So as everyone as heard the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime is over basically and a new generation of Pokémon are here with sword and shield. Of course new characters and Pokémon will come and imma say this…..I'm gonna miss it, I mean sure there were ups and downs from the anime, but hey he won a league a Pokémon league and became its first champion. I can't wait for the new series and the new games and I know I should wait till it comes out, but I'll make sure I put those Pokémon into this story later as for now enjoy this story of Ash and Naruto brothers formed by fate and destiny.

Chapter 1: A lost Kid

"Where am I….why is it so dark, cold, what's that sound"

Blue eyes as bright as the morning sky opened up to the view of the night sky with stars small, but bright as anything and the full moon being blocked by the passing clouds which once parted face light to the small figure in the clearing as his eyes quickly checked his surroundings finding himself in some kind of small clearing with a large rock not to far away and what looked like fruit in a pile by it.

"Where am I," thought the small little boy as he tried to get up only to hiss in pain as he held his right leg which he now noticed was wrapped up in what looked like leaves and vines.

Suddenly he heard a rustle and his eyes quickly darted into the tree line where the bushes started to move till they parted to reveal a tall bipedal cat with yellow fur, blue whiskers and palms. And as the little boy had a staring contest with it did he realize that this was a Pokémon and one he had never seen before in any of the books he had read with his moth-….suddenly memories start to come back to him some happy, but most that were recently not so good and in the end he understands not only why he is injured, but where he is.

"So this is Kanto….it's better then the pictures," said the boy as the mysterious Pokémon looks up from its sitting position and started to walk towards him as Naruto gave a slight flinch when it's face was mere inches from his.

It gave a small growl before rolling over an oran berry which he hesitated in taking before quickly hearing the rumbling in his stomach and finally gave in grabbing the berry and chowing down on it as he felt refreshed and somewhat better.

"Thank you," said the boy as the Pokémon just gazed at him, before walking to the rock and got on top of it before getting into a sitting position and staring at the night sky.

"For a child to be out this late is dangerous," said the yellow Pokémon as the boy stopped eating and stared at it.

"You can understand me," the boy asked surprised.

"And it would seem you could understand me," the yellow Pokémon suddenly stood up straighter and stared straight into the boys eyes."Now my question is child how did you end up on the beach soaked, dehydrated and starved, but also with a broken leg to boot," the voice she talked in was female and sounded very strict as it gave a small glare which made the boy look away in slight fear for both the Pokémon and the reason he was injured.

"I-I-I was simply boating and-"

"Child you are young and thus I will not blame you for lying especially in front of something that would frighten you," said the Pokémon.

"But I am not frighten of you, in fact I am grateful, because you are the first one to actually take the time to care if I was alright," the boy said as he let a few tears stream down his face and the Pokémon looked on with confusion, sadness and worry.

"Boy are you an orphan," it asked worried for the answer.

"No, but I might as well be… see I was born a triplet, I the oldest was always expected to be the best, but when my other siblings showed more progression then me, more talent then I just because I couldn't unlock my aura faster I was seen as a waste and put aside ignored by everyone in my family…so after our fifth birthday I overheard that my heir status would be taken and given to one of my twins to take down the road once one of them become a champion. So I left to start my journey early and learn more then I could from them, but I guess my boat wasn't good enough ha," the boy looked at the ground shedding tears at the end.

The pokémon looked on with anger, but also pity for a boy so young to be unloved by those who were supposed to love him was something it wished on no one. It stepped down its rick and walked to the boy before kneeling down to his level and giving the little one a big hug that made him finally let it all out and for the next few minutes the clearing was full of sobbing as the boy cried his feelings out.

"Zeraora," was all the yellow bipedal cat said.

"What?" Asked the boy.

"Zeraora that's my name and I am known very few around the world as I like to have very little contact with humans," the now named Zeraora said.

"But I'm a human so why are you talking to me," asked the boy.

"Because you are nothing more then a child and a young one who was cast aside by foolish parents. Who could not see that your potential is there, it's just waiting to be unlocked but not by them, but with your heart and those who truly believe in you," Zeraora said as the boy gave a small smile before snuggling into the Pokémon.

"My name is Naruto," the little blonde boy said as the bipedal Pokémon gave a small smile before letting the boy fall asleep in her arms.

"Don't worry Naruto your parents might not have seen it, but you have it the aura and so much more. Just like someone else and you two will change this world for the better," Zeraora has a small smile before laying down with the sleeping boy.

Next Day

(Professor Oaks Lab)

The sun was bright today as the open meadow which housed many Pokémon and the small lakes around the place gave most of the Pokémon that stayed there a place to roam free as the owner of the large land was walking around with a small chart as he smiled at all the roaming Pokémon some of them owned by trainers and others just part of the wildlife. As he was walking through the field he spotted the two of the three Pokémon he was hoping to find, one of them was a blue turtle like creature with big eyes and small hands coming out of its shell with its tail being treated by the other Pokémon. A small little green creature with lighter green spots around its body and a giant seed being the main feature that gave it away.

"Squirtle, Bulbasaur how are you two doing, oh Squirtle what did you do," asked the old man who had grey hair and wrinkles on his face as his lab coat blew in the wind, this man was Professor Samuel Oak the leading professor in Pokémon research.

The two Pokémon started to tell him what happened but both were speaking at the same time that there words which was really them saying there names was jumbled. Making the professor gave a small laugh before another sound caught the threes attention as a small orange lizard with a burning tail cane running towards them waving its small arms.

"Charmander what's wrong," asked Oak.

The Pokémon kept waving it's hands before pointing to the forest as the three had confused faces before the fire lizard took oaks hand and started to drag him into the forest and for a few minutes the four continued the trick until they came into a clearing where they saw the sun shining down on a duo one a Pokémon Oak had never seen before and another a little boy who looked just a few years older then his grandson.

"So this is what you wanted to show me Charmander," Oak then saw the injury on the boy and gave a small gasp before covering his mouth as he suddenly saw the Pokémon open it's eyes and stare right at him as it suddenly got up, but also lowered the boy to the ground not waking him as it moved to intercept him.

"Wait I wasn't-," but the Pokémon was already on him with a thunder punch, but was pushed back when small fire streams came between the two as the three Kanto Starters stood between the professor and the Pokémon.

"Move I do not wish to hurt you," Zeraora said, but the three didn't bulge.

"Please I didn't come to hurt you I'm just worried about the boy his injury seems severe Let me get him to a nurse," asked Oak as Zeraora was ready to pounce again until a small groan stopped them and all eyes looked at the awaking Naruto who looked at the occurring situation.

"Aaahh good morning…what's going on," asked Naruto.

"Ah well you see little boy my name is professor Oak and I was walking around checking on all the Pokémon until I found you anddd,"

"Zeraora and I know who you are I read books about you….so that's why I'm here this is your research field," said Naruto.

"Yes and I was hoping I could convince…Zeraora if I could take you to a nurse to check your leg," said Oak.

Naruto looked down at his leg and put his hand on it as he expected some kind of pain, but felt nothing only the weird feeling of the leaf. He suddenly unwrapped the lead and saw his once bloodied leg cleaned and healed.

"It would seem you healed faster then I expected," said Zeraora.

"Zeraora please let him go he is a trustworthy person. I promise," Naruto said as she had to give a slight growl before lowering her stance.

"So young man mind explaining how you ended up in the middle of my field," asked Oak.

"Long story, but I can tell you after we head back to your research lab, because I am feeling kinda sore," said Naruto.

"And your friend," asked Oak as he stared at the mysterious Pokémon as Naruto gave her a pleading look and after a minute she sighed before nodding her head.

"She'll follow me and because she helped me through my time here," he said.

"Well then shall we," said Oak with a small smile.

Prof. oaks Lab

Professor Oak led them back to his lab where he checked to see if Naruto was fully alright and if he had any other injuries, but he seemed fine and after some food for him, the three starters and Zeraora who just stared at it until Naruto told her to at least try the setting was finally at ease, but still a little tense. But enough for Naruto to tell Oak about how he ended up in Kanto and by the end Oak could only feel sadness for the boy as he could not understand why he would be unloved by all those who were supposed to love him. His grandson Gary and his son Blue were the two most important people to him so he couldn't imagine not loving them anymore.

"Well young Naruto you are welcomed to stare here for as long as you need," said Professor Oak.

"Thanks Professor and to be honest maybe time with all these Pokémon will make me feel at ease," said Naruto as he rubbed the heads of Charmander and Bulbasaur with Squirtle sitting in his lap which gave Professor Oak a small smile.

"Say Naruto can I ask you a question," asked Oak.

"Sure what is it?" Asked Naruto.

"Do you still plan to be a trainer," that question caused Naurto to close his eyes and look down at the Squirtle at his lap as it gave him a small smile.

"Honestly I don't know. After having those you cared about turn there back on you and say that your not worth the time and effort. To have them basically say I would amount to nothing and not even waste my time being a trainer is kinda sad, but now after nearly dying and meeting a Pokémon I have never seen it got me thinking…..why listen to the words of those who never saw my full self. Professor Oak I don't plan to listen to them if they never listen to me, I'm here to say I will be a the best that there ever was and prove all of them wrong," Naruto said with the most conviction he had as a fire burned in his eyes that showed Oak and the Pokémon he was not only serious, but passionate about it.

"Well then I would like to offer you the chance to learn under me and grow till you are ready, because if you want to be a Pokémon master your gonna need the knowledge to do so," said Oak as Zeraora walked up to him and put her paw on his shoulder.

"And the Pokémon to show you how to be the best and bond through tough and thin," Zeraora said as the three starters gave a loud cry and Naruto shed a small tear and gave a wide grin as on this day a journey was born for one of the greatest Pokémon masters to walk the earth.


So that was my first chapter to this series and unfortunately for all of you I already choose the team he will have during the story of course it might change as I'm writing as right now I'm thinking of new teams. BUT I WANT YOU TO KNOW the teams he has for each region is gonna be different and will probably only use in that region unless a time calls for it and if you want certain Pokémon on his team just tell me and I'll try to add them or something.

Thank you for reading and the next chapter will be up soon so until then see you later.