"Yo, hi, my name is Chris Mclean, the star of this new season. You might be wondering. Why I haven't appear in that new baby show. Well, the producers thought I was too mature to be on the series. So, we talk a little about stuff, with them agreeing that I should continue this new season on a cruise ship. Not just a ordinary cruise ship but a cruise through every universe. So, in this new season, we will have new contestants to be in this competition to win not two, not three, not even four but nine million dollars. Wow, that would hurt a lot for a country to spend away with that amount of money. So, these new contestants aren't going to be, not only the returning old ones but a grand new ones from different worlds that means, we are boosting the show up, everyone! Oh, and these characters will have to face Aton of harsh ship through this voyage. So, tune in this time for total drama cruise!"

Here are the list from a anime and cartoon that can only be allow, so if there a show that isn't here, then I am truly apologize. These are the only ones that I know. So, here the list that you want a character from these shows. Remember, choose one of them in each. Do not choose a lot from one of them.

( corpse party )

( Secret of kells )

( kill la kill )

( metalocalypse )

( archer )

( ed edd n eddy )

( neptunia )

( he man and master of the universe )

( thundercats )

( goblin slayer )

( happy sugar life )

( my hero academia )

( panty and stocking with garderbelt )

( made in abyss )

( Harvey beak )

( transformers )

( konosuba )

( king of the hill )

( dororo )

( moomin )

( Astro boy )

( gravity fall )

( GI Joe a real American hero )

( Pokémon )

( any total drama characters )

Choose one of these characters each and the votes will be reveal on July 12 and the first competition will be on July 16. You can also give me any location to travel for a competition. So, these care the choices and I hope you enjoy it. so vote now from the list and your wishes will come true. Also, sent the votes through pm or review.