Harry Potter's Fight For His Life

Here is a new story that I started to write many years ago. It's a cross-over with NCIS and Harry Potter. It's still a WIP but I will try and get to finish it as soon as.

Characters: Harry Potter World - Harry P, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy & Draco Malfoy (But not for a while), Albus Dumbledore and Minister Fudge. The Death Eaters and Voldemort (Very late on)

NCIS: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva David, Tim McGee, Abby Scutio, Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, Leon Vance.

My Original Characters: Minister of MACUSA Minister Jefferson.

"You're an ungrateful little shit. You have made our lives like hell!" Vernon Dursley started beating on his nephew.

"You and your freakishness have lost me my JOB!" Vernon shouted and kicked the sixteen-year-old boy.

Vernon then picked up the boy and headed outside to his hire car that he had.

The Dursley's were on holiday in Washington D.C. Vernon was on a working holiday. That was until his company told him that they were sending someone else out and that he was fired from his job with Grunnings.

Grunnings fired Vernon Dursley as they were contacted by the police about the whereabouts of the Dursley family were as report was filed about the abuse of their nephew by their neighbours on Privet Drive.

Vernon Dursley bundled his nephew into the car and then he got into the driver's side and started the engine and started driving around Washington's night time roads.

"Well I'm glad that case has been wound up. Now I can get some good honest earned rest." NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo mentioned as he was walking out of the NCIS building after a long gruelling case with the rest of the team.

"Yeah, well we all are." Ziva David was just putting her jacket on.

"Well don't rest too long guys, as it won't be long until another dead marine will turn up on our doorstep." Leroy Jethro Gibbs mentioned as he got out his car keys to head on home.

"Gibbs, can I catch a lift home?" Abby Sciuto asked of her boss.

"Sure, why don't you all come over to mine and I'll order in and grab some beers."

"Sure thing boss."

The next thing they know they hear a set of screeching tyres coming around the corner and the car stops just in front of them. A boy was then pushed out of the car and then the car speeds off.

"HEY!" DiNozzo started running after the car.

Gibbs, Abby and Ziva ran over to the boy to check him over.

"McGee call an ambulance now!" Gibbs shouted.

"On it boss."

"Hey there. You just hang in there we're going to help you." Ziva said as he held the boy.

"Please…help…me." The boy then went unconscious.

DiNozzo came back out of breath.

"He got away, but I did catch the licence plate of the car. How's the kid?" DiNozzo asked.

"He's now unconscious but he asked us to help him. Wait I recognise this kid from somewhere." Abby knelt next to the boy.

"How could they do this to you? Oh, you were supposed to safe with them. What are you doing so far away from home?"

"Who is he?" McGee asked of Abby.

"Harry James Potter. I went to junior school with him. I was in my sixth year when he just started there. I moved to America after I finished Primary School. I was the only one that would talk to him. His cousin used to bully him and along with his friends." Abby started to explain.

"OK Abby talk to me later, we need to get Harry here to the hospital. Where is that ambulance?" Gibbs asked.

The sirens were coming from around the corner.

"At last. Hang in there sweetie, help is here." Abby bent down and moved the hair from his brow.

"Oh shite, he's the Boy-Who-Lived!" Ziva got up and backed away.

"He's the Boy-Who-What?" DiNozzo asked.

"Sorry, I can't say much to you. Statue of Secrecy that I have, I need to contact my friend in England." Ziva walked away and headed back inside to speak to her friend.

"Are you alone?" Ziva asked as she was on the phone.

"Please I know that Lucius is there with you. Go to another room without him. It's Order business." Ziva mentioned.

"So, what's wrong?" The voice asked on the other end.

"It's Harry. He's been dumped by someone in Washington outside my works office." Ziva told her contact.

"What in hell is Harry doing over in America?"

"Not sure, but he's on his way to hospital. Any chance you can get away from what you are doing and head over here. But without Albus or Tom knowing?" Ziva had asked.

"I think that I can. I'll catch the floo network over to your home Ziva; will you let me have access?"

"Consider it done. I will talk to you soon. I love you." Ziva hung up her phone and ran out of the building.

"Ziva where you're heading?" Gibbs asked of his Agent.

"I have to head home. Something has come up. Could someone keep an eye on Harry? He's a very special person back over in England." Ziva mentioned.

"But you have no connections to anyone in England. Unless it was someone that you met whilst you were back in Israel. Hey, wait let me come with you." DiNozzo walked up to Ziva.

"No, you can't. Please Tony leave me and keep an eye on Harry for me. I just need to head on home." Ziva ran down to the parking lot and got in her car and headed home.

As Ziva got home, she had heard her floo connection go off. She opened her door to see that her contact had managed to get away from what he was doing.

"Ziva, it's been a long time." The contact said to her.

"Yeah it has Severus."