into town, it was as if it was a ghost town.

"Where is everyone?"

"I don't know Cas, the local bar?"

"It's 9 o'clock in the morning, Dean."

"Never stopped me before." As they continued driving down the road, Castiel looked around.

"Dean, the newest car here is that '83 Mustang." Dean ignored Castiel and continued to drive. "It's like this town is trapped in a time vortex or something."

"Don't care, Cas. We're out of the game." As he drove past the city square, Dean noticed an orange Charger at the local garage.

"Well, look at that." Dean smiled as they got closer to the Charger.

"Dean, maybe we should just get out of here." As they got closer to the vehicle, they noticed a dark haired man walk into the garage.

"In a minute, Sam." Dean parked the Impala close to the passenger's side of the Charger and got out. He saw a handsome, young, blond man with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth working on the engine. The blond glanced at Dean when he heard the engine of the Impala shut off. He turned his attention back to the engine without saying a word to the stranger. At this point Sam and Castiel got out of the impala.

"Nice Charger." The blond straighten up from the front of the Charger and looked at Dean. He took a drag off of his cigarette then replied as he glanced at Castiel; who was looking around the garage.

"It would be best if he." The blond pointed to Castiel, "left before she comes back." The blond closed the hood and wiped his hands off on a shop rag before he started to put his shirt on.

"Before who comes back?" Dean asked him. The blond looked up from buttoning his shirt and backed away from the lady who was walking towards them from across the street.

"Don't say I didn't try to warn ya." He took another drag off his cigarette and headed towards the open garage door. Both Sam and Dean turned to face the person that the blond was walking away from.

"Sam and Dean Winchester. I was wondering when our paths would cross, not that I wanted them to. Death seems to follow you two wherever you go." She looked around the garage. "Where's the angel?"

"Right here, Mirtha." Castiel replied as he walked up from behind her.

"Which one are you now?"

"Castiel." She smiled at the memory that the name gave her.

"That's a name I haven't heard in centuries."

"What have you done here?"

"What I needed to do. A powerful vampire named Alexandros came here 38 years ago. Killed or almost killed everyone in the county. I was able to save 20 by making them immortal."

"Did you get their permission to do so?"

"Of course I did. I warded the county so no outsider would realize that time has stoppped here. Everyone likes it this way. No outside interference. Life is simple here." She turned and looked at Dean and Sam. "You two are welcome to stay here." When they both gave her a confused look, she added. "I'm a goddess I know you don't have much time left. Less time than you think. With your permission I would like to change you as I changed them."

"What? You ought to be out of your mind!"

"Hold on, Sammy. What do you think is going to happen to us when we die?" When Sam didn't answer, Dean replied. "I'll tell you what's going to happen. We won't be allowed in Heaven and I don't have to tell you what will happen if we went to Hell."

Mirtha walked up to them and placed her hand onto Dean's shoulder. "You two will be safe here, it's like Heaven on earth. No one dies and no evil can come here."

"What about Cas?"

"If Castiel wants to stay here, he is welcome to. But others will know that he is an angel. They can sence it, just like they can sence me."

"How does this work?"

"You just drink my blood, that's it."

"That's it? No dying involved first?" Sam asked.

"No, if you die. I can't save you. They will take your soul before I could change you." Sam looked at Dean; who just shrugged his shoulders.

"Why not? Either way, in 3 months we're dead."

"Dean, don't you think you should think this over?"

"What is there to think over, Cas? It's not if we die, it's when we die. And when we die that's it, we're going to Hell."

"You don't know that."

"Yeah, Cas. I think I do. We killed god. Don't think his angels are going to welcome us with open arms. Even if Jack is in charge now." Castiel remained quiet, so Sam turned towards Mirtha.

"Where do you want to do this?" Sam asked Mirtha.

"There is a room upstairs. We can do it there."

"Cas, can you watch over us?"

"Of course, Dean." They followed her up the ladder in the garage, while the blond and his two friends sat on the chairs near the desk in the office area. When she was done changing them, she climbed down the ladder and walked up to the three men.

"They will sleep. The Angel is watching over them. I will let the others know that we have three new arrivals."

"You think the others are going to be okay with this? This is the first time you've done this."

"It will be alright." The blond nodded.

"Will there be any more strangers arriving in town?" The older man asked.

"No one will be looking for the three."

"Do you have a place where they can live?" The dark haired man asked.

"Yes, at the old Tolliver place. There's plenty of space for all of them to live there."

"What will their jobs be?"

"Seeing that you two farm the land, I figure they can help you two."

"We can do that." The blond haired man replied for both of them.

"I shall be on my way." Mirtha turned around and headed for her home. The blond went up the ladder to check on the two new men. Castiel looked up when he heard someone climbing the ladder. He made his way up and saw Castiel sitting in a chair, next to the Winchester boys.


"Hi." Castiel looked at the blond out of curiosity. The blond walked up to Dean and checked his pulse, then did the same to Sam.

"They'll be fine, Castiel." The blond assured him as he started to remove Dean's boots. He placed the boots onto the floor then did the same to Sam. As he took down some blankets he told Castiel. "It gets cold at night this time of year." As the blond covered up Sam he told Castiel. "They will sleep for a couple of days. They'll be fine, you don't have to worry about them."

"How do you know I'm worried?" The blond looked up from covering Dean and smiled. Castiel couldn't help but notice how angelic the blond appeared to be.

"You have the same look on your face that my cousin always had when I'd get hurt." He walked up to Castiel and placed his fingers under his chin and slightly tilted Castiel's head up. "You're pretty, you should smile more." The blond smiled and headed towards the ladder.

"What? Wait, are you hitting on me?"

"No, I'm taken. You should come down and meet him." Castiel looked at Sam and Dean, then back to the blond who was making his way down the ladder.